Taylor Lautner - Kids' Choice Awards Best Movie Actor!!!

Taylor Lautner - Kids' Choice Awards Best Movie Actor!!!

Taylor Lautner heats up the orange carpet at Nickelodeon’s 2010 Kids’ Choice Awards held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion on Saturday (March 27) in Los Angeles.

The 18-year-old Twilight actor WON for Best Movie Actor, beating out Zac Efron, Shia LaBeouf and Tyler Perry.

Earlier this week, Taylor had a lunch date with his Valentine’s Day co-star and rumored ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

FYI: Taylor is wearing J Brand “Kane” slim straight leg jeans in Colt.

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Photos: Jeff Kravitz/Filmmagic, Larry Busacca/Getty
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  • sarah

    just jared jr taylor is 18 not 16

  • Karen

    I believe Taylor turned 18 last month. I believe there was a big thread about it here on JJJ.

  • Kell

    He’s looking good. Young, though. That angle makes him look short, but he still manages to look hot! Aahhhh.

  • zanessa

    I turned off the TV when I saw that he won.


  • http://zanessitis-aguda.com daniel

    he won…….it’s no asurprise i mean tewilght nuts fans

  • jane

    taylor won??

  • Wow

    The only reason he won is that these awards like the tcas are rigged. They say that the fans choose the winner, but in reality the kca commitee chooses and gives the award to the “heat of the moment.” its no surprise that he won seeing that he was the only one out of the four nominated to attend. Such a shame that zac and shia are moving on to better, bigger things. Actually, personally im glad zac didnt attend.

  • robsten lovin


    Zac Efron sucks. Taylor Lautner is THE BEST! :)

  • zac

    @robsten lovin:
    haha go back to your overrated twilight universe
    taylor lautner sucks :) he’s got the looks, but can’t act. but whatever. he got the award chosen by kids like you…so okay.

  • annasaurus

    @Wow: If anyone is moving to bigger and better things, it’s Taylor Lautner and his amazing future paychecks for the action blockbusters he’s headlining for Paramount.

    Zac Efron does not need to win anything. These awards plus the Teen Choice Awards winners are all based on winners who have upcoming movies to promote. Deal with it.

    @zac: He has the body, but not the pretty face like Zac Efron. Neither of them can act.

  • zac

    Just because they won, doesn’t mean they represent a promotion of some movie. And I disagree with you that Zac Efron can’t act, but okay it’s your opinion. And Taylor Lautner is DONE after Breaking Dawn is over. Sorry but it’s true. He will be the heat of the moment like Wow said but not for long. Zac and Shia actually have other projects in line, and both will soon be releasing their movies later this year.

  • jamie

    Taylor deserved his win, sorry haters.

    Congratulations Taylor!

  • http://google blah and dont reply

    @jamie: taylor did deserve to win.he worked hard.

  • http://google blah and dont reply

    @zac: yeah but taylor already did valentines day and i dont think hes just done yet.I bet he has some pretty good tricks up his sleeve.he is gonna be good and big i can tell.

  • bruno


  • Anita

    God what a bunch of haters. Taylor Lautner won fair and square. If you wanted your guy to win, should have spent more time voting you silly person. Lots of people won tonight who didn’t attend the ceremony. Just stop being such a sore loser.

  • Skylar

    I can’t believe he won. He doesn’t even have any talent. Zac so should have won. But whatever, it was just the KIDS choice awards, there are more important things. Besides, this show was voted on by who likes who the best and who is more popular. It wasn’t even judged by talent. But it doesn’t matter, we can let Taylor Lautner have his 3 years of fame. Once the Twilight series is over, he’ll be a has been while Zac is still going to be serious about his movie career.

  • carly

    I’m happy Taylor won! He deserved this win and any win for this role. He beat all odds and got this part because of his hard work and dedication. He’s not bad as an actor either, so all the other actors can kick rocks!

  • robsten lovin

    @Sklyar, keep dreaming. It looks to me like Taylor is shining and Zac is the one who’s fading. Zac has already been replaced by Taylor and Rob now. Taylor also won a People’s Choice award earlier this year, so he’s not going anywhere. He has three movies coming up, excluding the two upcoming Twilight sequels (which means he has FIVE movies altogether), so sorry but Taylor is not going anywhere anytime soon sweety.

  • Wow

    @robsten lovin:
    Let me guess, you were one of those psychopathic twilighties who voted a million times a day for shark boy. Yup. The Peoples Choixe Awarda are even worse than the KCAs. Please, just because he won that doesnt mean he’ll be the next leo decaprio. So what if taylor has FIVE movies coming out. It doesnt mean anyone will watch them, besides the twilights. Im willing to bet that hes gonna pull a tom cruise: the movie costs 100 mil to make but it only gets 10 mil at the box office. Yup totally see that coming, especially since his non twilight movies are all action ones. The producers are gonna spend a lot, thinking that his movies are gonna bank, but after the movies come out, there gonna realize the big mistake they made. Honestly, taylor lautner isnt that big. I mean forget the kcas and pcas and tcas, those are nothing and are all rigged. Is there any way to prove that he really has a large fan base that will support him no matter what? No. Most of his fans, i mean ALL, are the twilighties. After the two other twilights come out, the twilighties are gonna move on but leave a place in their hearts for their beloved rob and kristen, the two leads. Thats what always happen.

  • anonymous

    He deserved to win. He beat out Zac, well that happens sometimes. They are both great actors but it is nice to seem them both recognized when they can be ( Zac = TCA 09).

    Also, is there drama going on between the JoBros and Taylor L. In the post before where they are asked who they want to see slimed Joe said “A warewolf”. And then Nick egged it on by “Oh no no…”
    I don’t think it was done in a friendly manner.

    I remember there was a rumour how there was conflict and basically it was demi, miley,jobros vs taylor l, taylor s & selena.

    who knows???

  • athousandpicsofZac

    he’s so boring, Zac was robbed!
    taylor has thick neck and big nose, aways same clothes and look.
    i do not want.
    he strait to dvd action star in future!

  • Rachel

    zac efron should of totally won

  • Taylor V.

    Congrats Taylor!

  • Marine

    To Zac and Shia fans: I think we should be happy that neither of them won this time… I mean it’s just KIDS Choice Awards so it’s not really important; it’s not the Oscars or the MTV awards or something like that, it will not have any impact on their career. The choice is made by KIDS who follow what happen on Disney Channel or the last popular thing (This time it’s Twilight …). Do you think after this Twilight mania, the actors will be great actors like Leonardo Dicaprio, Geoges Clooney, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie…? I don’t think so; I’m not saying they’re bad actors but they really don’t convinced me… so it doesn’t matter if Zac and Shia didn’t win, they’ll have a great futur as actors, don’t worry :) ….
    Don’t hate me Twilight fans, I’m just saying what I think, that’s all, hope you will be enough mature to understand that we can’t all like this saga!

  • durrr

    Shia really should of won but Taylor is allright.

  • xoxo

    taylor deserved it :)

  • Alexis

    Listen people, Taylor won, so get over it. Leaving comments saying someone else should have won, isn’t going to change the fact that he won.

  • ami

    I think Shia and Taylor will have good careers in acting, but Zac is already fading. Congrats to Taylor on his award win.

  • lalala

    i am so sick of “twi-hards” and “twilighties”
    seriously? its a movie about a vampire and a warewolf who both want a girl version of keanu reeves…. its kind of a lame movie in my opinion and i was so surprised that the movie became so popular. can someone please explain to me why they find twlight so exciting (and why they find that pasty rob pattinson so hot?)

  • robsten lovin

    @lalala, we know it’s just a movie series. I’m not obsessed with it but there are crazed fans of the “Twilight” series. It’s a good movie series based off of a decent book series.

    Taylor did deserve his win and no matter what you crazed HSM fad fans say, his and Robert’s careers are rising.

  • ami

    Congrats To Taylor, he did deserve to win!

  • nikki

    zac efron didnt even show… thats sad….. he prob didnt wanna go haha. whatever im glad he didnt go..

    love you zac efron :)

  • zac

    @robsten lovin:
    Crazed HSM fans? PLEASE! I liked Zac after 17 again, where he proved his talent to me other then singing and dancing. I loved the Twilight series, but then they made movies and people pretend “oh its such a great movie!!” and crap when in reality, the acting SUCKS. if you ever seen the first one, it’s horrible.
    Taylor got his win because he’s the heat of the moment and he only won because of how “hot” people say he is. He is judged for his looks, not acting because he doesn’t got any.
    And plus, we weren’t only saying Zac Efron should’ve won. Shia Labeouf should’ve won too. But that’s too bad, Taylor won. And Zac may be fading as the heat of the moment, but he’s doing successful in his new lineup of movies. Meanwhile Rob and Taylor can enjoy their “fame” over that Stephenie Meyer gave them.

  • overated.

    Haha, wow, I’m really glad that Zac or Shia didn’t win at all. Kids choice awards.. Really. Zac and Shia are already moving on to bigger and better movies, leaving all the tweeny boppers behind. Taylor is still in the process of acting, even though he can’t act at all. It pisses me off that people are only interested in him because of his body and his ‘bubbly’ personality. Honestly, i would rather have Rob won than him cause Rob is actually going somewhere and he can act.

  • robsten lovin

    @overated., learn how to spell and Rob wasn’t even nominated for the award.

    @zac, Zac Efron is terribly overrated, his last movie (“Me and Orson Welles”) flopped and his next two movies don’t look interesting at all. It doesn’t matter anyways. I think Shia, Taylor, and Rob will continue to get big but Zac will continue to fade away.

  • zac

    @robsten lovin: Okay, you’re telling overated to learn how to spell when your name is “robsten lovin”, based on a couple that only the twilight freaks fantasize about.
    I like arguing over this to see how people like you get defensive over Taylor. Zac’s movie flopped but that’s part of being an actor. You have and don’t have your star moments. Zac led the box office SOLO with 17 again and Hairspray on their opening days with articles all over (especially Yahoo and EW!) that said Zac will make it far while Taylor could NOT and its proven in all his previous films when he was just that extra kid and whatnot. Zac is not overrated, he’s just another actor in Hollywood. Everyone looses their shine for a while after being the heat of the moment but they always have the chance to relive it.
    Btw, what other movies do you speak of that Taylor Lautner’s doing? All I see in IMDB is Twilight saga blah blah blah and some unfamiliar thing =P

  • overated.

    @robsten lovin: That’s the funny thing about it. Rob wasn’t nominated but Taylor was. WOW. What a waste. It doesn’t matter if Zac’s fame is ‘fading’. All I know is that Zac can act and Taylor can’t. Taylor’s only in the movies cause of his body. That’s all I’m saying.

  • robsten lovin

    @ zac, LOL, Zac didn’t lead Hairspray to the top of the box office by himself, that was an ensemble cast that put that movie to do well! Zac’s last movie MAOW flopped hard and was crushed by New Moon. Face it Efron was replaced by Rob and Taylor.

    Taylor has recently starred in THREE #1 movies at the box office. Twilight, Valentine’s Day, and Twilight 2: New Moon. All hits. And many publications say that Taylor was the leading factor in those films doing as well as they did.

    Taylor has five movies coming out in the near future:

    Eclipse (Twilight 3)
    Stretch Armstrong
    Breaking Dawn (Twilight 4)

    And he’s being paid $7.5 million for each movie and he’s on the cover of numerous magazines. So, Taylor is a BIG star now and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Sorry, but you can keep on hating haters.

  • robsten lovin

    @overated, you’re wrong. I think Taylor can act. Zac on the other hand, is lifeless and overrated.

  • animal

    @robsten lovin

    You should really consider thinking twice about what you say about Zac…in my opinion he is far a bigger star than Taylor.
    Don’t sweat it man, it’s ok. Don’t get so defensive.
    Zac Efron to everyone in general beats BOTH taylor laughter and robert paterson. -____-
    dont be such a twilight lover…geeeeeeeez. and don’t give me attitude im simply stating the facts.

  • zac

    @robsten lovin:
    Okay I’m going to say it straight out but uh TAYLOR LAUTNER CAN’T ACT FOR CRAP AND EVERYONE AGREES SO GO FANTASIZE ABOUT YOUR LITTLE TWILIGHT UNIVERSE SOMEWHERE ELSE. Taylor is just admired for his body, and face, but nobody really pays attention to his ‘acting’.
    okay bye :)

  • robsten lovin

    @animal, you’re not stating the facts. You’re only giving out an OPINION. An unfortunately, you’re opinion was only agreed with a few considering last night’s win for Taylor.


    taylor é assim perfeito , lindo , lindo………

  • animal

    @robsten lovin
    If you’re gonna be arguing against others’ opinions, then get outta here. Dramatic little twilighty.
    For the billionth time KCA’s are junk, read everyone else’s past commments for proof.
    Thank you and have a very nice day :)

  • Lovelyladdy

    @robsten lovin
    You really need to calm down kid, melodramatic much??? I agree, Zac has better acting skills then any other teen star…so yeah, calm yeeeer nawts. Oh and i know how to spell so don’t tell me i don’t.

  • qayla

    Yay!! So happy that Taylo won!

    Team Jacob FTW lol!

  • nikki

    Zac Efron can act.. 17again was the funnest thing ever

    valentines day.. he was even in it a lot… so it wasnt him.. it had EVERY star ub hollywood thats why it did good. twilight will always do good in box office.. not just him cuz of rob too!!

    good stupid twilight fans!!


    Taylor Lautner sucks!!! he won coz of tiwillight fans!!! he’s not so great in the movies!!! ZAC SHOULD WON!!! ZAC IS THE THE BEST!!!


    @robsten lovin: Taylor Lautner sucks!!