Dylan & Cole Sprouse Hit the Kids Choice Awards 2010

Dylan & Cole Sprouse Hit the Kids Choice Awards 2010

Dylan and Cole Sprouse keep up with the funny faces on the orange carpet at Nickelodeon’s 2010 Kids’ Choice Awards held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion on Saturday (March 27) in Los Angeles.

JJJ caught up with the 17-year-old twins earlier in the day and had a chance to chat with the duo on who they thought should win the orange blimp for Fave TV actor. Dylan told us, “I don’t know. It’s really up to the kids.”

Cole added, “Well, we know one thing, it will be a Disney actor!”

Dylan took home the orange blimp later that night and thanked all the fans who watched Suite Life on Deck who weren’t his grandmother.

15+ pics inside of the Sprouse Twins

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Adriana M. Barraza/WENN
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  • jessica

    aww both of them are soo cute. and dylan deserved that award. he cracks me up on slod.

  • Marwa

    turns out, brenda and debby were snubbed by Nick, they didnt get the full star treatment and so photographers weren’t able to obtain pictures of them at the awards. they were not even invited while ALL of nicks’ tween shows, even the ones that didn’t garner nods like Jackson VP, had ensemble casts that were able to go to the awards, sit in the VIP seats and get photographed by paparazzi. nick chose miley, jb, demi, the wizards girl and sprouse to go. the other disney stars (BRENDA, DEBBY) were snubbed by the awards, debby went but sat were the ‘ordinary people’ sat at the show, many fans have seen her at the award show while brenda was completely discluding. there is an article from the LA times that proves NIck intentionally snubbed half of a dozen disney stars to promote their own shows:

    Actors who appear in Disney Channel shows nominated for best TV show, including the male lead of “Sonny With a Chance,” Sterling Knight, and “Wizards of Waverly Place” gal-pal Jennifer Stone, will have to file through the doorway with the thousands of other ordinary guests attending the event. Some Disney Channel performers from these same shows have been excluded altogether.

    By contrast, at least 25 from Nickelodeon’s roster will get the full star treatment, including ensemble cast members from shows that didn’t garner a nod, such as “The Troop” and “True Jackson, VP.” […]

    That tension is reflected in which Disney Channel celebrities get valuable air time on the award show. In 2003, Hilary Duff’s television show “Lizzie McGuire” won top TV honors — but the award wasn’t televised. The same thing happened to Dylan Sprouse last year, when he won favorite television actor for his role on “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.”

  • Marwa

    how come debby isn’t allowed to walk the orange carpet but dylan, cole, miley, demi and the jonas brothers are allowed? demi didnt even get nominated for an individual award, kevin didn’t get nominated for anything,. what difference would it make to have brenda and debby, who were nominated for ‘best show’ like demi. moreover, TSLOD had the most number of noms for a TV show at the awards, yet only Sprouse are allowed to attend? brenda didn’t bother going to the awards at all. can you blame her?

  • Yv3tt3

    Dylan’s so funny in suite life, I’m happy he won!!

  • robsten lovin

    @Marwa, Stop making up such garbage. Brenda did the Orange/Red carpet thing at the KCAs last year, she nor Debby didn’t want to do it this year. So why would Nick snub them and ban them from the Orange carpet this year? Nickelodeon would never snub the Disney actors like that, and they’re not even allowed too.

    So sad that Disney fans (and some of the Disney corperation) have to stoop so low to try and make Nickelodeon look bad because for once, it’s not all about them.

  • john

    ummm no the kcas are rigged disney would SWIPE them

  • Krissy

    SO happy that Dylan won :D He’s cracks me up every time on SLOD.
    And I hope Cole wins next year, cuz I felt bad he didn’t win an award yet :(
    Next year, will def be his year ^_^

    However, I felt this year’s Kids Choice Awards was rigged. And yes, I did say rigged.

    I mean, Suite Life didn’t win for Favorite TV show? C’mon now!
    WE ALL know suite life has swept the charts with so many new episodes with millions of viewers each time. And let’s face it, every time i watch them, they just got better and better. How could the KCA have missed that?

    I mean don’t get me wrong. I love ICarly…but they already won last year.
    For once, I wish the people who deserved certain awards actually get the chance to win. And not famous celebs who are recognizable and popular..but PEOPLE who never got the chance to be in the limelight.

    love these guys!
    Those pics are really funny and cool looking xD

  • allyse

    @robsten lovin: ya but debby did attended this year. she said on her twitter

  • Daniella

    Dylan and Cole both had a great night at the KCAs Dylan cause he won obviously and Cole seeing his brother winning they actually support each other a lot Go Dylan and Cole!!

  • Marwa

    @robsten lovin: This isn’t garbage, Nick has verified it, there are dozens of ARTICLES FROM RELIABLE SOURCES (LA TIMES ETC.) TO VERIFY IT. Debby did go to the KCAS but she sat where all of the ordinary GUESTS sat, there are pictures of her wearing a black dress sitting where the fans sat and dozens of ‘normal people’ have seen her. Brenda didn’t go at all, because firstly it was her birthday, secondly her mother is battling cancer again and thirdly she was not invited after years of hard work on the show and Disney. This is CLEAR discrimination, disney issued a statement saying that the people that weren’t allowed to walk to orange carpet shouldn’t be offended while Nick said that its not discimination because they MADE ROOM for 8 luminaries (SPROUSE, JONAS, CYRUS, GOMEZ AND LOVATO). Megan Martin was invited because of ABC, Brenda, Debby, Doc weren’t. BTW This brushing off of disney stars HAPPENED THIS YEAR, if you actually read the articles you would understand.

    THIS ISN’T A RUMOUR, IM NOT A disney fan. I don’t care about disney, I’m a Brenda fan and what Nick has done is clear discrimination. She was set to attend, debby too. But last week Nick informed Disney that they can’t walk the orange carpet and get the treatment other STARS received.

  • http://ds Anlee

    TSLOD shold’ve won too

  • burningup-92

    i have heard that cole sprouse is gay ..is it true ?

  • shannon

    congrats Dylan…i love you


    jonas should have won, like either nick or joe.

  • Michael


    I mean I love Dylan and Cole just the same, but I honestly think Cole should have won this year.

    I mean, why should Dylan win twice in a row, and poor Cole still not have a single award, Cole really deserves it just as much as Dylan does.

    I swear, if Cole doesn’t receive an award for the Suite Life by the time the Suite Life ends, I AM BOYCOTTING NICKELODEON FOREVER!!!

  • Alexx

    I’m sooo glad Dylan won, i love him.. but I’m really gutted Cole didn’t win!!.
    I honestly think the Jo bros should of not been put up for that! there singers not actors!!! they are awesome singers but crap actors.

    So im glad one of the sprouse’s won!!!

    I love cole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barb

    I’m so happy for Dylan’s win again. Only this time they actually showed it! I was so mad that they didn’t show him winning. He didn’t get to give a speech and thank the fans. This time he did.

    To the people who feel badly for Cole, don’t. He did win, as did everyone on SLOD. Dylan’s win is Cole’s win, too. He was ecstatic for his brother and proud. It was written on his face. I’m disappointed that SLOD didn’t win best show but we all knew that iCarly would take it. I voted for it, regardless.

    Dylan deserved to win that award. Fans and he were gyped by not showing it on the show, last year. This year, we got a speech. It was the worth the wait. Dylan is hilarious on the show and off. I love both Dylan and Cole so very much. I’m proud of them and Debby, Brenda, Matt, Doc and Phill. This show is great because of the talent that every actor/actress brings to it. Here’s to a great third season!

  • http://debbyryan.com debbyryan’sbiggestfan


  • break

    I am from saudi
    I love coole and dylan



  • dabion

    Yes burningup-92 I have heard rumours that Cole Sprouse is gay, but so what if he is or if he isnt, he is a very good actor, I thought he was very good in The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things & The Prince and the Pauper who he starred along side with his brother Dylan & I also cant wait to see them both in the upcoming film The Kings of AppleTown & the live action film version of Devil May Cry, Sprouse Bros you are the coolest. XX

  • mary

    all you calling cole gay so openly are you sure a bout that?do you know him ?live with him? if you are not sure dont start a rumor or expant it.there is a person who ob. has issues with cole and keep spreading rumors a bout him and this expanded by naive people, haters, gays who wish he was gay.stop this its so unfair.cole is al ways with the girls[in videos,pics],he is flirting with them and in his personal life he got the most girls, he is HOT .

  • Dabion

    @mary Oh for goodness shake, chill out & get a life, I am gay myself, I am not Jealous or have a problem with Cole Sprouse, because I think he is very hot & a very good actor too, but I dont care if he was gay, bi or straight, I like him highly & if he did come out as gay, yes it would be a god send to all us other gay men, but so what, he is a very talented actor.

  • Steve

    It cracks me up when people talk about these two as though they are actors. They are 2 of the worst child actors since skreech from Saved by… They have not improved one iota since they started the Suite gig and they have been doing it for years. If they had any real talent they we would have seen it by now. After they are to old for Suite Life projects, we will see them fade away, unless they can pull an Olsen twins and market themselves.