Miley Cyrus & Melissa Ordway: Double Date!

Miley Cyrus & Melissa Ordway: Double Date!

Miley Cyrus and her Last Song co-star Melissa Ordway go on a double date with their hunky boyfriends at Teru Sushi on Sunday afternoon (March 28) in Studio City, Calif.

Miley, 17, brought along 19-year-old Aussie Liam Hemsworth, who also stars in The Last Song. Melissa was accompanied by actor Justin Baldoni (both 26). Both couples hit the red carpet with their respective dates at the Last Song premiere last week. Justin and Melissa here! Miley and Liam here!

Melissa just tweeted, “My first episode of Cold Case is on tonight at 10pm on CBS!!! Everyone watch :)”

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Credit: Jeff Steinberg/Matt Smith; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • tadaa


  • victoria

    aww they are matching perfectly..cute!
    i want their shirt, its adorable!
    i love miley and im so excited for the movie :)

  • melissa

    Fail justjared
    miley’s 17!
    this year she’s turning 18

  • hayleey

    miley is 17 is she not ?

  • carolin

    awww cute <333

  • bruno

    gotta love thEM! #2

  • lalala

    Miley is 17 Jared! haha
    I want to see Miam and Jemi on a double date!

  • carolin

    this is the millionth time she is freaking 17 not 16 -.-

  • llalala

    to me Liam and Justin matched and so did Miley and Melissa…..

  • leesha


  • billythekid

    Yeah it’s 17 and not 16, but I suppose it looks better on print when you contrast the slight age difference. Media used to do it all the time when she was dating Justin. Not sure what sort of affair this double-date is all about, but it’s clearly a very well planned event, at least so far as the girls are concerned. They coordinate very well with their outfits! It’s either very cute or just a little bit nauseating? Not sure, you tell me :)

    PS Upon further review even the guys are coordinated the same way. Now I’m really getting queasy! So much for individuality.

  • Annie

    She’s 17 not 16, she’s turning 18 in November.

  • belle


    so i wasnt the only one who noticed the matching outfits :P

  • marilyn

    Okay okay, we get it, there’s a age mistake. Calm yourselves. They both look cute and liam, hot

  • lalabecca

    haha yeah… the couple are matching :P
    it seems like no one is noticing O_o

  • lolo

    why are they all wearing matching outfits..weird!

  • Aliza

    Looks like Miley and Melissa decided to choordinate on their outfits!

  • lol

    Liam is 20. He was born Jan 31 1990 that equals 20 – I don’t know why people that write these artiicles & MIley too can’t add – or is it that they want it to look like she does not make it a habbit of dating guys in their 20′s since she was 15. But it does not matter, since they live together, probably in her new place that she has now.

  • durrr

    why are they dressed the same? even the guys are dressed kinda the same haha

  • aly

    why the hell are they wearing the same thing…that is just corny.

  • k-bee_yach l*u*v*a

    Looking at how they’re matching, I’m not sure who’s on a double date with whom

  • shannon

    they look very nice…Miam 4-ever…very excited to see “The Last Song”

  • Tiffany

    They are such a cute couple. I love seeing them on double dates. Get all of Miley’s clothes here

  • Tina

    Miley is cute as always. @ LOL: If you had read Liams interview you would have known that he lives with his Brother Chris Hemsworth they are roommates. Please stop spreading Gossip Miley lives with her parents at home.

  • mrs.nickjonas

    They are wearing the exact same thing! weird! I still love miley,though…

  • lily

    the blonde girl is beautiful and skinny.

  • mika

    The blonde is gorgeous.

    The outfits are hideous and not cute at all. Trashy shorts and Miley, we can see your bra.

  • rachel

    is there a reason why they are all matching?
    short shorts, white over the shoulder tee, boyfriend with grey tee?


  • superjules

    matching outfits!! i like melissas better tho

  • ann hudgens ♥

    they we’re wearing the same clothes haha lol..miley’s perfect ♥

  • Caseyy:)

    umm….freaky much
    the guys look the same and are both wearing sunnies
    and miley and meliisa are waring MATCHING outfits!!
    was this planned??

  • Talia

    they are so ridiculous

  • blah

    all that money and she can’t even buy herself some clothes?!?

  • ilovemileyfans

    WOW u r so pathtic !!!!!