Nicole Anderson Dishes Deets on JONAS

Nicole Anderson Dishes Deets on JONAS

Nicole Anderson takes a break from the sunshine and planting flower to chat with JJJ over the weekend.

The 19-year-old actress told us all about what’s coming up on JONAS season two. Check it:

On her favorite location they’ve shot at: “I’d have to say the beach. I love hanging out there with my friends as it is and my costars are my friends. To get to hang out with them at a place that I love and do what I love, it’s so much fun. Of course, the helicopter is really cool too. I’ve never been in a helicopter before that and it was crazy.”

On love interests for Macy: “I am allowed to say that there is a relationship developing between Nick and Macy this season. I can’t give away too much, but I can say that (laughs). I know there is like Team Kacy and Team Nacy. But I hope people will enjoy it. There’s a lot of really romantic, cute things that I think the girls will really love.”

On the funniest thing that’s happened on set so far: “Oh, we were all sitting in the helicopter and it’s one of our first days back [for season two], so we were still getting to know the crew guys and weren’t really that comfortable with them yet. They’re all getting the scene set up with camera angles and such and we’re [the cast] are just kind of sitting there.

“It’s at the end of the day and we’re all a bit tired and out of nowhere Joe says, ‘I should do voice overs for animals. I make really good animal noises.’ He starts screeching and barking for a good five minutes. All the crew guys are looking at him like, ‘What is wrong with this guy?’ and I’m sitting there cracking up, tears are streaming down my face. He’s completely fearless. Everyone was looking at him like he was crazy. He’s so funny.”

Check out Nicole‘s question below and stay tuned for more on JJJ!

Nicole Anderson Wants To Know…

Who do you think Macy should be with?
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  • jane

    pick meee

  • Listen to mayday parade

    I think it’s completely unnecessary to have a relationship between Nick and stalker Macy. Next thing you know they will be ‘dating’ in real life to get higher ratings *cough jemi cough*

  • ashey

    i could picture joe doing that toooooooo=P

    i cant wait for season two, ahhh !

    would it be weird if i said im secretly hoping macy & JOE get together? its never gunna happen, but it’d be super cute.

    but stella & joe and nick & macy are cutee!

  • yeh
  • ashley

    tell me how i spelt my name wrong in my other comment = \

  • yeh

    Oh AND! I always thought she had better chemistry with Kevin! They made more sense…but whatever either way…lol

  • @itsmehannaa

    euww, macy and nick ?
    as if .. that’s realy didn’t match !!

  • cjones


  • christy

    I’ll like it either way. I think she her character is so much cuter than Stella’s. And I think Nick and Nicole would never be willing to be giggling teenagers, holding hands in real life for ratings.

  • oasis

    OMG. No it has to be Kacy! I mean seriously, didn’t they have like better chemistry in the first season?! Ughrrr.

  • Allie

    I think Nick and Macy will be super cute together! Can’t wait!

  • Bianca

    No Jacy? :)

    I’m voting fro Nacy

  • kay

    ugg its going to be Nacy, even though it should totally be Kacy. actually the whole idea of their number #1 super stalker fan actually getting with either of them it weird. lol. thats not logical or possible .. but hey this is tv.

  • Darius

    I’d like Kacy for the show (not that i’d really watch anyway), but I want Nicole Anderson for myself :). She’s so cute.

  • lulu

    I don’t really know who I want her with! See, maybe with Nick, but then in the ep where she was singing, Kevin was so sweet to her, and they looked really cute together, but Nick’s more her age. I dunno, erm, KACY!! x x x

  • Ella

    Oh Joseph.. You’re the BEST! <3

  • ayen

    NACY ftw!

  • shaffty

    yeah NACY!! i love them together.. it will be a good love team!!

  • ananya

    jemi are not dating 4 publicity…if they had to they shouldve done it for CR not CR 2. It makes more sense since no one knew who demi or maeghan or anna or alyson was but now they know maeghan by 10 things and anna and alyson have done movies if the whole thing was for publicity it would’ve been done. CR2 already had sooo much hype around it before jemi went public

  • Listen to mayday parade

    @ananya: I disagree. They put a lot of money into CR2. The first one was a way to get Jonas fans introduced to Demi b/c they were gonna try everything in their power to make her huge like the jobros and make money off her. Hense why the jobros had to take Demi everything. Disney is great at marketing and making money, and I know you all want to believe these relationships are real, and you know what I’m sure the celebs want to believe it too – but it’s all a plan set out by Disney. Maybe Demi really believes she’s in love with Joe. So as long as she believes it, Jonas sonny and CR2 will get high ratings. It’s just all part of a bigger plan.

  • rania

    I don’t want Nick and Macy, because it is to begin nick/nicole dating rumors, the drama, the hatred towards jonas in tv, and good-bye jonas, good-bye Disney, goo-bye all

    Kevin and Macy is better, without problems and the whole world happy

  • rania

    @lulu Kevin was so sweet to her, and they looked really cute together, but Nick’s more her age
    Nicole is 20 years old …Nick 17

  • kendra

    Macy and Nick should not be dating.
    The way the writers portrayed both Nick’s and Macy’s personalities makes them incompatible on the show.
    It shows that all Disney is trying to do is appeal to it’s fans, but they could have done that without actually forcing a relationship between to characters who would never work out.

  • kendra

    @kay: I agree with everything you said. Macy works better with Kevin, but the idea of her dating any memeber of the band is wierd.

  • listen to mayday parade

    I have a question – why is the band called JONAS if their last names are Lucas in the show?

  • Janie

    Been waiting for the Nick/Nacy thing to get started. I thing they would make great friends off set too. I like Nicole much more than Selena and definitely more than Miley. Demi scares me.

  • kikigirl101

    @listen to mayday parade: Because they cant make a TV series about the Jonas Brothers so they are called the Lucas Brothers thats why whenever Macy talks about them she says “Nick of Jonas”, instead of Nick Jonas. The band is called JONAS but they are the Lucas brothers, get it? I know its stupid but I guess Disney lacked some originality here lol

  • janay

    I want to see nick and macy together. They make a cute couple to me.

  • Paige l

    YES! TEAM NACY FTW!!! :)

  • JEnna


    Actually watching the series, Macy has never once said “Nick of Jonas” – he was always Nick. The other two were called “of Jonas”. Just an observation

  • Jenna

    The thing about Macy dating one of them is that it does work now. Her character has developed from the first season, so she isn’t a fangirl anymore. She’s a friend now.

  • http://google kara

    nick jonas oh yeah

  • AnonymousGuy08

    I thought she always went ga-ga over all three. I couldn’t care either way, but Nicole actually looks a little better than usual in this video.

  • shez

    definatly nacy – how cute!!!!!!!!! i cant wait for the next season xx XD

  • Charleigh

    I think Nacy, if it really matters!

  • Charleigh

    Isn’t Kevin Gay???

  • ms. a

    @listen to mayday parade: they live on Jonas street :) eheheheh

  • tna-alysse

    i don’t know where in the world nacy comes from. they lack chemistry, a stable foundation of a real friendship, and, as indicated by the first season of random girls nick has shown interest in, she is not his type. yes, there is truth in opposites attract but the success in nacy is small. they’re not the right opposites. sure he’s serious she’s bubbly (however she’s a whole lot of crazy that might be too much for him to handle he gets irritated easily and think of her as immature) he likes to play golf she likes to play every sport that exists he is a musician she’s clearly not. they’re both competitive and smart…i ran out of things to say about what they have in common because the correlation in their characterization in the series is seriously low. there hasn’t been a lot of interaction between the two that indicate wth die hard nacy fans are “seeing”. “they look good together” is a superficial reason. “he’s the cutest/popular/best singer [one] out of the band and joe is out because he has stella” definitely is not a strong reason to support the nacy argument.

    but does any of that qualify as a proper foundation for a romantic relationship? it doesn’t seem like they bring out the best in one another or are there for one another as demonstrated by joe and stella. what defines a good romantic relationship? is it simply a friendship with a dose of attraction thrown into the mix? or is there something more to it?

    kevin, on the other hand, does not get enough credit for his spectacular characterization that contributes to a potential relationship with macy. he listens to her, he connects to her easily, he wants the real macy not fangirl!macy (then again JONAS want this too) but she has shown the real!macy more to kevin. he’s trustworthy, he enriches her life in way that he inspires her to be her best self …the chemistry is there and so is the opposites attract theory. he’s older she’s younger he’s naive she’s logical he’s a good singer she’s a very bad singer (yet he encourages her to pursue what she enjoys to do) he’s a cheerleader she’s an athlete he likes to be behind the scenes she’s a publicist/orator he is a guitarist (specifically he doesn’t write the songs) she is a writer/admin of her website he’s abstract she’s concrete they’re superstitious, playful, outgoing, dorky, reliable, colorful, random, optimistic…

    more importantly she’s masculine he’s feminine … the unique thing about a romantic relationship, i would say, is the balance of masculine and feminine energy that flows back and forth between the two people in the relationship, and how this can either ignite passion and romantic love, or cause it to be doused out.

    i could go on and if i had time to contruct this properly i would but for now i leave you with these thoughts to consider

  • kendra

    @listen to mayday parade: It has yet to be said why on the show. I know that orginally, JONAS was going to stand for Junior Opertives Networking As Spies and the boys were going to be spies; therefore the reason behind the bands name, but that was changed. There’s not really a reason as of yet.

    Read more:

  • kendra

    @kikigirl101: Actually the name orginated from the orginal plot line of the series; where the boys were spies who used their concerts as coverups to do missions. The name J.O.N.A.S was an acronym for Junior Opertives Networking As Spies, but after the writers strike they changed the idea of the show, but kept the name.
    Yes, it’s very much just their last name twisted into a form of a title.

  • kendra

    @JEnna: She says it once. I can’t remeber when exactly, but she does call him “Nick of JONAS” at one point.

  • molly

    Haha! I think that you all are being WAAAAAYYY too overdramatic about this! The world is not going to end if Macy and Kevin aren’t together. It’s not like it’s a permanent thing! Nick amd Macy are sweet, and I honestly think that it is good that they are so different! We will get to see how they react and eventually fall in love “SQUEEL”



  • nicnic!

    i love u Ms. Nicole Anderson..=) ur soo pretty..
    Nacy all the way, they should date in real life though..

    jemi is not for publicity..

  • Caitlyn

    I agree with Kendra. As friends they are good but anything more they dont seem right he always seems to shrug her off. Where Kevin and Macy would be better together they have more chemistry. Joe should be with Stella, kevin with macy and nick does good as the strong one by himself, unless I got a part and dated him that would be nice lol :)

  • bellelahv

    defiantly Team Nacy!

>>>>>>> staging1