Ashley Greene: Breaking Dawn in Two Films, Too!

Ashley Greene: Breaking Dawn in Two Films, Too!

Ashley Greene lets her lovely brunette locks flow behind her as she continues to film The Apparition in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (March 29).

The 23-year-old starlet also stopped by The Coffee Bean on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood after she was done for the day. Ashley is on the side of many of her Twilight costars and wanting two films out of the last Twilight series book, “Breaking Dawn.”

Ashley told MTV, “I wouldn’t mind seeing it split up because the book is huge, and there’s so much that’s involved, and there’s so many different kinds of intertwining stories. The problem with changing books into film is that you don’t have time to tell this intricate story that you do in 700 pages of a book. I don’t think it could hurt.”

FYI: Ashley was spotted wearing Division-E Slub Slouchy Pocket Weekend Tee, Fidelity Twiggy jeans in Detroit wash, and carrying Hammitt bag in Westwood Navy.

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Credit: Nathanael Jones; Photos: Mike/Fame Pictures, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • K

    What is there to tell in 2 movies? It’s no HP7.

    Wedding, preggers, Renesmee, vamp reunion, showdown, the end.

  • Vanessa lover

    @K: They are most likely trying to make more money. Some are probably afaid that they’d be nobodies after the series. I haven’t read the books. I would go see the movies but I am not a fan of the books or movies.(don’t bash on me on my opion) I bet that are a lot of parts in the book that don’t really need to be in the movie. But if money is in the talks there will mostly likely be a part 2

  • K

    @Vanessa lover:

    I know it’s about money. It’s still ridic just the same.

  • annasaurus

    Of course she wants it in 2 movies, more money and she also has an insignificant part. The actual leads don’t want to drag it out.

  • andre07

    I´m agree with 2 movies(with ashley)….this book ist so huge!!! the wedding, the honneymoon, the pregnancy,the battle(vulturis)….and agree with her!!!
    so….NOTE: you can´t comment if u dont even have read the book!!!

  • Jess

    oh yeah? both Kristen and Rob said they want it in two films. Do some research before you talk out of your ass next time.

  • amy

    I don’t think I could cope with it being in two parts :/ its getting ridiculous at how much there trying to drag this whole twilight thing out!

  • sweetness

    why wouldn’t the actual leads want to shoot two movies?…in fact why wouldn’t any of them not want to..Kristen and Robert nor Taylor aren’t bombarded with 10 films …and how long does it take to actually shoot one of these Twilight films, 3 months tops..That’s millions of dollars to complete 2 more films. They would all be complete idiots not to do so. After the films are done they’ll go back to shooting whatever film they have lined up like the rest of hollywood actors do.

  • : )

    @K: @K:


  • nikki

    thats stupid they just want money… cuz ALL the twilight cast will be nobodys after twilight!!

  • Camden

    I really don’t get the need for two movies, at all. It’s simply a grab for extra money. Honestly the final book needed to be EDITED , i felt it was too long anyway. If LOTR:Return of the King can be made into one movie (albeit somewhat long) Breaking Dawn can be made into one movie.

  • Angela

    Oh sweet Jesus, NO! And before you Twihards go completely ballistic on me, yes, I have read all four of the books and seen both Twilight and New Moon. But seriously, there is NOTHING interesting enough in Breaking Dawn that would make for two films. Nothing happens in Breaking Dawn or the entire Twilight series for that matter. There’s no climax, no plot, no nothing. What happens? They get married, Bella gets pregnant, there’s the ridiculously graphic birth of the devil child, Bella turns into a vampire–again, ridiculously graphic–and the Volturi comes and tries to get rid of the thing. Seriously, it’s sickening enough without them dragging it along to make the damn thing longer.

    I’m sorry (actually I’m not), but Twilight is no Harry Potter.

  • Brian

    Beautiful woman and actress!!!

  • sahina

    i can actually visualise Breaking Dawn in one movie. nothing will be missed.

    it can all fit into 2 hrs and 30 mins.

  • sophie

    if peter jackson could manage to fit the lord of rings trilogy into 3 actual movies, then i’m sure its possible to fit breaking dawn into one movie. just make it a little longer. i think it would draw out the franchise too long personally. there is something to be said about keeping the continuity of the book by having it be in one singular movie.

  • sophie

    ha, i didn’t even read camden’s comment above and we both commented the same thing.

  • Samantha

    PATHETIC! First, they cast Rob as the lead because he was in Harry Potter, THEN the author bashes JK Rowling AND NOW THEIR COPYING THE SPLITTING OF THE FINAL MOVIE?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! >.<

  • courtney

    She’s actually carrying the Robertson bag by Hammitt – not the Westwood. That one is smaller than her bag.

  • Jssica

    SPOILER OF BREAKING DAWN DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOKS………i think it has potential as two movies on one conditoin. bad news: if they are going to make it into two films you will not be able to see Bella as a vampire in the first movie. good news: you will get to see a glimps of Renesmee.

    i think if they make the Book into two movies the first movie should end the way it did in the end of book 2 in breaking dawn were Jacob comes down the stairs all sad and depressed and he looks at Rosalie holding what he thinks is the demon child that killed Bella….and then he goes for the attack…but wait… Renesmee pops her little head up and jacob has shock all over his face……she smiles and he smiles back………and a small sound of thu thump thu thump thu thump coming from up the stairs….Jacob looks up the stairs and then back at Renesmee and then and then and then THE END OF THE FIRST MOVIE.

    BEGINING OF SECOND MOVIE:as the introduction of the title is playing Bella is talking about the fire that is in her…then….We are in Bella’s head…..she is hearing everyones voice around but she doesnt move……waiting for the pain to leave.then she opens her eyes and we are looking through her eyes at the clearity of the ceiling and then it shows only her arm as someone grabs and then WHOOSH! she is on her feet in a defensive position and then she realises it is Edward………….THE BEGINING…………………After do whatever