Liam Hemsworth: Miley Loves Meat Pies

Liam Hemsworth: Miley Loves Meat Pies

Liam Hemsworth lets out a laugh as he chats with Jimmy Kimmel about girlfriend Miley Cyrus on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night (March 29).

The 20-year-old star dished on his girlfriend and her taste buds, “The only thing she really liked there [while visiting Philip Island in Australia] was…we have this place called Dr. Food which has these meat pies. They’re like chicken pot pies but only with beef. On top of the meat pies was macaroni and cheese. They’re pretty much the best thing ever.”

HAVE YOU EVER HAD a meat pie?

Liam Hemsworth – Jimmy Kimmel Live – 03/29, Part 1

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  • chantel

    yumm. yes. they sell them at costco. so good.

  • Emily

    Yes I have had a meat pie because im from australia haha. The best are Beef pies with mash potato on top. Yummm

  • Jessy

    I do not know who he is

  • sfddgdhdfhyrthgr

    yea i had one today. they sell them at bj’s too

  • riana

    suree i used to like mince pies but i kinda gone off them

  • bianca

    Not to be too harsh but…I don’t get how a guy so low key like him can be with an over the top girl like miley…wait maybe that’s why they get along….his personality doesn’t get in the way of her humongous one.

  • megan

    i thought she was a vegeterian? wow. another thing she lied about.

  • Twilight Fan :P

    @megan: she said herself she wasnt she stopped a year ago she tried it out for a few years but decided to go back to eating meat

  • kayla !

    break me off a piece of that! :] Liam seems like a great guy, and i’m happy for him and miley. Question- why do so many people hate miley so much? How can you judge someone you have NEVER MET?!

  • stephanie rose


  • helen

    he’s the one good thing about miley cyrus. i’m warming up to her because of him – and believe me, i couldn’t STAND her. now i look at the two of them and I think it’s cute. she’s obviously so far in love with him..

  • sure

    God he so handsome and he is so tall and muscular and gorgeous and he has such a deep voice. I used to be a niley fan but after he said he is serious and he had the guts to say it to everyone I just switched to miam. He a real deal and a real man for admitting he want her as a serious girlfriend. you go liam. you got my vote.

  • ilovedisney

    Yep, Love them. Im from Australia :) So Proud of you Liam!

  • emma

    i`m aussie meat pies r the best thing eva

  • jess

    haha. this made me laugh
    in australia meat pies are like tradition
    they are yummy :D

  • audrey

    im a proud Australian
    liam seems cool but i cant stand miley

  • Barb

    Am I the only one who thinks he might be using her to get farther in his career? Miley’s insanely famous and popular. I just don’t see it lasting for long. I hope she doesn’t get hurt because I do think she loves him.

  • aa

    OMG he used to work at the penguin parade at Phillip island!!!
    I’ve been there! what if i’ve like seen him, but didn’t notice because he wasn’t famous back them :O

  • fiona

    WTF? i thought she was VEGETARIAN?!?!

  • jasmin

    He seem like a nice, quiet type guy. That’s not my kind of guy but he looks very nice.

  • shannon


    its miley’s character ronnie in the last song that is vegetarian. I think that’s where you got mixed up.

  • samsterdam

    @kayla !: AMEN!! THANK YOU!

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