Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth are Sushi Sweet

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth are Sushi Sweet

On-and-off-screen couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth make their way back to their car as they lunch as Sushi Dan in Studio City, Calif., on Monday afternoon (March 29).

The duo must love their sushi — they were seen out with their Last Song costar Melissa Ordway and her boyfriend Justin Baldoni over the weekend.

The Last Song hits theaters THIS Wednesday, March 31st. Are you going to see it?

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • chii

    havent seen miley in pants these days.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Why is it that lately EVERY time I see Miam, Miley is dressed like a pauper? I mean, I know the Aussie famewhore made her leave Twitter, quit her music, and pimp his career ….but has he now forbid her to dress/look better than he does when they go out? Can we please deport this dude and send him back to the Aussie slums where he belongs? He has changed Miley for the worst. Do not even recognize her anymore. Truly sad. Oh, and heck NO I am not seeing The Last Song. I’ll not support this trainwreck of a celeb couple.

  • sure

    miley looks goooood. Liam is so tall and handsome they make one hot couple love miley makeup and i love her daisy dukes shorts. great legs.

  • miley~

    @Reasonable Doubt:
    i think u dont hav ny business den blabbering out in every post….
    wt do u think…??showin miley down …nd u wanna replace sumone lyk her….??DrEaM oN…keep ur unreasonable doubts in ur dick…..
    u think she quit twitter nd dat ws bad..??she kinda got life outta media…dat ws gud for her..
    yeah..she has changd…..improving more n more…nd about her dress….dat aint new…she always wears dat kind…wether liam iz der o nt…nd yeah…plzz DONT watch d movie for d betterment of its reputation…i kno ppl lyk u will go …njoy movie…lyk it…come out n change der openion sayin trash bout movie….wat a mentality huh…!

  • gloriaaaaaaaa

    omg i cant WAIT for the last song to come out!!
    i getting sooo many of my friends to go watch it!(:
    miley looks sooo stunning and liam’s so hot !

  • asdfsad

    @chii shes probably not wearing jeans or stuff lik that since its hot.

  • victoria

    im seeing the first showing of the movie! :)
    love her <3

  • LB

    @Reasonable Doubt: Oh come on there’s nothing wrong with this outfit and besides you don’t have to wear it. Also she DID NOT CHANGE she’s just being herself and that’s what I love the most about her and heck The Last Song will do amazing! Read my words!

  • -_-


    There’s nothing wrong with shorts -_- everyone wears them stop making it look like she’s dressing wrong because she’s not! Everyone is allowed to wear shorts.

  • Brian

    I been craving some good ole sushi!!! Yum!!!

  • lol

    @Reasonable Doubt:
    I agree. I mean this girl is rich & yet she can’t find a pair of shorts that don’t look like they went through a shredder first. Short shorts are ok, just not ones with the pockets hanging out. None of her outings are original; just change the name & face of the guy & it is Miley & Justin. If I went to all those places with my previous boyfriend that I broke up with I would not want to constantly go back to those places with the new guy, and I would not want to run into the previous guy who also might go there. She says all the same things in interviews now that she said about the previous boyfriends. She needs some new material.

  • shannon

    yep mostly definitely seeing “the last song”. I love what Miley is wearing. Miam 4-ever

  • Think

    @Reasonable Doubt:

    Stupid Nileyfans… He did not change her for the worst, he did not make her quit music or twitter. It’s all her decision Stupid nileyfan. He have made her more mature and less famewhorish. Do you not listen to their interviews or anything, only what your stupid niley mind is saying?? Nick only uses girl for publicity something Miley finally have understood. So please shut up you stupid little girl..

  • rania

    I don’t like Liam, he looks as a manipulator

    Miley does not have friends now?

  • hey


    yes she dose, but instead of pushing her friendship up in everyonce face like other people, she keeps them to her self. And Liam is the reason why Miley is calmer and has less scandals, he do not manipulate her. Nick J did that, and i think she has learned from that relationship.

  • leticia


  • Ronnie

    Miley looks so cute next to him here. :)
    I saw Liam on Kimmel yesterday. He is very well-spoken and has a great humor. I think he is perfect for Miley.

  • Rain

    okay so her shorts are too short but hello money has nothing to do with it! Like hello buying rip jeans & rip shorts are so in right now duh! And can’t wait to see this movie this week or weekend! love Nicholas Sparks !

  • swiftfan


  • mika


    Right. I’ve been beginning to think the only clothes she owns are some ratty shorts and those hideous man boots. I always critisize Demi from wearing too much black but this girl needs some help.

    If I was a celebrity I’d be wearing the best things out there, not a plain cheap looking outfit.

  • elizabeth marinas

    i think miley and liam make a wonderful couple i don’t why everybody doesn’t like them as a couple

  • Gaby

    I already saw the movie at an advanced screening in NYC and it was amazing! Go see it!

  • aa

    @Reasonable Doubt:
    She told us why she quit twitter, and it wasn’t because of him, it was because she wanted to keep her private life private ect ect.
    Also, what is wrong with what shes wearing? she wants to look nice, just like everyone else likes doing.
    She looks beautiful, and she hasn’t changed since being with him, so take your hate comments somewhere else!

  • billy

    she ahtes asians but likes their food? what ass

  • billy

    she hates asian but likes their food?

>>>>>>> staging1