MTV Awards 2010 -- Now Accepting Nominations!

MTV Awards 2010 -- Now Accepting Nominations!

Twilight vs. Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson?! Ahhh!

Continuing from last year, MTV is putting it’s faith in the viewers in choosing the final 2010 MTV Movie Awards nominees.

Just some of the potential and fave nominees that you can choose from include Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Anna Kendrick, and Logan Lerman.

Plus, don’t forget Best Kiss (Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner vs. Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson), Best Fight (Zac and Thomas Lennon vs. Logan and Jake Abel) and Best Movie (The Twilight Saga: New Moon vs. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards will be on Sunday, June 6th in Los Angeles, so hurry and cast your vote at!

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  • Nemo


  • Kealyn

    New Moon!

  • wapik


  • a peruvian dan-nessa fan

    these awards are made by fans for fans like always the same nomines i wish more real actors woul be nominated like HBC Or Jhonny Depp.

  • Jessy

    Estes prémios são feitos por fãs para fãs, como sempre o mesmo Eu desejo Nomines mais atores reais woul ser nomeado como HBC Ou Jhonny Depp. +1

  • phoenix

    if you ask me, none of the twilight kids are actually real actors. well except for Dakota Fanning and Kellan Lutz. But that is about it.

  • Jessy

    PLEASE JUST JARED JR, post more things of Saoirse Ronan, IT’s a good actress, better than many. AND SHE DESERVES TO BE RECOGNIZED.


  • annasaurus

    @a peruvian dan-nessa fan: Good news. Johnny Depp has been nominated. Unfortunately Jhonny Depp has not.




  • melany

    robert pattinson baby!

  • ZJ

    @annasaurus: lmfao! good one!

  • lalala

    i cant believe New Moon has even been nominated when movies like the Lovely Bones and Avatar actually deserve to win. seriously twi-hards? Robert Pattinson?? ever heard of GOOD actors like Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCapro, and Mark Wahlberg? They’ve all made recent movies that are a hundred times better than New Moon. i am so tired of twilight winning everything. its getting old

  • Kristin M.

    Of course I voted for Harry Potter, but just like every year, Twi-Crap is going to win because those damn 12 year old tweens that are in love with Pattinson are going to vote their tiny little brains out.

    HP deserves to win 10x more than Twi-Crap. HBP got rave reviews while New Moon got horrific reviews, Dan, Rupe and Emma’s acting is praised, while most reviewers say that the Twi-crap trio cannot act their brains out. Plus, HP sold more books around the world for fricking sake!

    I just don’t get it, at all. It’s like one of the many mysteries in the world. Who put those statues on Easter Island? Who built Stonehenge? How were those pyramids built? How is Twi-Crap famous?

  • Kristin M.



  • Emma

    Here’s my guess:
    1. Twilight (New Moon) will win everything like last year and all the twilight fans will be so happy while everyone else in the world is just pissed because they’ve wasted about one hour of their life watching twilight win just like last year
    2. Taylor Lautner will win something like “best actor” or “fave hottie” and once again, twilight fans go to sleep happy
    3. all the other nominees are wondering if robert pattinson and kristen stewert rigged the votes

  • Emma

    @Kristin M.: i am so happy that someone on here isnt brainwashed like tha rest of them. Harry Potter FTW. i will be so mad if twilight wins another award. i kind of hope 17 again wins an award though, that movie was quite funny. and id prefer zac efron to robert pattinson anyday.

  • Emma

    @Jessy: lol you mean “SHE’S a good actress” not “IT’S a good actress” I’m just saying ;)

  • burningup-92

    plz post more on jimmy bennett

  • Celia

    Yay! VOTE FOR HP!!!!

  • Celia

    These are just the Pre-nominations!! The top 5 selections with the most votes in each category will receive OFFICIAL nominations.
    The MTV movie awards are a joke, but I still want HP, The Hangover, Star Trek, and other great films to win.

  • Maila

    I want HP and PJ to win, and anyone associated with them. However, MTV won’t even take into account the votes and will just hand all the damn awards to New Freakin Moon just for ratings.

    It’s about damn time HP won! They always lose out, and it’s not because people don’t vote, it is because it is all a fix. The people who win are the wins that show up. That is how the awards are given out!

    I will vote for HP and PJ again and again, but they won’t win :(

  • annasaurus

    @lalala: Hello? It’s not the Oscars. And even if it was, The Lovely Bones doesn’t deserve to be there either because that movie was terrible. Mark Wahlberg is not a good actor. He’s a horrible racist that permanently blinded a man.

    @Kristin M.: HBP was a monstrosity. David Yates should have just stuck with TV Movies. The acting was atrocious and it was a horrible adaptation of the book. Keeping out key plot elements just so Ginny can tie Harry’s shoe? Oh the romantic tension. Harry Potter the book series was amazing but the movies are a continual letdown. The leads in Twilight aren’t any worse than the lead acting in Harry Potter. Rupert Grint really is only left with 2 default expressions in the movies, scared or puzzled while Emma Watson can only act with her eyebrows. I will give you that Daniel Radcliffe can act stoned.

  • annasaurus

    @Maila: You’ve just underestimated the Twilight fanbase. They’re the ones voting everyday. It’s not that your vote isn’t counted, it’s that there aren’t enough. Suck it up. Percy Jackson wasn’t even a good movie.

  • Maila

    Kristen and lala you guys are so right! Twi sucks! The award show is fixed!

    I want HP and PJ to win, and anyone associated with them. However, MTV won’t even take into account the votes and will just hand all the damn awards to New Freakin Moon just for ratings.

    It’s about damn time HP won! They always lose out, and it’s not because people don’t vote, it is because it is all a fix. The people who win are the wins that show up. That is how the awards are given out!

    I will vote for HP and PJ again and again, but they won’t win :(

  • cassy

    First, could you losers shut up about Johnny Depp? Tainting the name, thx.. ;o

    And what da eff is Percy Jackson, no one cares about that… :S

  • Maila

    @annasaurus: I believe HP fans vote a lot, but I do not believe that MTV counts any of these votes, it’s all a fix.

  • Maila

    @annasaurus: I personally think it is all a fix, every year they fix it for those stars that show up to the awards.

    Also, I agree that HP6 wasn’t as great as it could have been however, it was still much better than any Twi movie put together. The acting was fine in HP6, I think the three main actors did a good job.

    Also it is not all David Yates fault, Jo Rowling has a say in the script and everything, clearly she liked what they were going to do for the 6th movie so they went with it.

    Plus I am sure it will all be made up by an amazing 7th movie!

  • michelle

    Harry Potter or Percy Jackson!! I swear I’ll cry if New Moon wins!!

  • helen

    logan lerman should win. the other have all been on spot already, it’d be fair. percy jackson is godd enough, better than twilight even.

  • Maila

    @helen: You know what? I don’t even care if PJ beat HP. As long as one of them ends up on top that night!

  • Caitlin

    I like how you guys go by reviews, like reviews mean nothing. The people who put the reviews together are all personal opinions. They aren’t famous reviewers, they don’t have a professional opinion. It’s all just personal opinion.

    Some reviewers said the Lovely Bones was good when it sucked in all honesty.

  • evon


  • andrea

    LOGAN!LOGAN!LOGAN!LOGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohh and wait! JAKE (abel)JAKE!JAKE!JAKE!JAKE!JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jessica

    HARRY POTTER!! even percy jackson but please not twi-crap again!

  • Marie

    Please Vote for Zac Efron…!!!
    Please Please
    he is so a good Actor
    Vote Vote Vote…!! >3

  • swiftfan

    Harry Potter!…twilight doesn’t even exist. and of course Taylor Swift!

  • nikki

    zac efron<3 yumm

  • sahina

    just like Last year, the Twilight Saga is going to win all of their nominations.

    it’s about time that other films won something

    and people only watched New Moon because Taylor Lautner stripped in it. i watched it and literally puked. and i’m a fan of the books.

    Hopefully HP wins some stuff.

  • amy

    I’m voting for Zac Efron and 17 again!
    Even though it’ll be a waste of time cause twilight will obviously win again, unfortunately.

  • steph

    Harry Potter deserves to win!!!

  • Nadja..!


    Sweetheart, you have to watch what your saying. They are all great actors. Maybe your just jealous because your not in Twilight. But yeah they would’t want somebody like you in the movie, because your to stupid to see how great the Twilight saga is!!

  • lol

    It’s kind of a waste of time to vote for these things cause they are always rigged. They pick what’s popular or who’s got a movie or cd coming out. Last year was such a disapointment

  • GAbby

    The other films like HP, Star Trek, Percy Jackson, and Avatar deserve to be nominated and the fans will vote for them, but most of those fans have LIVES, so we can’t vote 24/7 like the twilight fans. I have class all day (as a matter fact I have to go right now), so I don’t have time to vote 5000 times, but I will try. I love me some HP! Peace out!


    Go New Moon! I’ve already vote it!!!

  • sara

    kristen stewart – the runaways

    Best Male
    Johnny Depp

    Best Kiss
    Robert Kristen

  • Jessy

    sorry, my English is not very good ^ ^ hahah
    but to heed what I wanted to say, a thousand times that lovelysara Bones that Twilight, Saoirse Ronan and acts better than Kristen, sorry, but it is true, this saga has filled the bag.

  • Chelsea

    Percy Jackson!!!!
    Logan deserves an award!!
    plus Taylor Lautner is so hot!!!!!!!!
    & Harry Potter is awsome too………..

  • Jessy

    lovelys bones *

  • Jessy

    lovelys bones bad? if it’s bad, I guarantee one thing, it is less bad than this boring saga, instead, at least in lovelys Bones, has great actors other than twilight, I tell you.

  • chickenrules


>>>>>>> staging1