Selena Gomez Dreams Out Loud with K-Mart

Selena Gomez Dreams Out Loud with K-Mart

Selena Gomez is giving K-Mart’s juniors department a makeover with her new fashion line, Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez.

The 17-year-old multi-talented starlet is taking her line exclusively to Kmart’s stores across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico, WWD reports.

John Goodman, executive vice president of home and apparel for Sears Holdings Corp., shared, “She will be the centerpiece of the juniors business and hopefully add credibility to the apparel business in the whole Kmart store. This is part of the plan to revamp and revitalize the apparel business at Sears and Kmart.”

Selena shared of her new line, “[It's] the whole Texan cowgirl meets the glam Boho chic of Hollywood. Since the announcement, we added a lot of accessories. I love scarves, and long necklaces and cute bangles. It’s constantly changing, which is cool. It will change with me.”

Sel was the face of the Sears Arrive back-to-school campaign last year. Check out some of the designs below!

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selena gomez dream kmart 02
selena gomez dream kmart 03
selena gomez dream kmart 04
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Photos: Donato Sardella
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  • jo

    to be honest, they don’t look that unique or different than what’s anything already out there.

  • jojo

    cute clothes =] i would wear it =D

    although for the first look i wold take off the hat and add a long necklace or a scarf, i personally would go wit a scarf

  • Sara

    I like them :) I wish the photos were taken better though; she looks beat and run-down.

    And Sears? Really? I’ll give it a chance, I was hesitant when Miley sold her line at Wal-Mart, but she proved to do well. Hopefully Selena will do the same with Sears and KMart.

  • sure

    oh god! I will not be caught with those outfit she obviosly has not been to high school eww that looks nerdy. You want to get picked on in school you wears that . I am sorry but the girl don’t even know how to put things together. The line is not sexy or even pretty.

  • virginia

    ummm i would never wear this. Does she want us to look like a grandma just like her? i mean great actress and everything but its better if she just sticks to acting!
    eww again haha

  • marilyn

    If youre in high school you shouldn’t be aiming to be dressing “sexy” and you shouldn’t be caring that much. Girls like this, with this kind of attitude at such a young age, I could slap. I think they’ll turn out cute.


    I L-O-V-E selena! But I have to agree with “sure”. I would not be caught wearing these outfits. Maybe the accessories or the blue jean skirt but These should be aimed more toward middle school kids. Looks like clothes for 12 and under. Just sayinging.

  • lala

    I actually really like some of these clothes. hopefully the sizing will be okay and not like miley’s. I like miley’s clothing line but the sizes run so small!

  • katy

    kmart? lol
    thats all i have to say


  • Patty

    Selena is gorgeous naturally but i don’t get why she went bareface for this photoshoot. Did the makeup artist not show up or something?

    And the clothes actually look good without the hats.

  • Moi


    I agree! Personally I think that the clothes look really cute! I think that if the backgoroung or set was done up a little more it would have been more eye-catching.

  • qayla

    Yay!! So happy to finally hear word about her clothing line. It looks so cute!

    The accessories look really good, and it will be fun to dress up outfits with :) I LOVE scraves…so can’t wait to see what she has!

    She has fantastic taste, I’m not worried about what the line has. Like she said, it will change with her. Therefore it won’t be one look, it will change as the fashion changes.

  • qayla


    True. Also, I think it would stand out more if they had not tried to fit in all the clothes and accessories into like 6 pictures. It could look a little overdone. However I’ve seen so many clothing line photos and they all do this, so I am able to imagine how the hats, accessories and jackets etc., will look separately or toned down with jeans or whatever.

  • qayla

    Now I know where I’ve seen those shoes!! Those are the ones that Selena wore when she went bowling with Taylor. Man I thought her shoes were so cute that night. Check it out:

    Now, I can get them! LOL…..I think they look so good and different than in the original photoshoot. See, sometimes you have to imagine them differently.

  • lalaland

    ugly.. too much going on in one outfit

  • rukawa07

    it’s cute!! i love it.^^

  • M.I.A


    She’s going for a more boho-chic southern look so she wanted it to look very natural. But these pictures are just a sneak peek

  • ILY22


    u’re rite! totally makes a diff!


    totally agree!

  • lulu

    ew, no! they’re horrible! nothing here is in style anymore, and she doesn’t look nice here, her face looks pudgy, the photographer and make-up artists could’ve done way more, these photos are weird, and I really don’t like these clothes- it’s like they’ve been designed too quickly! x x x

  • brian

    I agree… not bad, but not too different. I guess it goes back a little… since most people these days are not wearing much at all. Eager to see where her career all goes next :)

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    cute clothes ! & i would wear some of them
    i Love the 1st outfit & the 2nd one.
    Selena is gorgeous & keeps it naturally that’s what i Love about her

  • EMH

    I think the line could be pretty cute. However, I feel bad because these photos just don’t look very high quality. I feel like it was a shoot in someone’s basement, and that does absolutely no justice for Selena. Maybe they will be coming out with better photos soon.

    I like the clothes, not the hats though. But I’m not a hat person.


    I LOVE Selena’s outfits full stop!
    Every single thing that she wears on a daily basis whether its hanging out with her friends or its attending Awards Shows!
    NO OTHER celebrity her age dresses aswel as she does to be honest.
    All Miley wears are shorts and ripped up clothes, while Demi is only into black and other dark dark colours.
    I would seriousley die for the clothes she wears, so i know for a fact this line is going to be a HIT because its her own personal style.
    OK so its a little childish or whatever only because she has to make it fit in for her younger audience too. I personaly cant wait and I’m 17!
    Just wishin it comes out overseas soon, I live in Ireland :/ xox

  • bambi

    These outfits are absolutely odd and old !

  • rania

    It’s horrible … Probably the clothes are for the grandmothers

  • Danielle

    I love Selena’s clothes because are different and have a sophisticated style :) Probably kidies and teenies dont like it but I am totally in <3

  • rumi

    if you dont like the clothes you dont have good taste.The clothes are AMAZING!!!!

  • Tiffany

    I love how she is working on a cheaper line. The K mart by me closed down I will have to find another one. Get all of Selena’s clothes here

  • pauli

    @rania can you be more stupid and pathetic??? hahaha i just can laugh of your poor life……

  • kaileen

    i love selena i love the clothes but really k-mart i thinkive only been in that store once in my life couldnt she atleast put it in target i actually shop there(sometimes)but really srry sel but i dont think i’ll b able 2 wear ur clothes considering i never go in k-mart

  • pauli

    the clothes line are amazing….. love love all outfit, as always she has so much style and a great taste!!!!

  • amber

    @sure: you’re not supposed to dress “sexy” for high school or dress like a slut. i think her clothing line is pretty and cute and suited for a large age range. don’t buy her clothes if you don’t to.

  • alice

    I like it a lot

  • itsmeagain

    These clothes look so much better than the first batch that were advertised.

  • Toni

    Yuck. All the outfits look like they were taken from 08 or something.
    They also look like grandma clothes. I think 9-13 yr olds would wear this stuff…but I wouldnt be caught dead in these and im 17.

    She should just stick to acting. NO singing, NO designing. Shes not Miley OR Demi.

  • Smacky35

    Aww, It’s in Kmart which is in NZ but still not coming to NZ. Though there are only really a few things I like. I prefer miley’s line. And sorry if you get pissed at me for bringing her up.

  • Linda

    the clothes are cute, but not enough to drag me into a Kmart store.

  • jasmin

    OK, the 1st outfit looks Amazing!
    The 2nd outfit not so much. Just lose the skirt and hat.
    The 3rd outfit is Good and Different.^^
    The 4th outfit, I LOVE IT. Very Cute and Classy!
    The 5th outfit. I LOVE everything about it…. except the hat. IT Needs to go!
    The 6th outfit it’s very Good but the hat has to go and a different color 4 the pants, maybe dark blue?
    Now Sel has done Great with some errors. BUT come on guys this is only her 1st 6 outfits. I Totally cant w8 4 more!

  • DEBBY’s fan SELENA too

    I like SElena
    this clouth as …. as .. is … COOL

  • jasmin

    I like both Selena and Miley but wouldn’t be caught DEAD wearing messy, trashy clothes like Miley’s. Sorry! Not me.
    I would go with Selena’s style oh and Keana’s.

  • swiftfan

    really like the clothing.

  • Krissy

    I have to say, those who love MILEY’S clothing line better than SELENA’s should be ashamed of yourselves.
    Your not teens/kids who are aging to be sluts or horrors.
    LEARN to dress classy and simple and not something found in the garbage can.

    The way Selena presents this clothing line is captivating. And for once, it’s something most teenage girls are looking forward to wear. I mean, I’m 17 and i’m glad for once, SOMEONE with a decent style can make clothes look appealing and sophisticated. If you don’t like what she created, don’t bother commenting or buying it. Don’t make it so difficult for yourself. Geez.

    Selena doesn’t need a fashion degree or a fashion designer just to make clothes. Clearly, she has the vision the way she wants it be – cute, not expensive, stylish and normal. This isn’t a fashion contest people!

    I like how she reconstructed something old and added her own element to it. It’s obvious she put a lot of effort and time into Dream Out Loud.
    I can’t wait till it hits Canada – stores where it can be available.

    Love you selena!
    Good job! xo

  • sahina

    it looks too dark. there should be a bit more lighting.

  • lyra

    Selena’s line is fabulous. How rude, and disrespectful some of you are! This is so offensive your trash talk to the people who work night and day on this. Just have some respect. “Its horrible, this is for grandmothers.” Seriously? If you don’t have anything nice to post, don’t post anything at all.

  • Naomi

    i think they’re cute. i would wear the first one. im 16, and i’d probably wear these. to the person who said that it’s supposed to be sexy, um, what the hell are you talking about? since when are teenagers supposed to dress sexy? teenagers are supposed to wear things that they feel comfortable in. also, stop comparing miley and selena. that’s just getting old. if you dont have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all. that’s all i have to say.

  • lily

    I love her clothes and if you want ugly and sexy clothes like a slut then go and buy miley’s clothes duh.

  • monica

    You people here saying selena’s line is ugly or looks like grandmah’s clothes clearly don’t know anything about fashion. I’m not saying i know everything but i do know things.Sure this clothes might not be the most unique but it definitely is more unique than Hollister and Aeropostale. And yes it does have fashionable pieces.

    Here is a website that might help some of you see what is actually fashionable.

  • elle

    @sure: and you’re obviously a freshmen or a sophomore if your trying to look “sexy” for school

  • Smacky35

    @Krissy: Really? Don’t say we should be ashamed of ourselves that’s incredibly rude. I like selena’s clothing line but I said I liked Miley’s more. It’s more of my style, not everyone in the world is the same.

  • Stephanie Jonas


>>>>>>> staging1