Zac Efron, Courteney Cox Wants You On CougarTown

Zac Efron, Courteney Cox Wants You On CougarTown

Zac Efron looks back over his shoulder as he arrives at Chateau Marmont for a business meeting in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (March 30).

Courteney Cox Arquette has got her eye on the 22-year-old actor for her ABC series, CougarTown.

She shared with UK mag Now, “Zac Efron would be perfect, but he probably has too much confidence to be real prey for a cougar.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac on CougarTown?

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Credit: ME/Rocstar; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • thaliaaa

    my love so cuteeeee [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]

  • mike

    tv is not for a big star like zac his a movie star !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emma

    aw, why so blurry?
    hopefully the meeting is for another movie ;)
    i’d like to see him guest star on a tv show like gossip girl or something. he could play nate archibalds cousin or something like that.
    vanessa hudgens could even play someone like Vanessa Abram’s sister or cousin.

  • laia

    in ur dreams courtney, zaccy is way too good for that! but he is HOT!

  • Lydia

    Zac is so HOT!
    I love u zac

  • abby

    Haha I think thats really funny seeing as she’s said herself she’s like in love with him in real life lol.

  • beatriz

    zac is perfect <3
    & LOL! jajajjaa

  • peggy

    Sorry I just find Courtney’s Zac obsession just a bit embarrassing.

  • Jessy

    what he has, that make people like him?

  • kami

    no, no, no, no, no. zac is way above this type of show. and isn’t that courtney cox cougar story like two months old?

  • abby

    @Jessy: He’s super good looking, seems to be a super sweet guy, knowing what he’s doing when it comes to hollywood, a good role model, ect. Need to me go on lol? ;)

  • kami


    me too. but she’s doing it to get attention for her show.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Peggy, I agree with you and Zac needs to stick to movies.I hope he does not do it.

  • abby

    @BARBARA: You guys do realize she was just talking, right? ITs not like he really got offered a part in the show. She was just saying she’d LIKE for him to be on the show, not that he was offered a part in the show.

    Zac has a good head on his shoulders, he knows what he’s doing and whats good for his career. :)

  • Rob

    Is he wearing toms. i cant tell

  • Katty

    Love him… I hope that is for a movie! I hope he gets to be Flash Gordon! People would seriously respect him so much more for getting his own series that is really good! Maybe it is about Flash Gordon.. one can only hope!

    Can’t wait for another sighting and more information on what he is up to.

  • Jessy


  • Katty


    It’s not a big deal… she just thinks he is cute. It’s a compliment, I am sure he sees it that way. Courtney Cox is respected in the acting world, for the most part, and her suggesting him is good for him.

  • mykamicks

    She keeps bragging Zac’s name months ago. Of course, Zac’s looks really attracks! Anyways, its just a TV show ( for ratings or whaever purposes) after that fantasy comments and project materializes, its done & over….

  • abby

    @Katty: Whats Flash Gordon? Is it a movie?

  • Emma

    he’s possibly one of the smartest guys in hollywood. he’s following in the footsteps of leonardo dicaprio and johnny depp; he’s even really good at comedy. he was so funny in 17 again. hes so charismatic and nice, and he looks really clean <3
    robert pattinson fans can suck it ;)

  • abby

    @Emma: I couldn’t agree more. He really is one to beat in hollywood. He’s got his head on straight, knows what he’s doing and where he wants to go. Can’t say that for a lot of other young hollywood actors/actresses.

  • Boji

    Yep, Zac makes good cougar material alright but as Courtney says he’s got too much confidence ie. he knows what he likes and wants and sticks by his principles, besides he’s a true gentleman. So no way Jose.

  • Karen

    I don’t understand why anyone would think it strange for Courtney to like him. There are many of us who think he is cute/handsome, etc, and are not out trying to “get him” in some unseemly way. I don’t see Courtney as “obsessed” with him at all. I think she respects him as an up and coming talent in Hollywood and knows he is good for publicity for her show. There have been more than one picture of him talking to her husband David Arquette at Lakers games so I’m sure he also knows or has met Courtney.

    I also don’t see him NEVER being agreeable to doing some kind of cameo for her show if it was done right. It could really be good as a laugh and publicity for both Zac and Courtney. There have been many “big name” Hollywood stars who have done cameos on TV shows. After all, he did do Entourage.

  • K.J.

    I think it would be cool to see him on the show, but the fact that he in a committed relationship kind of throws that off. I don’t think he’d be the type to throw himself at someone. More of the laid back, talk when adressed type of guy. But I think he’d be awesome.

  • K.J.

    I think I confused this show with another. So, just forget my first comment. Thanks!

  • sheila

    @Karen: you’re right, he did do entourage and totally poked fun at the whole idea of him being cougar bait. that would be the one reason why i wouldn’t want to see him do that kind of cameo again – the joke has already been done.

  • marie

    zac <3

  • skinsinsomniac

    this whole zac is tood good for cougar town is stupid to be honest.

    look at friends
    the biggest tv show to ever hit this planet really and its still strong yet the show ended Courtney was apart of that for 10 years and friends had alot of hollywood names in the show Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Susan Saradon, Ben Stiller, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon and that didn’t do bad for their career
    this whole zac thing appearing is stupid tv shows are just as popular as film otherwise they wouldn’t last for so many seasons.

  • nikki

    OMG my dads works on COURGER TOWN!! do it zacccccc!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! they film at culver city california by LA!!
    omg my dad is a security for that show!!!!

    omgomg i loooove zac efron

  • nikki


    i wanna meet zac efron soo badly!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!

  • samantha

    i love zac efron..i think he´s one boy who actually become in a good actor in hollywood i mean is not like jonas zac have so much talent is singer,dancer but he´s really a good actor and have a plus he´s so HOT AND CUTE..he looks like nice boy i want to be a boy like him

  • myell

    i think it’ll be cool if zac made a cameo. it’ll be nice for him to be seen once in a while since csc isnt coming out for another couple of months. a guest appearance on a show like cougar town would introduce him to an older audience.

  • mrs.efron

    i think zac’s name would just be stained if he enters cougar town. tv isnt really his thing

  • honey

    Hottie all the way :)

  • http://jjj Susanna

    I say do it, Zac, because it would be great to see you in anything at this point. I love to see you act and I would like to see more. The waiting on things you’ve done to come out is a pain. Just want to see more of you doing what you do so well. You’re in your prime, hon, and its always good when you are on the screen. Love you. . .

  • t

    he looks great
    hope the meeting is for an upcoming project
    cant’t wait for his movies
    i don’t think he will do sth like cougar town,definitely not his type of project

  • ZANE

    I saw Courtney’s interview on Ellen and would like Zac to guess in Cougar Town.
    Why not????

  • athena

    I would love to see Zac in an episode of Cougartown. I think he’d be great!

  • Mona

    Some months ago Courtney mentioned her daughter having a terrific crush on Zac, that Zac came to their house and her daughter was so shocked she rushed off into her bedroom! So Zac knows Courtney. Maybe Courtney saw the film 17 Again, and the great chemistry between Zac and Leslie Mann, especially the dancing scene. It was never awkward but very believable. Let’s face it, Zac knows how to act, and Courtney knows he would be a great asset to the show as a guest. Whether he would be tempted to do it, though…..

  • duuumm

    wow those are some….hq pics. wonder what happened tp the paps camera.

  • iasmyn efron

    ai como éu amo esse homem muitoooooooooo lindoooo . zac efron i lve so much

  • duuumm

    maybe a meeting for snabba cash? just a thought….but that would be interesting

  • http://google BARBARA

    Those pictures look like a video camera at the hotel thats why they are so grainie. I beleive the meeting are about his protects for WB. He will to busy to do tv. Unless another movie protect comes along he can’t resist doing. Zac is going to be very busy from now on.

  • becky

    @Emma: tea
    yeah, he would be good on gossip girl as nates cousin or something, cos they loook alike, now zacs cut his hair. and there both good looking ;)

  • http://zakito manthii

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