Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas: No More Hiding It

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas: No More Hiding It

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonaearlier this month and the 17-year-old actress/singer is still learning things about her best friend/boyfriend.

She dished to EOnline at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards, “It’s really crazy. I definitely did not expect this at all. But, you know, I’m going through it with my best friend so it’s pretty awesome. I think it was just time to be open and not hide anything.”

But what does Demi love most about Joe: “Honestly, it’s all about how comfortable we are with each other. He’s seen me with sweatpants on and with no makeup. I’ve seen him at his worst and his best. It’s great. Like I said, we’re best friends.”

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  • stillmrsjoejonas

    he doesnt have a “worst” lol.they are cute couple though.

  • chichi

    He looks really werid in that photo, almost ugly should i say not?

  • Laura

    They are just to cute :)

  • Liz_b

    I am so happy for JEMI… they really make an adorable couple and I hope they can make it work for the long term!

  • Ella

    So, Demi’s tweet about sweatpants and no make-up was for Joe!!! ;)

  • eury

    se ven hermoso juntos jemi siempre

  • Immmm

    OK! Joe’s the best. :P

  • Robyn

    Lovelovelove them together <3

    Will y’all let me know what you think of the picture i drew of Demi ?

    Thanks :) :)

  • Elizabeth okley

    OMG toatally saw it coming since camp rock

    ( by the way i did not want to watch camp rock my five yr old sis made me)

  • Edd

    hope she’s not gonna dump Joe like she dumped Selena -___-; It’s cute to see young budding relationships go long term like Zac and Vanessa ( still think their the cutest of them all). Hope they last…

  • MovieGeek


    OMG thats really GOOD!
    How long have you been Drawing for??
    I draw too… but It’s more Cartoony (is that even a word)?
    Again, it looks really Good!

  • Janie

    So sad, the end of the purity ring. They are the new Zac & Vanessa and Demi tweeted they are moving in together as soon as she is 18.
    Disney must have given up on the “clean” image on them.

  • jsantis91

    “Grey sweatpants,no make-up,so perfect” that’s the song “Comfortable” by John Mayer…damn you Joe Jonas! haha :P

  • amanda

    They are adorable!!

  • Getlin

    And it seems too perfect.
    I won’t believe it until I’ll literally see them walk down the aisle and get married, until then… it’s a publicity stunt. Has been done before and will be done again.
    It’s too much of a perfect timing and no one is that perfect of a girlfriend or boyfriend.

  • anonymous


    Really she tweeted it?


    I know the timing of them “coming out” as a couple does seem like it is PR for both their careers in terms of their duet and movie. Ehy is it that Joe always refers to Demis as my best friend but it is only Demi that has used boyfriend and best friend? Strange.

  • Gossip Girl

    @Janie: stop acting like a desperate JONAS Teen will ya? Demi never tweeted about being the NEW ZANESSEA. Stop sipping that Bud Lite girlle! It’s going to ur head FAST

  • lulu

    I think they’d look nicer if Demi didn’t wear so much make up like when she used to have a bit on, because she’s naturally beautiful, look at this pic at Camp Rock premiere:

    I kind of miss the old Demi :( x x x

  • lola

    omg i was so waiting 4 this 2 happen im so happy for them i cant wait to see those cute photos of them hugging and flirting yay

  • bianca

    Yeah lulu I agree, but I think she’s trying to go for the rockstar look and that’s kinda it lol. But yeah anyway she looks great both ways. I really like this couple, I think Demi makes Joe look more down to earth.

  • pandora

    Joe dump the little Disney kid and go for Pixie Lotte or at least someone your own age and definately not with Disney if you want to build a credible singing and acting career.

  • andrea

    bonita pareja

  • Katie

    Can’t wait or their wedding… ;)

  • Lisa

    I’m curious what would happen when the two of them break up in a couple years or so. From what I’ve known about both Joe and Demi, I really doubt they’ll be staying together forever.

    And yeah, I like Demi’s looks in Camp Rock better than her looks nowadays. She wasn’t pretty, but she used to be cute. Nowadays she just looks “dark” and… bitchy. And she seems to think of herself as an oh-so-great musician, but popularity really doesn’t equal to natural talent.

  • mech



    JO(E)NAS BROTHERS R JUST GRAWSOME(ie great n awsome)


    demi is not as gud


    jo(e)nas is just so rocking but not demi

  • http://yahoo cutie

    i love jemi….since the day i saw camp rock i just loved them…..i am glad that they really became bf-gf …..i hope they will NEVEREVER have a breakup…..

  • Iman

    they do make a perfect couple :)

  • Blair

    well, Demi looks her best with no make-up on, so…
    I gotta admit, as much as I’m not that crazy about the Jonas Brothers, Joe and Demi look cute together. hope he’s learned how to let a girl down easy hahah

    @Lisa: and yeah, I agree with you on Demi… she seems to have a bit of an attitude now… I kinda miss the girl who used to make videos with Selena and look cute as hell…

  • Ana

    @Robyn: It’s really good!! You should be proud of yourself(:

  • Cassy

    she’s a clown, why does he like that


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  • Y do u wanna know my name?

    OMJ THEY ARE SOOOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are seriously perfect for each other. All of their friends say that it’s gonna last a long time ’cause they’re already best friends and they know each other so well. And I kinda spazzed out when I read the thing about no makeup and sweatpants because Demi recently tweeted, “Find someone who finds you beautiful while wearing sweatpants and no makeup. You’ll never feel more love.” I knew it was Joe when I read that but this just reinforces that. OMJ I;m still not over the fact that my role model is dating my future husband! I’M SO HAPPY FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it sounds weird that I’m happy that someone else is dating my future husband, but it will all make sense in time…

  • tiffany

    @Ella: yeah i was freaking when she tweeted that like who the hell is she talking about and now it’s joe :D
    jemi 4ever

  • vh only

    they’re like zanessa.. on-and-off screen couple.. :)
    but in my opinion (only my opinion) , zanessa will be stronger than jemi. :)

  • demi lovato fan

    i absoulutley love them jemi 4 eva

  • jay

    Jemi is awesome! I love you guys! You’re both so great! <3

  • JEMI

    I LOVE THIS COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!