Miley Cyrus: Fist Fights With Mom In Ikea

Miley Cyrus: Fist Fights With Mom In Ikea

Miley Cyrus gets into the story she’s telling on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night (March 30).

The 17-year-old actress opened up about moving out of the family home, “I’m going to move out and my mom is going to help me with the decorating. But we have such opposite tastes as two human beings on the planet so I feel there will be some fist fights in Ikea. It’s not going to be good (laughs).”

Miley continued, “I want everything on the floor and zen and my mom wants like chandeliers. I want to be able to touch things in my house without the fear of breaking it.”

The Last Song opens TODAY!

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  • Anna

    she’s so funnny!
    love her!

  • victoria

    haha i watched this last night, it was so funny!
    i love her <3

  • lifesgood

    lol love this interview! because it reminds us how real she really is<3
    theres nothing fake about this girl<3 and she’s really talented lol!
    her interviews are always entertaining to watch:)
    LOVE HER<3

  • leesha

    ♥ HER!!!!

  • itsmeagain

    MC is probably the most HONEST DISNEY GIRL to come. That’s why I like herm

  • Olivia

    Haha..she’s hilarious! LOVE that interview, even Jimmy couldn’t stop laughing when she said “she can choose my boyfriends, not my carpet”… hahahah…AWESOME!
    She rocks.

  • tess

    it’s really funny!!! go miles!!

  • Gossip Girl

    U can tell she gets out of breath sometimes just by hearing her speak. And then the way she takes her breath in the middle of a sentence. Miley, do you have to speak so fast darling? Take your time saying words hun.

  • cheezy-z

    she has such an anoyying voice..I just don’t like her!

  • Ally

    Geez wish I had enough money to move out at 18!

  • abby

    So she’s moving out? Cool, I’ld do the samething if I had her kind of money lol.

  • @Raquel__

    LOVE her skirt! I’ve been looking for that kind of skirt for MONTHS! I want it :(

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    omg I love her!
    This was such a funny interview..
    I wanna meet her..

  • kym

    i like how she was in this interview
    so real and down to earth
    i hate wen she tries to act “cool” and like hollywood glam stuff cuz it makes me not like her
    but im starting to like her more and more lately since this movie came out

  • melu

    she is so down to earth, i love her, i love her personality i think she is the most happiest person i’ve eer heard.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @cheezy-z: it can’t be too annoying since u like watching her videos :)

  • lauren

    shes moving in with liam! ahahahahaha JUST KIDDING!!

  • http://j chelsea

    she is so young to move out but then again, she never has authorities on her , she always does things that are not for her age so blah

  • http://justjared kendra

    @lifesgood i so agree with u she is real and i hate i when people say so much negative things about her

  • http://justjared kendra

    @lifesgood i so agree with u she is real and i hate it when people say so much negative things about her

  • lol

    No, I’m pretty sure you are right. I believe that he is already living with her now. Let’s face it she is not the holy one she pretended to be in magazine interviews & her book & has not been, especially since she met him; that’s why she thinks she’s in love. To most guys his age it’s just physical & to all girls it’s love. Bet they will be living on her money. She will be married to him by 18 & divorced by 19. Don’t know why she is in such a hurry to be older.

  • kinsey

    its cuz she wants to get laid ahahahahahaha jk peeps

  • rachel

    mileys so funny! love her so much :D

  • hey


    oh shut up stupid hatred fool. Liam is not living with her, he has his own apartment an until you can prove that they are living together. you should really just shut up. Why is it that Miley haters are always so incredible stupid?

  • dina

    of of all, she is so stupid to move out of her parents, she is still to young to moveout! she is still a kid! kids moveout when they are 18, not 17!

  • lilian

    S@dina: She’s gonna be 18 this year genius.

  • maureen

    Luv yah Milerz.

  • swiftfan

    Love Miley!

  • Amy

    Well I saw The Last Song today & it was good! Best to not listen to the movie critics on this. Miley did a great job. Go see the movie. There was amazing chemistry between Greg Kinner & Miley as father & daughter & the Colemen boy & Miley as siblings, in fact the on screen relationship between these 2 as siblings was very sweet and touching. In short the characters were believable and the story very touching. It’s a must see & see it this weekend because the frist weekend matters a lot in ticket sales.

  • Cassy

    Moving out? That was unexpected.. I really need to stop relating to her now. I feel bad for myself..

  • lol


    And you know that they are not living together how? & you also believe in the tooth fairy. Very stupid is you the worshiper who thinks your “god” MIley is holy & perfect. I’m not hating, just stating the obvious. Get off your high horse and check in with reality.

  • http://GOOGLE DAISY*

    AHAHA…..ur just like me i like havn a mess im my room and my mom doesnt like that but i can find stuff easie wen they are on the floor!

  • Kacy

    @dina: are you deaf? she said when she turns 18 she will move out not now!

  • shannon

    i wish the haters would shut the F**K up and leave her alone.

>>>>>>> staging1