The Last Song Premieres Today!

The Last Song Premieres Today!

Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, Bobby Coleman and Liam Hemsworth watch and wait as turtles are born on the beach in this new still from The Last Song.

The film follows 17-year-old Ronnie Miller (Cyrus), a rebellious girl who is sent to reconnect with her estranged father, Steve (Kinnear). As Ronnie falls in love with Will (Hemsworth), she also manages to bond with her father Steve through the one thing they have in common – music.

The Last Song opens TODAY. Are you going to see it?

35+ stills inside…

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Photos: Andrew Eccles/Sam Emerson/Touchstone Pictures
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  • lalle

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m in europe so i have to wait until april 30 : (!

  • olivIa

    Yay! It comes out in Australia tomorrow and I’m going to see it tomorrow!!! :)

  • Just Passing Thro

    Nope! Not even if it’s free!


    Im seeing it saturdayy!!! i cnt waittt !!!! =)<33333333

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Thank God this movie is coming out today. Now maybe Miam will not be all over everywhere. Ready for them to go back to their “silent” stage. The other plus is now maybe we will no longer have to hear about Liam (monkey) forcing his tongue in places or Miley dissing music (country, pop, and hip hop), Hannah (and the “get up”), or the media (who keep her image out there). Miam = The Has Been dating The Never Gonna Be.

  • Lina

    May 7th in Sweden! I can’t wait! :D

  • Gloriaaa(:

    I’m watching it today with a bunch of my friendss !!
    We’re soo excited! iloveeee mileyyy(:
    Been waiting for the movie to come out for soo long!!

  • Melinda

    I’m gonna go see it! I can’t wait! Gonna be at the theater with a group of friends!

  • bruno

    dudee idk when on peru is gonna come out! :( wanna watch it soo bad! :(

  • Ronnie

    Still a month to go until it comes out here. But I can’t wait for Miam coming to Europe to heavily promote the Last Song! Whoo, Miam in Paris.

  • marissa Ravin

    i’m seeing it tonight!! i’m so excited!!!! it’s going to be amazingg

  • wow

    actually they have made me sick of it already with all the promoting of the Miley/Liam relationship. Oh that’s right Miley was keeping her relationship with Liam on the down low, ha ha. If they had just promoted the movie & shown the other actors, like Kelly Preston, who I love they would have done the movie a service.

  • Tiffany

    I am so excited for this movie!!!!!!!!! Get all of Miley’s clothes here

  • Melissa

    i saw it at midnight and it was AMAZING i really didnt think miley could be that god
    she was alittle annoying in the beginning but when it came to the serious parts she was unbelievable!!!

  • AJ

    I’m seeing it saturday! But I can’t WAIT.
    I’m even seeing it alone because no one wants to see it with me, but I think it will be worth it.

  • Gossip Gril

    @Reasonable Doubt: Why in the hell do you hate Liam so much? The man has not done ANYTHING but make Miley happy. And If making Miley happy is a SIN to you, DON’T YOU DARE CALL YOURSELF a TRUE MILEY FAN.

  • love

    saw it last night at the midnight showing… it was sooooooo friggen good
    she did amazing


  • hey

    @Reasonable Doubt:

    Damn you are patethic. there is no chance in hell you are a Mileyfan or have ever been a Miley fan. Stop with the BS that u are saying, none of it is true. Miley is happy with liam. because he makes her calmer and even sweeter then she was before. And after Nick J used her and tried to control her, i don’t think she will go in that trap again. so please little girls shut up with this obsessed hate.

  • annasaurus

    @Reasonable Doubt: Don’t you know that together, these two are DEEPER THAN NORMAL PEOPLE?! Thank god she found someone who isn’t a quadruple threat because god knows she isn’t into ppl like that.

  • kayla

    I live in the UK, so it doesnt come out here until April 30th, but im gunna watch it on the internet when it comes on the website i use, Cant wait to see it, and if its good im gunna go watch it in the cinema aswell :)

  • none

    Now we will see if Miley can stand on her own feet or if all her fame is just from Hanna Montana.

  • dana

    yay! its coming out in my country in april 1 :) im going to watch it me and my friends! we all cant wait!!!

  • mika

    I’m seeing it tommorrow with a few friends. I’m actually excited, this movie will probably be the final moment to show Miley is talented or not .

  • Ashley

    in my country is in june!!!!!

  • asdfsad

    people are just being tough on miley for no good reason/

  • sam

    i saw it today.
    it was just ok.
    miley wasnt horrible in it, but she wasnt good either. anytime there was a ‘serious’ moment i couldnt help but laugh because of the expressions she gives. a lot of people in the theater were laughing.

    maybe one day she will do something that really shows she is a good actress. its just not with this movie.

    liam did a good job though.

  • ♥team~jake♥

    I saw it!!!
    & LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonasluva

    OMGG…i watched it….and its so good…i cried

  • Nyerii

    I seen it earlier 2day n dat movie has a hella lot of kissin!
    i mean hes bomb but dam hahaha it was super sad 2 .
    Cute movie id c it again maybe.

  • teeex

    i saw that today with my two friends!
    holy crap. it was amazing. i cried.
    i mean.. i used to love her..
    ive kinda grown out of her.. but this really hit home and i
    have so much respect for her

  • aa

    It came out today in Australia, and I saw it!
    It was so good!!! :D
    I had to stop myself from crying so many times though, but there was quite a few funny bits :]

  • aa

    Oh and it was kinda cute in some bits where Liam was talking, putting on the American accent, you could hear his Aussie accent coming through :)

  • Justzgirl


  • The last song

    i live in australia and i saw it today with my sis and her friend. i loved the movie, it made me cry :’(

  • http://justjared breanna

    i saw it yesterday night and overall it was alright. the dad was the only who could actually act but the little brother was so adorablee. miley was alright i mean for just sulking and crying in almost the whole movie. the movie wasn’t directed well but the actors were pretty good. liam was pretty good, well he was good at acting like the hot popular boy because i bet thts him in real life! overall i didn’t hate the movie, it was quite enjoyable though very predictable.

  • http://justjared breanna

    oh and @sam, i totally agree!

  • Sarah

    I wish I could see it but I’m not allowed to go to the movies, I;ll just have to wait until it comes ou on dvd.

  • Anna

    it WAS good [:
    they left out a FEW key points from the book, but otherwise, it was good!
    I saw it last night
    and for all those bashing on Miley, she wasn’t bad, but this wasn’t her “breakout” role. She played Ronnie well.

  • http://justjared bex

    yeah i agree with @anna, this definately was not miley’s breakout role. she played ronnie okay though

  • lilian

    Seeing this TODAYY!!
    so excited.

  • swiftfan

    definitely gonna go see.

  • las:)

    lovedddddddddddddddddddd this movie soooooo good ! if yu havent seen it yet , go now ! NOW !

  • blah


  • KayTee

    saw it yesterday, it was freaking good, and i was crying A LOT.

  • Beccawaye

    I went to see it because I know the girl who plays Cassie. I went to high school with her.

  • Beccawaye

    It was an amazing movie though!!!

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