Miley Cyrus Wasn't Expecting to Fall In Love

Miley Cyrus Wasn't Expecting to Fall In Love

Miley Cyrus flashes a peace sign to the paparazzi as she heads into an office building in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Friday afternoon (April 2).

The 17-year-old Last Song starlet opened up to Parade mag about her new beau, Liam Hemsworth. Miley shared, “The last thing I was expecting to do was to fall in love. I went there thinking the summer was about me and getting focused on my career. But I guess God was like, ‘Girl, here is this amazing guy.”

She continued, “[Liam has] become my best friend in the whole wide world. I love him. He really respects me for who I am because coming from Australia, he really didn’t know me as the celebrity I am here. I got to tell him about myself on my own terms and my own way. He had no preconceived notion of who I was supposed to be.”

FYI: Miley was wearing her new favorite Oxidized Link Ring by Melinda Maria.

The Last Song is out in theaters now.

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Credit: Stefan; Photos: FlynetOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • xx

    Take those f-ing extensions out!!

  • leticia

    shes gorgeous and The last song was awesome

  • hey

    how long until selena and niley stans make their usual BS comments..

    Miley looks beautiful<3 love her.

  • JODI

    I think she is so pretty but needs those extensions out and smile!! :)
    she looks soo much like Brandi!!

  • billythekid


    I see it didn’t take you long to express YOUR opinion, so why on earth can’t the so-called Selena/Niley stans have theirs? Have no real idea who “hey” is, but it sure as heck sounds like that CraZy JacquelineRose7, who I’m sure many people are sick to death of right about now, Hey? :) With all of that said, all the Niley and Selena stans have your say on Miley with anything your little heart’s desire!

  • hey


    No i am not her. I am just sick of the people attacking Miley for everything. I get that u hate her guts, and therefor enjoy these peoples hate. but i don’t and i don’t like when these people try to hate on Miley for something they make up in their own minds. Like they say that Liam and Miley live together. something they don’t, liam and Miley have said it and liam has an apartment together with his borther. The fact that they think Liam is a bad influence to Miley. when she never have been more down to earth and calmer then she have been the last months. So please hatred person i have the right to hate on them, since i have a legit reason to do it, if you mean they have a right to hate on Miley when they do not have legit reason to do that.

  • Just Passing Thro

    So now TLS is out she is all friendly towards the paparazzi/photogs (no more OUT.OF.MY.WAY.). Typical!

  • hey

    @Just Passing Thro:

    This is the typical mindless BS comments i am talking about.

  • kami

    i realize she’s young but it’s never a good idea to broadcast your “love life” in interviews and keep telling people she’s in lurve.

  • billythekid

    I love JacquelineRose7 we all love her :)

  • billythekid


    I hate Miley’s guts? Well, that’s certainly a new one considering every post I’ve every commented on anywhere was usually in support of Miley. My take upon your comment was simply stating that no matter what people may or may not say, they still have a right to say it. Plus, Niley fans almost never hate on Miley, but are usually just disappointed that she isn’t with NJ. And what else would you expect out of Selena fans toward Miley? Certainly not peaches and cream! I wouldn’t expect anything less out of them than what I usually see out of Miley fans toward her :). BTW I am a Miley fan, I simply don’t go around wagging my tail over every little thing she says and does. It is very possible to be a fan, even a good fan, and still have subjective criticism over things they do. Most reasonable people should understand this.

  • itsmeagain

    @xx: I was thinking the same thing. I was like-”ALL THE HAIR IN THE WORLD IS ON HER HEAD” LOL! MC looks gr8t, but THAT’S JUST TOO MUCH HAIR

  • Gossip Girl

    It’s been a long time since she has flashed her peace sign :)

  • rania

    I love Miley

    I don’t like Liam

  • hey

    I don’t care what happends against Selena in her posts because i am not there. And therefor i should not be held responsible for those stupid hatred Mileyfans actions. And to even talk kindly about nileyfans who always hates on Miley’s hapiness because she isn’t together with Nick, is just over the top. They can support what the f they want, but they obiously don’t like to se Miley happy and therefor is no better then miley haters. I don’t like everything Miley does, but i do not go around hate on her for everything she does either, because i have actually lived part of my life, and i know people can’t be perfect and i am not perfect and therefor i have no right in this world to talk badly about Miley’s mistakes since they are so small. Why are you so fast on supporting Miley haters right to speak out their opinion, but attack Mileyfans like me who only tries to fight hate when i speak up? isn’t that a little hypocritical?

  • Just Passing Thro


    Why, did the bs hit you in the face?

  • xoxo

    I went to see the last song and i thought the movie was really good, although i was dissapointed that they didnt stick to the storyline from the book as much as I had hoped, but w/e…the books are always better than the movie I guess. but overall i thought the movie was awesome! I think it was good to see miley is something not related to disney, and although it wasnt her best performance ever, I would totally go and see it again! I think the haters needs to back off…give her a chance, she’s still so young, and you don’t know what her future will hold. and unless you went to see the last song, you have no right to comment on her performance from what you assume or from what you heard.

  • m

    Why would she take her extensions out? I think she looks good with them. Besides guys like something to pull at know…

  • billythekid


    I support everyone’s right to have their say. However – and you may refer to the comments above if you’ve forgotten – I only commented upon your comment simply because you assumed Niley and Selena fans would come pouncing upon this article before the fact even occurred. I thought that was presumptuous. It’s like waving a red flag around looking for the trouble. Anyhow, I totally agree many, if not most, Selena fans hate/dislike Miley, but I would love for you to name some Niley fans who are hating on Miley. Preferably those on twitter, where I can see these tweets for myself. I know Niley fans can’t stand Liam, but I haven’t been aware of any Miley hate, unless you consider hating on her boyfriend hating on Miley by proxy? I certainly wouldn’t agree with that at all!

  • Mika

    I saw the last song last night. It was not bad, a bit depressing but the scenery and storyline got better and better as the movie progressed.

    Anyways, Miley get rid of the extensions!!! It’s hideous and hiding your face.

    Btw, anyone else notice Miley always wears those boots? Her character, Ronnie wears the same ones.

  • lily

    @hey: so what miley fans do the same what is the big deal.

  • rachel

    Miley looks beautiful<3 love her.

  • cravinganicecream

    It’s great that she’s happy, I’m not her hugest fan but she sounds in love and it’s adorable. Plus, Liam is a keeper ;) That accent, OH LA LA.

  • Susanna

    I love that by this time next year Miley and Liam probably won’t even be talking to each other anymore. She always does this. A few years ago that underwear model was the love of her life, before him, Nick Jonas was her soulmate. This girl “falls in love” with practically every male that crosses her path for an extended period of time. And then in less than two years it’s over. Guess her definition of “love” is different than mine.

  • aa

    @Susanna: How would you know?
    Shes just searching for the right guy.. and obviously Nick and Justin weren’t the right guys for her.

  • paulc

    oh purleeze… It’s a movie romance… they’ll have a big break-up soon when the movie is about to finish it’s run…

  • Ella

    She’s really in love with Liam. But I am still hoping for NILEY 3.0. :)

  • Ronnie

    I have to agree with hey, although her premature comment before anybody hated on Miley was uncalled for. But to be clear, I can’t seriously consider anyone a Miley fan that hates on her current boyfriend. And a lot of Niley fans do. “He manipulates her, he uses her, he made her quit twitter/music, she is not the same anymore, I hate him” and what more I read in every post.
    Let’s be clear, if Miley would read here (not that she does) she would be hurt whether there are mean things written against her or written against the person she loves. As she said herself, you can hate on her, but what really hurts her is when people drag her friends/family into it.
    Not all Niley fans are like that. To like them together is ok. To hate on Miley’s boyfriend is wrong. If they break up and he hurts her, then you can hate on him. But as not many people hate on Nick for breaking her heart, that’s unlikely. It’s strange that only guys she currently dates are hated on.

  • leaa

    Thats a bit harsh, i mean we’re not prehistoric here in Australia.. we do know who she is.

  • Carrie

    I am so happy for her. He is so cute and they are a cute couple. I want to see The Last Song.

  • B*

    It’s true, she is searching for the right guy… she is just 17 years old guys!!!… she doesn’t have to find her soulmate right now!, why?, because she is just 17!, she is too young girl.

  • Kacy

    @kami: She can do and say whatever she wants if she wants to broadcast it why not it’s a free country

  • http://heeeey joody ksa

    love u miley

  • thatgirl12

    I saw the Last Song last night. I had read reviews beforehand that said she was terrible in it, but I really liked her in it. I did, however, think the movie was unnecessarily sad. I understand Nicholas Sparks has to have some form of tragedy in his stories but he carried this one a little too far especially for someone like me who can relate, almost exactly, to the situation. It was pure torture. The only reason I stayed through the whole movie was because I was expecting the ending to make it somewhat better. It did…kind of.

    My best friend, however, who did not have any similar experience loved it. I probably would have too, but, like I said, minus the unnecessary sadness.

    That said, Miley was really good in it and I do so her doing more films and acting well in them.

  • jen

    She says this about every guy.

  • Genesis

    my thoughts exactly.

  • JC

    i didn’t even know she wears extensions…well, i’m not a big fan of miley but i do love her hair!


    She looks soooo pretty xD.

  • NIkka
  • kate

    When will she finalie do something else in front of the paparaci, I’m starting to hate her because that sind (peace – pīss)