2010 Kids Choice Awards -- Best Dressed Poll!

2010 Kids Choice Awards -- Best Dressed Poll!

JJJ‘s favorite celebs hit the orange carpet at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards in bright colors and stunning smiles.

While Victoria Justice and Jennette McCurdy brought the greens and blues, Selena Gomez and Miranda Cosgrove brought the bright sunshine colors to the crowds.

JJJ jawdropped over Katy Perry and Gage Golightly, but we want to know who your best dressed female was at the 2010 KCAs.

Check out the gallery and then vote below!

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Michael Buckner/Getty, Juan Rico/Fame Pictures/Jeff Kravitz/KCA2010
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  • jasmine Lim

    how in the world did Miranda Cosgrove bring sunshine colours? im just sayin’, but her dress is just simply dull red….==…
    SELENA!! ><!! XD

  • me

    Selena gomez!! :D

  • ilovedisneystars!

    demi…then, selena…the danielle…then no more…haha…wth miley isn’t there?…

  • dundies

    lily! looks fresh

  • whoknows.


  • http://justjaredjr. Jessica Lewis

    Miranda looked awsome and rocke, like the other nick stars did too. THe disney channel stars just had to ruin everything right!!

  • lulu

    I voted for Lily- much as I love Selena, she wasn’t the best dressed, but of course, everyone voted for her just because she’s Selena x x x

  • val

    yeah, selena wasn’t the best dressed

    but, whatever

  • demilovatoisthebest

    ok seriously i love selena but she was not the best dressed

  • Anabelle

    I believe Demi looked sexier than any other girl there (no homo). I loved her dress. Selena’s dress would’ve been perfect for a 10 year old girl. No wonder Disney likes her.

  • Anabelle

    Miley and Demi are way better than Gomez.


    demi looked stunning, clearly the best dressed i mean selena is great but she was not the best dressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/RaRaRebecca_ Rebecca.

    Definately Demi, I adored her whole look.

  • Bethany

    I think Danielle is clearly the best dressed, and the one of the biggest reasons that people are giving Demi more votes is cause she is a celeb and Danielles not :(

  • blaireb

    Can you little teenies stop whining?! Selena was the best dressed! Her dress was beautiful and bright yellow! Yellow represents happiness, fun and life! which is what KCA is all about! and she had side hair braid, which was daring and unique! She tried something different and I’m happy for her!

  • chickenluva

    honestly its juts an opinion u cant prove it or say its wrong. so just ignore other ppl if they dont agree with you! it doesnt matter!!! just becuz they dont agree doesnt mean they are a hater

  • B*

    I like Victoria’s dress. She looks pretty

  • Victor

    Oh, come on, Jennette was absolutely WONDERFUL!

  • jessica

    hahah are you guys serious? Demi wears the same shit over and over ! ALL BLACK DRESS ! wtf? she was NOT the best dressed. i’d say Miranda, Selena, and Victoria looked the best at the KCA !

  • http://none Elle

    Victoria hands down. Those shoes and that color of her dress were brilliant. Miranda looked awkward in her dress and thats not her color. Selena’s dress, I don’t know for some reason to me it looks a lot like her dress to the Teen Choice Awards. I don’t know, she looked to dressed up in my opinion this is the Kids choice awards not the Grammy’s. Selena needs to dress her age and her hair looks like she did herself. I liked Miley’s outfit a lot :) Demi looked great her make-up was so pretty and I loved her earrings. Keke looked adorable. Jennette and Miranda were like practically matching.

  • vanessa

    Victoria, she looked great.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2010/04/03/2010-kids-choice-awards-best-dressed-poll/ barbara


  • Candice

    @ #10 YEAH RIGHT! Selena is way better than those two! Anyways why am I getting on your level? Shouldn’t have bothered but I did. I loved Selena’s dress, she looks so beautiful as usual.


    Demi e Dani tavam linds *-*
    faltou eu para completar as namoradas/esposas hehehe
    e de verdade, odiei o vestido da selena
    e quase ninguém ta me entendendo que diver *-*

  • jessica

    i think selena looked the best and the prettiest one. but i also think victoria looked super hot as well. so i guess its a tie between the two of them. and demi just looked awful.

  • nathalia Braga

    Dani looked beautiful!! I also liked demi, selena and victoria’s outfits

  • helen

    victoria justice was by fans the best dressed. classy, beautiful, age and occasion appropriate… really flattering. I’de go with hers. everything was just perfect. selena’s was pretty too but not near as good as victorias. yeah, victoria just worked it really well

  • selenagomezcity

    selena & victoria dress were the best

  • jesse

    Miranda was the best dressed! She had the best dress and shoes. Her skin always is glowing! Okay Mag choice her as the only best dressed teen. She was at the top of every list!

  • alex

    Miranda’s Dress was gorgeous she always looks amazing! I just saw her Neutrogena comericial. She looks so beautiful!

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    nikki reed :) was the best dressed !! u guys are only chosing selena cuz u love her ! that’s so stupid !! even know i adore her !

  • http://gossiphotteen.blogspot.com/ Paula

    Selena is amazing, yeah she’s win

  • http://twitter//lovedemi4ever loveDEMI4ever

    demiis dress was the best <33

  • http://twitter//lovedemi4ever loveDEMI4ever

    selenas dress was ugly

  • jessica

    @loveDEMI4ever: oh please demis dress was the worst.



  • grace

    i thought jennette looked great, as much as i love demi, she had on a plain black dress, which she looked great in, but it didn’t have a lot of personality, lilly collins looked great too, so i’d say jennette, lilly, selena

  • athena

    (my opinion)

  • paulc

    confused… Is Miley now out of favour? no option in the poll…

  • vio

    Come ON ,people, Demi Lovato looked awful,really bad!!! I like her too but let’s be honest :X
    Definitely Selena Gomez and Danielle Jonas!Your votes shouldn’t be based on who is more popular or who you adore most – this is about clothes not celebrities so show YOUR taste not your favourite celeb’s! ;)

  • vio


    Sorry, but that is pathetic :X

  • tiffany

    yaay demi look so gorgeous and she’s got the highest votes :D

  • rasit

    absolutely selena gomez :D

  • ariana

    DEMI LOVATO *——*

  • Julia

    i think demi lovato was the best she noes Style :) nd i also lyked selena’s dress it was beautiful !

  • Izzzy

    a big fat L-O-L at everyone voting Demi! Girl please, she looked the SAME. Every single time. A black dress, crimped hair & tan. The girl never changes it up. BORING.

    The best dressed were Victoria & Selena. Byyy farrrr!!! But I voted Selena. She got everything just right. The make up was stunning, the dress is gorgeous and those shoes are to die for! My vote would’ve gone to Victoria but I disliked her hair. Those extensions/highlights need to be taken out.

  • selena

    hello me llamo selena emm mis padres fueron a ls kids choice awards y estuubo

    genial lastima q los jonas no lo ganaron

  • cheesecakefortaylor


    no selena got the highest voted ;) cuz she was THE BEST!

  • Kanani

    It seems like people are voting more for Selena and Demi just because they like those two actresses better than all the other actresses there. But the reason you’re supposed to be voting is for what they wore, not who you like more. I like Sel and Demi, but IMHO Nikki’s outfit was really cute and more of a spring dress, so her outfit is my favorite :)

  • Kanani

    @vanessa zanessa is the best!!!: Lol I agree with you!

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