Jake T. Austin Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

Jake T. Austin Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

JustJaredJr.com is getting the chance to chat with Jake T. Austin very very soon and we need your help!

We have a few questions, but not nearly enough for a great interview.

Tell us what you would ask Jake – from his new flick, The Perfect Game to Wizards to The Tales of Sebastian!

The Perfect Game, also starring Moises Arias and Jansen Panettiere, hits theaters on April 16th.

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  • ally

    Who would your dream co-star be? – Kat :)

  • Kat

    How does The Perfect Game compare to other things you’ve done, like Wizards?

  • Fan

    What age,and how did you start acting? -Maria =]

  • Nicole

    What was it like working with the cast? -Nicole Paulino

  • Nicole

    Were you originally good at baseball or did you have to learn? -Nicole Paulino

  • natalie

    Questions For Jake T. Austin:

    If you could be anyone, dead or alive, for 24 hours, who would it be and why?


  • Nicole

    What would you want the viewers to know before watching the movie? -Nicole Paulino

  • http://yAHOO.COM Elizabeth

    What is your favorite episode of Wizards? -Elizabeth

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2010/03/14/demi-lovato-voto-latino-bethind-the-scenes/#comments bella

    What is it like working with Emile De Ravin? Did you watch Lost before you worked with her?

  • jazmin b

    do you have a girlfriend?

  • jazmin b

    is it hard flying back and forth from new york to los angeles to film wizards? :)

  • Enya

    how do you feel now that you worked with mexican actors?

    (im from mexico)

  • Okura

    If you have to choose whom would you be dating with, whom will you chose?
    a. Taylor Swift
    b. Selena Gomez
    c. Demi Lovato
    d. Miley Cyrus

  • andrea

    what you think about monterrey fans?

  • selena

    How/When did you come up with the idea of Tales of Sebastian?

  • selena

    Are you proud of where Selenas getting in the industry?

  • selena

    What’s it like working with your best friends?

  • selena

    Do you think Ava will get into the business someday? Is it in her interests?

  • miranda

    What is one thing you want to say to all your fans?

    Do you keep fan presents? What are the coolest ones you have gotten?

  • lulu

    What is your favorite genre of music and who’s your favorite muscian? Lucy x x x

  • http://twitter.com/Luzieizul Luzieizul

    when is ur project “THE HUSTLE” coming out?

  • Paulina

    Do u speak polish ?

  • diana arlet

    Pregunta párr Jake T.:

    ¿Quien de los ACTORES una Sido tu Ejemplo Muy útil Que creas Que es “Casi Casi” El Mejor?

  • Eva

    Do you have a girlfriend?
    What kind of girls do you like ?
    Do you like Reaggaeton?
    Do you like girls with different hair colors or is there a spaecific hair color like blonde brown or black?

  • alison

    what is the movie you have wrote about? and if you had to pick between acting and directing/producing which one would you pick?

  • wow

    On WOWP, who is the most similar & difference from the characters they play?

  • marie

    Do oyu wear a purity ring?
    What do you think about them?
    (if you dont wear one)Would you wear one?
    When and where was you first kiss with?

  • lucia

    What is your opinion about each one of your cast (Wizards of Waverly Place)? – Lucia

  • Enya

    do you have difficults to speak in spanish(?

  • Ngawahine

    Did you want to be an actor when you were younger

  • daniela

    what do you think about mexico? – daniela soto
    do you like mexican food? – daniela soto

  • Myrna

    What was it like to see all the love from your mexican fans in the premiere in monterrey?

  • Jadethefrenchfan

    - “What are your projects for the future ? What kinda job ?”

    -”Where did you spend your fave vacation ?” / “What countries would you like to visit ?”

    -”Who would you like to work with ? any guest-star on the show or someone you admire and would love to work with on any project ?”

    - About the “Tales of Sebastian” : the thing is great, “do you think about going on further with that or any own project ?”

  • http://justjared sahur

    hey jake,obviously in wizards you play max,what is the thing you to have in common apart from having a sister and living in the big apple?

  • http://justjared sahur

    how come you always look very young in the films your in?

  • halle

    Why did it take so long to release the movie?

  • Veronica

    what do you like in a girl?

  • Sana Bdeiwi

    What is the difference between making a film like `Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie´ and an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place,´and wich do you enjoy more?

  • sana bdeiwi

    What is the difference between making a film like `The Perfect Game´ and an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place,´and wich do you enjoy more?

  • JJ

    In Hotel For Dogs, Andi tells you: “Now, if you could just build me a dress, then you’d be a real wizard.” Was that an intentional reference to “Wizards of Waverly Place”?

  • JKF

    Do you still make your own webshows?
    Have you got any future projects lined up?

    Do you still play an active part in the upkeep of your website?

  • http://JUSTJARRED Jazzy

    Do u have a girl friend ? Lol im just curiouse.

  • http://JUSTJARRED kelly

    Do u have a girl friend Jake ? Lol im just curiouse.

  • http://JUSTJARRED kelly

    Lol do u like fat chicks.

  • http://JUSTJARRED kelly

    Lol do u like fat chicks ?

  • http://JUSTJARRED kelly

    Would u go out with a drop dead ugly chick lol ?

  • http://JUSTJARRED kelly

    R u a complete asshole irl lol ?

  • http://JUSTJARRED kelly

    Have u had sex yet lol ?

  • http://JUSTJARRED kelly

    Have u got it on with any chick yet ?

  • http://JUSTJARRED kelly

    lol jk

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