Joe Jonas & Ashley Tisdale: Dating Dilemmas!

Joe Jonas & Ashley Tisdale: Dating Dilemmas!

Pals Joe Jonas and Ashley Tisdale may have found their perfect mate for them, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t felt the heartbreak.

Joe tells Twist that he was once caught between his friend and a girl. He shared, “It all happened really innocently. One day I said to my friend, ‘Wow, I really like so-and-so,’ and he said, ‘Dude, me too.’ At that point, what can you do? Lose your friend or lose the chance with the girl. I backed off, but luckily so did my friend! We both put the friendship first.”

Ashley had a different dilemma — cheating: “It’s hard to trust anyone after you’ve been through something like that. I’m angsty because I’ve been let down a lot. After a while, you realize you can’t carry the baggage.”

HAVE YOU EVER had a dating dilemma?

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  • jhazmine

    ashley is right u can’t trust anyone..cheating is kinda part of a relationship..

  • ZJ207

    Yeah, Joe’s situation is very embarrassing! And Ashley’s is very hurtful, but good thing she moved on :)

    btw, when did they take that picture?

  • suraj

    I bet the “friend” was Nick..

  • Listen to mayday parade

    @jhazmine: I don’t know if that’s technically correct.. “cheating is part of a relationship” -
    that’s not true. Bad people with no conscious cheat, but good people don’t let it get that far. So many people don’t cheat, and I’ll admit it’s hard not to get jealous of others, but you have to believe the person your with won’t cheat, because if you are constantly accusing them or thinking it then it will happen an you’ll deserve it. Actually no – no one deserves to be cheated on. It’s a crappy thing that happens, but it’s also not that common.

  • Aaron

    Can you imagine Joe & Ashley as a couple? HAHA
    Ashley is right, its really hard to trust, when someone already has cheating on you :(

  • Bard

    How much money you want to bet that Joe’s talking about Him and Nick both crushing on Demi. I think it’s part of the reason Jemi took so long to actually date. lol

  • h

    She’s mentioned it sooooooo many times in interviews. Time to let it go honey you’re not the only one

  • http://none Elle


    Whats your problem? She was asked that question and she responded. What was she supposed to say, sorry I mentioned it to many times can’t say. Some people on here just love to take anything from Ashley and turn it negative, like really? Grow up..

  • sophie

    joe’s situation is kind of sweet but apart from that, i don’t think people should air their past dirty laundry publicly. maybe it helps her fans because they can see things happen to girls like her just like non-celebrity types but i can’t help feeling that it just makes you look like a victim when you talk about how you’ve been burnt in the past in an interview. cheating is never acceptable but there are always two sides to a relationship and when one person airs it out in public, they come off sounding bad, if you ask me.

  • Maila

    Her tan looks so bad.

  • Fog

    what wrong with Ash’s skin?
    It’s look so bad

  • disneygirl

    i love ashley but WOW shes kinda short
    not that its a bad thing !

  • ZJ207

    @Maila: I actually think this picture was taken back in summer 2009, not now.

  • krystelle

    that picture is soooo pretty
    this was taking at vma’s 2008
    her tan is alittle WOW haha
    if they was a couple, then
    haha that would be perfect (:
    both dance and sang & their
    older sibling is married haha

  • Brooke

    Yeah, I liked this guy ALL ofl ast year, and i kinda thought he liked me back, but we were both too sacred 2 say anything. Pathetic, I know. So this year I come back, completely ready 2 tell him how I feel, and he starts flirting with my bff. I decided that if he likes her, theres no reason 2 tell him how I feel. She liked him back, so i encouraged her 2 tell him so she wouldnt end up wondering “what if” like I did. She told him, and he asked her out. Now I see how he is a big jerk and I really am glad I didnt date him, and I’ve learned 2 not live in the past and never be afraid 2 tell someone how u feel so u wont ever wonder “what if”

  • krystelle

    i meant at the after party , at the ama’s 2008

  • ZJ207

    @krystelle: oh thx!

  • http://j chelsea

    @h: ikr

  • anonymous

    Not really so sweet Joe – you dated Taylor after Kevin said in numerous interviews that the liked her – then you dumped/cheated on Taylor for Camilla and Demi just stabs friends in the back and dates their ex’s afer she probably confided all her love, hurt and betrayal – good songs coming up!!!

  • selenataylorashleyfan

    @anonymous: so right! i think i’m totally ready for their (jemi) breakup song.. ;)

  • güşş


  • lili

    shilly is not true

  • smile