Ashley Tisdale & Aly Michalka: Hellcats In Vancouver

Ashley Tisdale & Aly Michalka: Hellcats In Vancouver

Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale walk and talk as they wheel their luggage to their awaiting car at Vancouver Airport in British Columbia on Sunday afternoon (April 4).

The duo, who have been in training for the last month, are set to finally film the pilot for their upcoming CW series, Hellcats.

Once arriving at their hotel, Aly and Ashley went to pick up some food to lunch on. Looks like Maui didn’t want to go inside just yet!

10+ pics inside of Hellcats Aly and Ashley

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  • bruno


  • VhuddyRiSH

    MAUI!!!! soooo cuuutteee <3

  • camry

    I cannot wait for this! I hope the show airs and works out for the both of them :)

  • Nadia

    This show is going to be HUGE :)
    Mark My Words

    Love you Ashley and Aly <3333333

  • april

    i dont mean to be a stalker or anything, but i really want to meet them! do any of guys know which hotel they are staying at?

  • Solange

    Awwww. I love Ashley Tisdale <3 Looking forward to ‘Hellcats’. Sounds cooooolllll!

  • marquita


  • abby

    Anyone know how long their there for?

  • Prettigurls

    Aly && Ashley look so pretti and Mauii so cute can’t wait to see Hellcats!!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh.. I wonder where their filming. I wanna see them !! :D Welcome to Van-City Aly. :D

  • ashytisdalefan

    awww maui! <3

  • Emma

    wow, if it were vanessa hudgens, miley, or zac efron id be super excited that they were in vancouver ( where i live ) but ashley and aly already feel like “have-been” celebrities. the show sounds a but dull too. isnt ashley too old to be playing a high school character? i mean, even vanessa hudgens who’s younger is playing older characters. i love ashley and aly, but i wish they’d do more serious work, cause ashley has the potential to be the next jessica alba or something

  • kara

    @Emma: theyre in college in the show

  • Jannii

    Cant wait for hellcats.
    It will be a success!!

  • ZJ207

    Can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with :D
    They both look pretty <3 And Maui is ALWAYS cute!! haha

  • adina

    is it my but ash look like michael jackson but with blond her :L

  • Aly&

    I love ALY =)
    Love the duo 78violet
    they rock..ANd I know that this show
    called hellcats is going to be very GREAT!
    aly & ashley really rock =)

  • Marine

    Guys! Even if Ash is 24years old, so what? Look in OTH, when the actor started they were all like what 21-24 years old? In Smallville, when they’ve started the show they’re also around 20-24!
    I think that’s bothering you just because that’s ASHLEY TISDALE… Plus her character is in her early 20′s so there’s not problem with that!

    I don’t know for you but I can’t wait for HellCats =D. Aly and ash together ♥

  • super78violetfan

    Aly is absolutly fashon :) I hope that Hellcats will have a lot of success!!!
    You rock, Aly & Ash
    Lucy from Italy

  • güşş

    ı canna wait this

  • güşş


  • güşş


  • güşş


  • güşş

    wuuhuuu ash and aly

  • kkkk

    ı love ash

  • carly


    i agree with you emma 100%

  • liri92

    shut the hell up haters.. i am sure this gonna be huge.. their both pretty & talented.. and if you guys dont wanna see it .. so maybe dont read this & dont waste your time with them.. love ya ash..

  • http://none Elle

    I hope this show gets picked up. Ashley and Aly deserve it they are both amazing actresses and I can not wait for this show it looks so good XD

  • Sage


    They play collage students not H.S students.

  • Tiffany

    <3 Ashley!!!!!!!! Her little dog in the carrire is too cute. Get all of Ashley’s clothes here

  • Scheetah


  • Scheetah


  • Scheetah


  • NIkka

    I can’t wait to see it!

    Please do this survey:)

  • kirreii

    Ashley fans:

    Calm down. Just because someone was stating their opinion doesn’t immediately mark them as a ‘hater’. For example, Emma clearly said that she LIKES aly and ashley, so how does that make her a hater?

    Of course if there’s some idiot saying stupid things over and over again, that makes them a hater, but not just people saying what they think about her role. Not everyone’s gonna love her role, that’s just how it is.

    I’m not trying to defend these people or anything…I’m just saying…

  • Avril

    Ashley looks sooo beautiful!!!!!
    can’t wait to see Hellcats!!!!

  • fan

    Looks like Maui is running loose when Ashley let him out of his traveler carry-on bag. Aly is trying to help Ashley to get Maui back. Maui is soooo cute.

  • gold baybay – truth speaking

    Dudes. Are you serious? This show would do amazing if it was to be a Disney or a Nick show. It’s not. People aren’t going to tune in because it’s going to be just like all the Bring It Ons. And believe me, that series has been overplayed. Anyway, this is going to sound really hateful but maybe Ashley and Aly should consider going to college as opposed to playing college characters. That will ultimately lead to them becoming better actors.

  • gold baybay – truth speaking

    Guys. Just because I’m not feeling the show it doesn’t mean I’m a hater. Just a truth speaking um…*cringe* fan?

  • Carrie

    I am a huge fan of them both. The show sounds really good. I kinda want it see it.

  • http://deleted Van

    WHOOO!!!! AWSUM!!

  • Ashley

    Of course 24 is to old to be college too. And on OTH they skipped 4 years so they’re actually playing their own age.

  • B

    OMG! Ash looks so much better as a brunette. Her hair looks amazing!

  • http://pasvalys Martyna

    ashley tisdale is cool.:d

  • Marine

    @Ashley: 24 is too old to be a college student? Wow, I think you’re wrong about that, I don’t know in America but everywhere in the world there are 24 years old college students…
    And about OTH, they may be skipped 4 years BUT they have the age they had when they’ve started the show AND now the actors are almost 30 but nobody complain about that!! How come? And the story about OTH at the beginning was as simpler as the one for Hellcats so I don’t see why people are saying this show will be horrible o_O. May someone explain me?
    I’m telling you, that’s because Ashley and Aly are in this project and they came from Disney, I think that’s why a major part of people say in will fail… That’s kind of painful that you don’t want to give this show, Ash and Aly a chance. But that’s just my opinion!

  • Aly&

    aly rock

  • theassociation

    I think we can all agree that Aly is a real cutie. She sings well with her sister AJ. However, they are not with Disney anymore. They really know how to make movies and select the write actress.

    Aly has to be more selective in her roles. Please stay away from Ashely Tisdale. She cannot act or sing. Her biggest success is on Phinneas and Ferb. Enough said.

    As for this tv pilot, it will bomb. Will someone please enlighten the entertainment business that we have had enough of the cheerleading movies!!!!!!!!!

  • Meghan

    i hope this really brings out ashley’s true potential. :D i hope it gets her more serious roles in shows & movies. so what if she’s 24 jesus christ its a tv show – get over it! haters just don’t know when to stop do they? don’t like them? don’t f*cking comment!

  • inji

    im just gonna wait and see the pilot. you cant judge how its gonna be and say its amazing before you’ve even seen it.

  • annasaurus

    This show is on the CW and is going to die a quick quick death. I’m only hoping it will succeed so Tom Welling can be happy.