Booboo Stewart Gets Punched in Vancouver

Booboo Stewart Gets Punched in Vancouver

Booboo Stewart gets sandwiched in by a bunch of girl fans as he visits the Richmond Mall in Vancouver on Saturday afternoon (April 3).

The 16-year-old actor’s luck was turned upside down at the signing when a random guy punched him!

Booboo tweeted, “Hey its a bummer that someone thought it’d be cool to sucker punch me chased him down held him until police came no biggie had a great time. It all ended up ok, I’m ok. Thanks to everyone.”

Apparently the guy who punched Booboo did it because he didn’t like Twilight.

We have to wonder sometimes…

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  • 2345

    The guy who punched Booboo was a junky like a crack head he was like 14 or 15 possibly a teenager he was jealous because Booboo is gorgeous!!!! You should of seen Booboo run so amazing he ran like a ninja it was amazing to look at Booboo is truly Vancouver’s Hero!

  • elementary

    Was it Boo Boo or his dad that chased him down? Story is changing as the day goes on.

  • heyjessie

    I feel sorry for the guy that was punched, but I agree with the guy doing the punching. I hate Twilight too.

    I’m going to prepare to be trampled by teenage fangirls …

  • lulu

    He probably punched not only coz he hates Twilight, but because he hangs out with his sister WAY too much!

    But Booboo is really hot! x x x

  • Mika

    OMG LOL He got punched? Even though I don’t like him at all, no one deserves that.

  • Joochi

    I don’t like Twilight @all but I do like this BooBoo kid, he’s handsome. Nice to see pics without his Sis though.

  • gabby

    no one messes with booboo stewart & gets away with it !

  • sdfsdfff

    He’s cute.
    But has a rather unfortunate name…

  • Natasha

    WTH!!! Just because the dude doesn’t like Twilight that doesn’t give him the right to punch BooBoo!!! Nobody has any right to hit another person for disliking something they like/love/have/do/have done!!! If i saw someone who liked something I didn’t I wouldn’t go up to them and hit them!!! God this rattled my cage!!! He’s a 16 year old boy for crying out loud!!! At least he did the right thing by chasing him and pinning him to the ground until the police got there, most 16 year old boys would have chased after him and started a massive fight by punching him back. I’m glad to say I am proud of BooBoo and I am a proud 15 year old Twi-hard (for those of you that do not know what, or cannot be bothered with, Twilight a Twi-hard is a very passionate fan of the series)
    God Bless
    Natasha xx

  • jessica

    oh wow thats messed up.

  • Anastasia Hurd

    Ok, I don’t like the Twilight series that much, but that BooBoo kid didn’t not deserve to get punched by some hater. He’s just a kid, give him a break.

  • nina

    i love twilight saga but i hate booboo and his doggy sister,so gd job for that guy punching would be even better if that sister is punched as well

  • todd

    Sounds staged!

  • chaelsea

    geh if it was taylor lautner that got punch i would be like ” OMG FINALLY!!” but booboo T__T the jerk hope he gets the book thrown at him

  • Meika

    Hey ppl! Follow me on twitter…
    I’m one of the girls in the picture!
    I feel so bad for Booboo:(

  • andrea

    “BOOBOO” looka so gay!! :P

  • Sarah

    @sdfsdfff: its a nickname…but i dont like it either.

  • liri92

    he is sooooo beautiful .. i love him but i am to old for him. i am already 17 and his only 16 =(. i love him.. looking forward to eclipse .. watching him as the gorgeous werwolf .. seth clearwater.. i looooooveeeeeeeee youuuuu sooooo much booboo

  • me.

    great use of punctuations, booboo. -.-

    he looks wayyy too much like this guy in my school. booboo’s deff hotter though.

  • Jeffery

    So this guy doesn’t like Twilight..okay fine everyone has their own taste in media. But why did he think it was okay to hit BB? I’ll bet his girlfriend..or some unlucky girl he was obsessed with likes Twilight and so when he found out BB was in town to promote Eclipse, he decided to take out his frustration on him. And where was security?

    I have put down BB before on here because I felt like he and his sister were trying to ride the Twilight fame to popularity. But BB is truly a great guy and he has some cool moves. He could have seriously frakked that guy up if he wanted to and it would have been self defense.

    Hitting BB was seriously messed up.

  • Anna

    Wow! So… I know the guy that punched him. He’s from my school, or at least his brother is… Anyway, everybody has been talking about it today at school. Wow!

  • marie k

    LOLLL, my friend who did it was 17 and it was hilarious ahaha. i was there and it was fantastic.

  • marissa

    thats so stupid he had no rite hitting booboo im glad booboo is okk :)) i love booboo i cant wait till eclipse cums out hes soo hottt but that boy was probably jealous that booboo gets more girls then that boy does or sumthing i fil bad that he got punched man i hate boys like that thats wat u call a asshole

  • :O

    @heyjessie: thts stupid cuz u hate something u would punch some one hate u may i should sucker punch u

  • lalalalove

    @sdfsdfff: ….booboo is his nickname

  • kaylee killion

    yaahh him hiss reall name, youd know it iff you trulyy were a faan

  • Brenda

    That guy who punched him is a stupid crackhead. Whoever he is, he shouldn’t do something like that just because he hates Twilight. He has no right to do it. It’s just totally messed up. Anyways I’m glad Boo Boo is okay. <3

  • lexi

    @sdfsdfff: the thing is Booboo isnt his real name its Niles

  • Christina

    U no what i find weird ? I’m not being racist I’m just saying but why does he only hang out w/ asian people ? lol

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