Miley Cyrus: Designing Home is a Kind of Therapy

Miley Cyrus: Designing Home is a Kind of Therapy

Miley Cyrus is offering up more details about her new home.

Not far from her parent’s place in Toluca Lake, Calif., the 17-year-old told People mag, “I’m actually buying a place. I haven’t moved in yet. I’m still reconstructing and stuff.”

Miley added about the zen feeling, “We did all these different things to make it a place that’s so chill. Like all my couches are on the floor and I have pillows on the floor. It’s just serene — like my own kind of therapy.”

IF YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO DECORATE your own home, what would it be like?

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  • lu

    wow!!! I wanna see it :)

  • victoria

    I wanna decorate my own house, that would be super fun!
    And hmm, probably a very southern feel, and like warm haha :)
    I wanna visit her house!

  • abby

    I’d move out also if I had her type of money lol.

  • sarah

    I really like Miley, and love the stuff she does, but dont u think that she is to young to move out at 17?? She seems to be acting like an adult. I think bad publisity, here we come.

  • Leesah01

    @sarah: Shes not moving at 17 she’s moving when she turns 18.

  • Beiza

    She’s only 17 and she’s moving out, what a lucky bitch if I had the money she had I would’ve moved out ages ago…

  • tess

    probably something like tuscan style:))


    wtf, she’s only 17? My parents would never let me when I was her age.. even if I had the money she has. and ”Like all my couches are on the floor” well duh where else

  • Shaylyn

    It’s funny when she tries to use big words in interviews and it just comes out awkward. Because 99% of the time, it sounds contrived.

  • riana

    betcha her boyfriends gonna move in

  • hey
    And everyone have ti live after your way right? she is soon turning 18, let the girl do what she wants. It’s not unusual that people move out between 16 and 18 in many countries and parts of the world. It can actual help alot of people, by teaching them independence. And she is just gonna live a couple of minutes away from her parents. U guys really are way to prude, and hidden away from how the world work.

  • anon

    i know shes moving out when she is 18 but tht is still too young to move out.hope she aint goin to move liam in with her cos tht wud be going way too far.however she is trying to hard to be an adult,she should go to college like emily osment is doing and get a degree in sumthin as she has a back up as she cnt act forever plus heard she aint very good in the last song either

  • Katty

    I think moving out at seventeen shows bad parenting on her parents part. Yeah, people do it all the time, and no matter who it is, I would still say this. Moving out is not a good idea. She’s 17, she’s living the ‘Hollywood lifestyle’ with paps and trying to be a normal teen while still being famous, and she has an older boyfriend. I just don’t think it’s a good idea, seeing as it will be much easier for her now to be alone with Liam (which is fine, I am just saying, one thing leads to another, and that another can lead to another person, if you know what I mean), and there is the whole drug scene in LA (I am not saying she is on drugs, I am just saying a lot of people like to experiement), and overall, I just don’t see how she would want to. If you want to be a normal teenager, normal teenagers live with their parents, then stay at home, seeing as everyone else stays home at least until after high school, which means almost 19.

    I am not trying to bash, merely share my opinion. This is not because of my dislike for Miley, I would be posting the same for Selena, or Demi, or any of the other younger hollywood stars.

  • me

    guys? are you serious? what’s the deal about moving out at 17? thats something totally normal. like in germany many kids move out at 16!!! because they have a job or learning a job. so what’s you problem if she does? just because she’s miley und many of you out there are just jealous or haters. i don’t like her either. and i’m annoyed by her. but still this thing is totally ridiculous how you guys act. chill down & get a life :D

  • m

    There’s nothing wrong with moving out at 17. Miley is more mature then most people her age anyway because of everything that she has experienced. She has more than enough money to do it, so why not? Her parents won’t be that far away. She probably won’t move out till she is 18 anyway, when she will legally be an adult. She’s growing up, get over it. Most people are 18 are going off to university and that miles and miles away from their parents and they’re perfectly fine!

    Who cares if Liam spends a lot of time there? She’s been with him for a long time now, i think they can cope!

  • Holly

    I’m moving out in September, so just before her! She said one the reasons for moving out is having loads of siblings, I know how she feels. You don’t want to have to be involved in sibling rivalry and family arguments when you’re 18, you want to be left to make your own choices and not be treated like your younger brothers and sisters. If she wasn’t moving out, people would say she’s dependant on her parents and she can’t do anything for herself. And by the way, when she said couches on the floor, i think she meant low couches, not the usual ones high off the ground.

  • yo.
    haha she meant the cushions.
    which i find a little odd but it’s here house && she should feel comfortable. I’m proud of her I wish I could move out into my own place and decorate it myself && have something to call my own but sadly I’m broke.

  • emily

    @hey: you need to stop getting your panties in bunch. she was just expressing her view on the subject, which is the whole POINT of commenting.

  • Holly

    @Katty: I know how she would want to move out, i’m the same as her, i’m moving out in September, and i’m someone who get’s on really well with my family and spenda most of my time at home. You want to become independanyt and be able to make your own choices. It gets annoying having younger siblings around becuase you end up fighting and you get treated like them. You don’t want to have to fit your life around your family. I don’t know what it’s like in the US but here in England most people move out or get kicked out at 18. But then over here you can finish school at 16.

  • abby

    @sarah: Well you have to remember she’s had to grow up very fast, she’s in hollywood and therefore she as well as her family most likely don’t see her as a 17 year old. If I had her type of money I’d move out at that age as well.

    I rememeber some actress (can’t remember her name right now) and she moved out of her parents house when she was 16 years old. She didn’t go crazy or anything like that, she just simple moved out.

    I mean if she was a normal 17 year old she’d most likely be moving out when she turned 18 and went off to college. So what she’s doing it a year early. A year really isn’t that much time.

  • abby

    Might I add Vanessa Hudgens bought her first house when she was 18 and moved out of her parents house just a few days after her 19th birthday………just saying!!!

  • xoxo

    Uhm…why is she too young???…most ppl are 17-18 when leaving for college…so yeah, she has more responsibilities since its her home, but its not like she isnt financially stable..i honestly dont get why this is a big deal…most ppl move out around this time..its a part of growing up, and being in the whole hollywood business makes you grow up fast too

  • abby

    @xoxo: Exactly, if anything she’s better off them most people who move out at this age. The girls got millions in the bank. She will be very well off. Besides its like right down the street from her parents house. They can check up on her whenever they want.

  • Smacky35

    I wish you people would get your facts straight before going into big long rants. She’s moving out when she’s 18. Which is when people are supposed to move out of their parents home.

  • NIkka

    Awee miley is lucky haha
    Please do this survey:)

  • Divine Goddess

    wow movin out at 17 in america is rare. maybe she’s waiting till 18? since she’ll be a legal adult then. most ppl move out at 18, especially for college. anyway, i’m sure her house will be very nice, she has great taste.

  • arielangel

    I think Miley would have to wait until 18 years to move out of your parents. But nothing prevents you from buying a house, decorate and care. Today’s society, people are assuming more responsibilities young people are forming young families, even if the entities of an adventure that can last or not. I think Miley should buy and decorate the house, but definitely go live there for 18 years. Money is an important thing in life, but what matters most is having friends, family and love in your heart and above have the love of God.

  • lisa

    Miley’s moving out and getting her own place probably officially when she’s 18, but she’s already staying there decorating and restructuring and stuff. She needs to move out cause the Cyrus will be moving back to Tennessee now that Hannah Montana is over. There’s no need to pay for a 10+ million dollar home anymore. Tish will commute and stay with Miley while she helps her build her career and her lowlife brother, Trace will come over and cut the grass, clean the pool, and walk and feed her pets now that he’s unemployed. Sister Brandi will come over and keep her company. Strange though how silent Mandy Jiroux and Miley Cyrus have been publicly since she’s been back from her tour. Me thinks something is a rye! I wonder what kind of beer she’s going to keep in the fridge for Liam when he stops by. Anyway, armagedon is a coming, if it isn’t on its way. I feel there will be no virgin living in this house for long. Cherries anyone?

  • Tiffany

    uhh hello guys she is moving out after she turns 18, shes not moving out right now

  • cam


    I kind of agree with you. I hope she does not mess up her life because I really like her & would hate to see that, but she says things that make it seem like she thinks she knows it all & I know for a fact that I did not know it all at that age & my parents were right about a lot of things they talked with me about. Whether you all agree or not good parents always care enough to speak wisdon into our lives and act like parents not friends (that comes when we are older). She sure has her parents whipped; 17 & even 18 is too young, sorry if the rest of you don’t agree. Just because she is rich does not mean she has life all figured out or that she is better than anyone else & in fact at so young an age the wealth may cause her to make bad decisions because people suck up to you & tell you what you want to hear just because you are rich.

  • katy

    Guys, she bought the house and is designing/remodeling it right now nd by the time its done, it will be the end of the year, and i last i checked, shes turning 18 in november ( a legal adult) and can do whatever. She’s waiting until then so chill.. Plus this august, im moving to TX from CA for college, and im 17, I dont turn until late september, so even if she moved now, it wouldnt be any different from me, and im 3000 miles from my parents, not around the block where they can check on me whenever

  • katy

    *i dont turn 18 until late september

  • leticia

    shes turning 18 people move out for college at 17 besides she said shes moving with her grandma so idont see the big deal?

  • ))))

    Although i wud probably be the BIGGEST damn fan of miley….i totally agree….
    miley roksz but shez kinda overpractical….dont lyk dat..
    nyhow…shez da bEST…(if she changez dis attitude..)

  • harley

    i kind of wonder where else her couches would be if they aren’t on the floor…….

    she’s worked for her money, so she has every right to spend it how she wants. i’d love to be able to buy/design my own house, but unfortunately with college expenses, it’s just not happening.

  • alex

    “We did all these different things to make it a place that’s so chill. Like all my couches are on the floor…”

    Hmmm Miley, now where else would a couch go? On the wall? Just saying… This girl really needs to think before she speaks and TRY to become more articulate. She should also realize that spreading everything possible about her love life is not the way to go. Who knows, she could really be in love with this guy, but she should respect him (if not herself) enough not to air their entire relationship to the world.
    That said, she is now legally an adult and at the age most teens move off to college. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get away from her family for a while and wanting to be able to be alone with Liam— if I had millions to spend, I would definately get a place to have some privacy with my boyfriend… but I would also have the sense to get a tiny apartment now and save the rest (interest is your friend!)
    Who knows, maybe we will be spared from seeing countless photos of them because they’ll be in their own space. If this is going to be the result, then I say, “Go ahead, Miley!”

  • abby

    @alex: She’s not a legal adult yet. That happens when you turn 18, she’s still 17.

  • alex

    @ abby: Sorry, my mistake… in that case isn’t it illegal to live without a guardian unless you are an emancipated minor? That’s just a guess though. I’m pretty sure it’s New Jersey law, but who knows what it is in California…

  • alex

    @ abby: Sorry, my mistake… Isn’t it illegal to live without a guardian unless you are an emancipated minor? I’m pretty sure it’s the law in New Jersey, but I honestly have no idea about California… And even if she has the means to live alone, that doesn’t mean she should. All kids her age want a little independence, trust me, I know as I used to be there, but most college kids also have to abide by campus rules like curfew to keep them safe. We make stupid decisions in college just like we did in high school, so it’s not as if you magically become more mature once you turn 18.

  • paulc

    @anon: “she should go to college like emily osment is doing and get a degree in sumthin as she has a back up as she cnt act forever plus heard she aint very good in the last song either”
    why on earth does she need a backup? she’s got millions in the bank and doesn’t actually ever have to work again…

  • anon

    she might as well just stay at home if she is only goin to move a few minutes away from home

  • anon

    emily osment has millons in the bank but she is planning on goin to college,emma watson has millons in the bank and she is at brown.

  • amy


    Very well said & true.

  • http://justjuredjured marina

    you re so lovely:*:*

  • fl

    why does she need to move out? she has her owwwwn wing of the house. wth thats not enough? she prob just wants her own house with liam. emily osment and emma watson seem like classy people, college is on their level. miley doesnt seem like she’s into academics, she can’t speak a sentence without saying ‘like’ 10328937 times. she’s a good singer, and i think she has a voice made for country music. she’d be really good at country-pop like carrie underwood and taylor swift. she’s not a good actress though.

  • jaylynn

    why dont u shutup. maybe she thinks its dumb that shes moving out. which it is. most teenagers who move out are going to college. whichc shes not. she doesnt even have a formal eduacation. she would have to go back and get a g.e.d before she could even go to college.

  • jaylynn

    all of you are wrong. the reason most 17-18 year olds move out of the house is because they are going off to COLLEGE. miley isnt(getting an education obviously isnt important to her). how many 18 year olds do you personally know that are moving out at 18 who arent going off to school? None. most 18 year olds dont have the money or experience to move out at 18 just to move out. use common since…..

  • cassy

    you guys fuggin suuuck all over the place, go to sleep :s

    and my couches are on the ceiling.

  • Tina

    Did you people listen to the interview I think not she said when she turns 18 she will move out not before. Please listen to what she said before judging her. Miley is awesome and she is very responsible she knows what she wants. God bless you Miley.

  • mfan

    @anon: She could TEACH at a college with her life experience. And she has the money to start her own college if she wanted to. This college talk is crazy. Did you know she and her mom have a production deal with Disney? She is already a business woman with two businesses! (one clothing line)

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