Miranda Cosgrove: First Neutrogena Commercial!

Miranda Cosgrove: First Neutrogena Commercial!

JJJ saw Miranda Cosgrove‘s first Neutrogena commercial on TV last night and a fan was so kind to send it into us!

The 16-year-old iCarly cutie is the newest fresh face of the beauty brand, joining Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere.

Be sure to stay tuned to JJJ for more “Get The Look” Giveaways coming up soon and check out Miranda‘s commercial below!

Miranda Cosgrove – Neutrogena Commercial #1
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  • http://twitter.com/beckhambuzz jason

    i’m a big fan of miranda and icarly and she seems to catching on like wildfire. i’m happy for her. she’s one step closer to global domination.

  • angeliz

    I lov her shes amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait till she goes on tour !!!! I lov her ……and her new single kissin u !!!!
    Shes gonna be big !!!!

  • david thompson

    she looks so preety!
    I am so proud of her (:

  • james

    Miranda is so Hawt! I love her and her music video. Kissin U rocks! She is perfect for Neutrogena’s

  • alex

    I Love Miranda Cosgrove! I can’t wait to get her new album! Just saw the trailer for “Dispecable Me. It looks great! I love her characters red cons.

  • steve

    Looooooooooooove it! great choice Neutrogena!

  • Hannah

    i don’t like her. to me she seems REALLY fake

  • ilovedisneystars!

    how did she become a model for neutrogena?….joining VANESSA HUDGENS EMMA ROBERTS and HAYDEN PANETTIERE?…i DON’T THINK SO….

  • harper

    A rising star if I ever saw one…Those other Neutrogena girls don’t hold a candle to Miranda. Especially Emma Roberts, I never got that one!?!

  • xo

    does it really work better than proactive?

  • emily

    @xo No it doesn’t i tested it at home and i got way faster and better results with proactive. the neutrogena one didn’t really do anything just kept it stable and didn’t get rid of my acne but now its all gone becoz of proavtiv so i recommend Proactiv

  • naomi

    yes thank you so much for posting! :)

  • Brenna

    Yay! I love Miranda, she is so talented and pretty. She is the perfect person for this commercial.

  • http://justjaredjr. Jessica Lewis

    GO Miranda, now that’s my favorite star!! Including nickelodeon stars like Big Time Rush and Victorious Ariana Grande!!

  • geena

    @Hannah: then why do you post here? you look so stupid.

  • geena

    @ilovedisneystars!: I love disney stars? That’s your name? Really? Wow. You ARE sad. If you don’t like her, why do you post here?! Seriously, it’s a question that must always be raised! Just go away. No one here cares.

  • Mikey

    LOL @ ilovedisneystars. That name say’s it all. Miranda, looking as gorgeous as ever!

  • Hannah


    i was just simply sating my opinion. god people can be sooo mean

  • jessica

    she looks kinda awkward in this.

  • ILUVJB447

    ok @hannah people aren’t really that mean deal with it.

  • xo

    @emily: thanks

  • lily

    She is ugly.

  • Kat

    I’ve always noticed that she had really nice skin so I’m not surprised that she’s in one of these commercials


    I LOVE MIRANDA COSGROVE but i don’t think that acne is so common they need to put a big star like miranda in it. I’m only ten so i wouldn’t know, though, but it seems kinda useless


    @Kat: I know, she is super pretty. I like her hair. But sometimes she wears too many extentions and it looks really fake. BUT SHE STILL ROCKS!!

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