Vanessa Hudgens & Brittany Snow: Planet Blue Besties

Vanessa Hudgens & Brittany Snow: Planet Blue Besties

Vanessa Hudgens leads BFF Brittany Snow out of the Planet Blue boutique as they finish up a littler retail therapy in Malibu on Saturday afternoon (April 3).

The 21-year-old Beastly actress, who was wearing a super cute long maxi dress, was also spotted trying on some new shades at another shop.

Who knows, the girls may have met up with Ashley Tisdale, who was also seen out in Malibu with boyfriend Scott Speer.

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Credit: AKM IMAGES, Juliano Garcia; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • http://j chelsea

    i love their friendship:)

  • Esther

    The besties look so gorgeous. I love purple on Vanessa it suits her so well

  • Jenny

    Vanessa looks gorgeous. Love her!
    Can’t wait for Beastly

  • vanessafan


  • pop86

    Love the dress

  • maichi

    They are so cute! :)

    I love them.

    Brit and Van look GORGEOUSSSSSSSSS by the way!

  • peggy

    Ryan Rottman (Brit BF) tweeted that he has been in Malibu for 2 days.

  • Ariela

    Owwwn *—-* Love both! But I really wanna know why Vanessa didn’t go to Aly’s party :(

  • nathalia

    love, friendship with Vanessa brittany
    both adorable

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    Vanessa looks pretty
    Love her dress :)

  • Carol

    Gorgeous girls!
    Love their friendship.

    So I guess it’s a couple weekend on Malibu :D

  • jess!

    owww… so cute!!! * *

  • talia

    i love her dress its so nice x

  • vanessahudgensrocks~

    vanessa’s sooo pretty!!
    love her so very much ~
    u go V!!

  • vfan

    Vanessa looks stunning in that dress…the colour looks perfect on her.
    And I love seeing pics of her and Brittany hanging out…love their friendship! :)

  • morgan


    I totally agree!

  • suzy

    V looks all relaxed and pretty.

  • Starlit

    Soooooooooo Beautiful!

    V and Brit *-*

  • Lilly

    Aww cute!! Looks like a couples weekends. Wonder what the boys were doing while the girls shopped? Hope they are having a great time!

  • jazmin

    GORGEOUS!!!! don’t know what else to say but just loving everything from head to toes :) Love the GF time too.

    I swear there’s just something about her that she is just glowing :)

    Thanks for posting JJJ

  • J

    I love their friendship, they’re both gorgeous!

  • Vanessa lover

    They both look beautiful. I really like their friendship. Purple looks nice on Vanessa. Can’t wait for beastly and SP!

  • maria

    I have to agree that Vanessa is glowing…..I can’t put my finger on it, but she looks at peace, radiant, and just naturally beautiful. I love this dress on her…..just so soft and pretty!! I can’t see Britt too well in the background, but she’s a stunner too. I think they have a really nice friendship, and it’s nice their guys get along too.

    Happy Easter to everyone!

  • Kimi xx

    She looks so peaceful and content. I’m glad and I hope she feels that way forever. That dress is so pretty and it makes her look so graceful! I love the color on her!

  • kami

    love vanessa in that lavender dress. so pretty.

  • Tricia

    Why do you have to be ALWAYS pretty?

  • Katty

    Purple is def Vanessa’s color.

    I can’t wait to see what she has been up to movie wise. I am so excited to find out!

    Happy Easter to all those who celebrate! (Including V and Z haha).

  • Ivy

    Am i the only one who is having a problem with ZF?

  • jo

    love her outfit

  • carly

    pretty =D

  • kirreii

    love her and her dress!
    Brtttany’s cute as well :D

  • Karen


    We don’t know for sure that Vanessa didn’t go to Aly’s party. She may have gotten in a back way or avoided paps, etc. I’m sure if she went alone or with Zac that neither of them would have wanted to be seen or upstage such a big event for Aly. Both Zac and Vanessa nearly got into Brittany’s birthday party without being noticed. They may have been more successful this time.

  • honey

    Nessa looks super cute :)

  • carly

    i love their friendship =D were are their bf??

  • so pretty

    see her hair are extensions… im not hating..i love her
    but yes i have seen ppl with thick hair and alot of hair but her hair looks alot like mine..and i have extensions…thats how i know that it is extensions.

  • jess!

    I love their friendship

  • pita

    i love her dress,that color looks perfect on her oh Brittany’s with her as well.I love this two hanging out together.

  • Saya

    loveee their friendship!!!
    she looks beautiful!!!

    BFFs <3

  • susan1

    Gorgeous as always loving that purple color on her.
    Spring, time!!!

  • live in love kuuipo

    Beautiful as always

  • mari

    Vanessa is so pretty in that dress

  • duda


  • angie

    I realize she doesn’t really have that thing about her that she always did.

  • Kro

    they look great, and their friendship seems great

  • Blahblah

    I love her dress, that color is amazing on her. Her arm bangles are nice too

  • Bylin

    Vanessa looks amazing as always!!!!

    so does Brittany

    the best Bffs ever

    but i think its time BBV and Zac move over to the normal JJ

    i mean they’re not teens anymore

  • Karen

    so pretty:
    I know I’m going to hate myself but I can’t resist this once…please tell me WHY you are so FIXATED on the hair extension thing. You cannot get off the subject. But just know this, the subject is never going to die unless Vanessa comes on an interview show within the next couple of days and says “yes” or “no’ that she does or doesn’t wear them. Then I have a feeling that if she would say no you would still come on these boards and make a comment that she DOES. I guess you would have to have someone tear into her hair on some show to prove it one way or another to you so you would quit with this unimportant subject.

    People on the board give you all kinds of answers that say she does NOT wear them and yet you persist in saying she does so my question is why do you need to know so badly and why do you have this need to state this on every thread? Or is it that you just have to have someone replied to you?

    I have no clue as to what ou mean in your comment.

  • a peruvian dan-nessa fan

    guys, did you hear the zack snyder will show the first footage of sucker punch at the comic con 2010??????????. I can’t wait until july!!!!!
    love love nessa

  • http://jjj telma

    ohhhhhhhh Vanessa perfect

  • ZNlover

    So cute and beautiful(: cannot wait for all her movies to come out!!