Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer: Kissy Face Friends

Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer: Kissy Face Friends

Alex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens and Billy Bush put on their best kissy faces for the Access Hollywood cameras in this new video with new scenes from their upcoming movie, Beastly.

Vanessa, 21, shared, “I’ve always been a fan of the story and we’re taking it and putting a modern twist, an edgier feel on it.”

Beastly, also starring Mary-Kate Olsen and Neil Patrick Harris, opens July 30th.

Also, a higher quality still inside…

Behind-the-Scenes of “Beastly”
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Photos: CBS Films
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  • Jess!

    OMG!! hahaha!!
    so cuteeee!

  • kika


  • Vanessa lover

    Cute! I love the interview! Can’t wait for beastly!

  • jess

    this photo is funny lol
    I love the video, Vanessa looks so cute! and Alex looks hot!
    they look good together :)

  • Lexy

    OMG – Valex are the best!!!!!!!!

  • Carol


  • Anibal

    Love ya Nessaaaaa <3333333

  • maria

    They are so cute together!! Can’t wait for this movie! It’s one of my favorite fairytales, with a new twist. Such a great message, and one that’s so important in today’s shallow young world.

  • lol

    they are so cute

  • dani

    how funny …there’s no doubt o___________o vanessa and alex are just good friends
    can’t wait for beastly

  • Carolyn

    A + V + hottest screen couple ever!!!!!

  • http://j chelsea

    @Carolyn: yes i agree:D

    gosh i love them

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Another teaser and I might just explode. I can’t believe it’s already April though. Just another day closer to July 30th. :D This movie is making me pumped for summer !! Alex.. he’s a sexy beast is what he is.

  • kami

    wasn’t this already posted like right after show west? or maybe i saw it somewhere else. old news, but cute what they’re doing with billy bush.

  • B

    They are hot! Love them! Vanessa is beautiful!

  • http://none Elle

    Alex marry me! Gahhh I think his accent is what got me :D Vanessa is so lucky! First she gets to work with Zac Efron SEXIEST MAN ALIVE not just working, going out with him for 3 years and there still going and she got to work with Alex!!! LUCKY ASS GIRL!

  • Prettigurls

    Go Nessa Go Nessa!!! Whoo Hoo she’s so gorgeous can’t wait for her movie<3

  • nathalia

    good cast
    cute actors
    good chemistry
    good story
    I can not wait to see this film

  • maria

    @Elle: Make that 4 1/2 years…..

  • mike

    vanessa is so beautiful her and i rely like how they promo there new movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    you beat me to

    yup 4 1/2 years..

    but seriously who wouldn’t want to be Vanessa right now?! seriously working with all the hot guys..I would love to be her right now..or at least be friends with her so I can hang out with the guys..

    I still have to ready the book but I am so getting ready for this movie!!

    I <3 Vanessa!!

  • filipino1vanessahfan


  • Katty

    I love V…she’s so pretty and genuine… :)

    I can’t wait for the movie, the book was awesome, and I want news on what she is signing onto next!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nikki

    i know vanessa is sssooo LUCKYYY she gets to date ZAC EFRON!!! gahhh!!! :) i wanna marry zac efron sooo badly!!!!!!

  • justine

    You know i dont really see the ‘hottness’ in alex… like im not kidding.. hes just an average lookin dude ya know?? idkk i mean my friends think so too but whatever floats all your boats… LOL

  • Jess!

    OMG VALEX! hahaha

  • live in love kuuipo

    Can’t wait for the movie!!!

  • birdie

    This was such a cute interview. They really are such beautiful people
    you can definately see the chemisty on screen. It’s gonna be so romantic.

  • nathalia

    know this is not the post about this subject
    but I’m looking forward to tomorrow 06/04/10
    zac and vanessa possibly on the red carpet
    I hope to cover jjj

  • Kimi xx

    I don’t know why I find Alex hot, but it could be the total scruffy look he has going on and the curls of hair he has on top of his head. But some people might see him average, we all have different opinions and outlooks on a person.

    I am totally excited for this movieee! I want to see the on screen chemistry between Vanessa and Alex. And I wish the publish that picture of them doing the blue steel.

  • daniel

    can’t wait 4 beastly

  • jazmin

    So excited for this move and can’t wait. They looke so cute

  • lili

    At which event they will be prpbily on the red carpet

  • Tata

    SO CUTE!!!!!

  • Sizuka

    ahhaha… funny… :-D
    Love it..


    Love her!!
    cant wait for the movie

  • Maria

    I can’t wait ’til it premieres here in the Philippines!

  • honey

    LOVE HER :) She is so funny….

  • music

    haha soo funny and cute:) vanessa is soo beautiful:) and I can’t wait for beastly:)<3

  • music

    haha soo funny and cute:) vanessa is soo beautiful:) and I can’t wait for beastly:)<3

  • lslsharon

    Nessa is so sweet!!

  • iris

    vanessa is the best, i’ll always look up at her

  • v

    great interview they look great
    can’t wait for beastly :D

  • http://jjj marcy

    ji ji funny people
    Vanessa jolie

  • http://jjj telma

    Vanessa really funny and beautiful

  • Lacey

    Eeeeeep!! Cant wait for this movie! I loveeeeeeeee her and she was great in Bandslam! They make a good couple >_<

  • vfan

    Yay! Love the interview.
    Soo can’t wait for Beastly to come out.
    And Alex is soooooooooooooo HOTTTTT! Haha. :)

  • dani

    you know she is unbelieveiable gorgeousss
    vanessa amazing woman

  • elpida

    hahha :) vanessas signature face..! oold-school but soo cute..!

  • Starlit

    OMG I can’t wait for Beastly!

    V and Alex! *-*

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