Leo Howard & G. Hannelius: Toy Story Rap Video!

Leo Howard & G. Hannelius: Toy Story Rap Video!

Little Leo’s Big Show stars Leo Howard and G. Hannelius rap it up in this new video promoting Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on Blu-ray.

Both of the Disney/Pixar films hit shelves late last month and feature bonus stuff like “Black Friday: The Toy Story You Never Saw,” profiles on the artists and a sneak peek of Toy Story 3.

Check out the rap below!

“Toy Story” Rap Video
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  • abcmissme

    At the end of the video what do they say? “At the …. Show”????

  • sarahbanana

    “see you next time on leo little’s big show”

  • http://www.disney.com/leo ducky

    best thing disneychannel has ever done SERIOUSLY!!!! i seriously watched this like 20 times!

    someone said u can get it for ipod but i cant find where anyone know how???

  • frank

    Best video ever!

  • cindy

    Genevieve Hannelius is so annoying. I guess when she “grows up” will be better? I hope she’s not a regular on Sonny W/A Chance.

  • ducky

    @cindy: its called ACTING and shes not annoying shes hilarious

  • pamela

    @ducky: You must be high thats the most stupidest thing ever and the girl is ugly


    luv this <3 <3 WHO CARES ITS DANCE TIME!!!!

  • starburst

    cindy and pamela you both are wrong that is the coolest videos on disneychannel and the girl is pretty and not annoying she is very funny

  • G sucks

    OMG I hate g hannelius she is so annoying even if it’s in acting she’s still so annoying and ugly she needs braces and needs to get her eyebrows waxed cuz she’s got some serious eyebrow issues she thinks she’s soo great and SO famous when she’s NOT. Who makes a fansite, a Twitter and a YouTube just cuz u guest starred? That’s for real celebrities!! This is all my opinion!

  • cc1997

    to G sucks anyone can have a twitter and youtube and there are plenty of actors that have fansites and they aren’t that famous like Noah Cyrus probaly has one and she’s not really a celeb either she’s only famous cause of Miley. I’m not saying i hate Noah it’s just an example.Do you have nothing better to do then bash a 10 year old?

  • G sucks


    Knda went off topic with the Noah thing

  • http://Google.com Becky

    G is annoying, if you want to see good acting for a young age watch Ciara Bravo

  • G does suck.

    This “show” is fricken stupid. They took a perfectly good commercial, Max’s super short show, and tried to recreate it a’s “Leo Littles Big Show” yes I understand that the actors on the original show were getting to old, but still, LEO LITTLE BIG SHOW??? That is just wrong. The characters on Leo littles big show are annoying, ugly, and talentless. “Amy” Needs some seriously help. She is annoying in all of the shows I have seen her on, this includes, Good Luck Charlie, Sonny with a Chance, AND Stuck in Suburbia. This girl needs to GROW UP, GET SOME ACTING LESSONS, AND GO TO THERAPY. She is seriously a disgrace to actors everywhere. Leo on the other hand, needs all that plus a haircut. If this is the future of Disney, I’m sticking to Nickelodeon, where the actors have TRUE TALENT.

    @ Becky: I completely agree. She is by far the best under-14 child actor of this generation. These losers don’t even compare to her performance on Big Time Rush.

  • g?

    g hannelius shouldnt keep guest staring on disney because shes kinda showing up everywhere which makes her more annoying. maybe if they had her guest star once or twice i’d be okay but shes everywehere. seriously.

  • Avery


    I luv Ciara Bravo

  • Avery


  • wow

    just be quiet! i know G acts full of her self but that is just cruel! I knew her before she was famous and she was really nice! Of course now she is to good for me so she ignores me!!! so annying….but she has never done anything to u so just stop!!!

  • http://hayley_tju g

    i am g so stop! and i am kind

  • This ain’t funny any more…

    Dudes, stop this madness, everyone hates someone, everyone has an enemy, but it doesn’t mean that you should keep trash-talking about her. How would you feel if some random people, that are halfway across the world, kept bashing you in the face with unhelpful, mean comments that don’t even make sense. I’ve read through all of these comments, and feel EXTREMELY sorry for her, that she might’ve read that and probably even cried, idk. So stop hating on someone half your size. I don’t care if you think she’s a bad actress, she’s 12, and improving by the minute, so leave her poor, innocent soul alone.

    You people need to grow some balls and get a life. Even if you are a girl, idc, you know what I mean. STOP.

    FYI, her life is worth WAYY more than yours, she’s a better person than you, and she’s a helluva lot more famous than you, so STFU, and like I said before, grow some balls, and get a life. Just ’cause you low-lives didn’t get into show business, it doesn’t mean you have to talk bullcrap about someone else getting your dream job.

  • Alyson

    A: G is not cute, everybody on sonny with the chance says “Oh shes so cute, I can’t handle it.
    B: The character she plays thinks shes so cute and she can get wat she wants.
    C: Plus I look at her tweets and shes acts likes shes so cute and awesome and cool! When shes just a little dorky 12 yyear old! Plus i caught her swearin on occaisins. Now is that for any “Americans disney angel” To act?
    Shes just not cute, and her eyes brows are eeww. Her teeh need to be straighted. PLUS SHE HAS NO LIPS!

  • Alyson

    @ G does suck
    I have to agree. Ciara bravo is a really great actor, some people might say oh yeah shes just like anybody else. But if u really pay attention and listen. Shes really good, plus shes soo freaking cute!! G, im sorry but ur just plain…

  • http://Amy__little Bupe

    everybody stop hatin on G she has dun nothng 2 u + i respect ur opinons but dont be harsh cos she has feelings u know.

  • Alyson

    G and the person that is on Judy Moody and the not bummer summer have an account called The glitter gang their goal is to make u “laugh” but, all their tweets are nothin else besides retarded and they RT everbody elses comments and probably copy them from other websites. I caught her SAy HELL on the glitter gang and FRIGGIN shes 12, didn’t her parents teach her respect? ANYTHING!! shes on disney shes supposed to be an angel and shes a devil.

  • i hate g

    g is not cute at all!!!!! all of you guys who are a fan must be stupid. in good luck charlie she thinks shes all that and its annoyin she not all that!!! and have you seen her eyebrows! ewww! she also has hideous hair. so im saying g shouldnt be coming out on disney! she comes out everywhere and stop putting that talentless actress on disney!

    p.s she doesnt deserve to sing shes probly a faker

  • Blah

    You guys are so stupid, you’re writing hateful comments about a little girl? Seriously get a life. She’s young, yes she WILL grow up but for the time being she’s making more money at her age than half of you are being twice her age.

  • JJ

    I come to this site and others like it when I am depressed. Because I just love to read the kiddies on here who haven’t been alive long enough to give their comments on someone elses life. And these children honestly believe that these stars read their nasty comments, or if they do happen upon this site and read these comments. They are laughing while sitting in their 200,000.00 dollar home, or laughing at the comments at the end of a show while they are going to the bank with a check that most of these kids parent doesn’t make in a whole year. This girl by the time most of you get old enough to work will have made enough money to retire, and it will be more than what any of you will be able to make in two of your life time. So give it up the actors don’t care as long as they get their check they are happy and don’t worry about the little people because has much hate has you write they know you are going to watch the show anyway. You kids are just trying to make your own life have more meaning that all. So stop worring about someone else life and work toward improving you own.

  • Fugeboy

    Stop all this with g I go all over the internet and see nothing but I g and people with dumb killing fantasy a for her stop it stop it all

  • http://Larrybird Fugeboy

    Stop hating on this girl I’m tired of the hate you want to hate . Now if she said something back oh now she didn’t boo hop

  • To all those haters

    @G sucks: that’s what you think you don’t know her in real life shes just a person your just jealous of her and your just a no talent because your jealous. G is a sweet person and I’m sure you know nothing about her so just stop she is a very beautiful person like everybody else. ????????????????????????

  • To all those haters

    @i hate g: she’s a great actress you are jealous of her so your just explaining yourself who’s not good at acting or singing so technically your just a jealous no talent. ????????

  • To all those haters

    To all the haters if you don’t like G then don’t watch the video you guys are just jealous of her. It’s called not having common sense if you don’t like someone don’t watch them or even say anything bad about them because your just hurting yourself.

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