Selena Gomez Doesn't Miss You At All

Selena Gomez Doesn't Miss You At All

Selena Gomez bundles herself up in her fave red scarf as she leaves MTV studios in London on Tuesday afternoon (April 6).

The 17-year-old actress/singer, wearing a Victoria Secret Pink patterned sweater and DL1961 Kate Slim Straight jeans, spoke to the audience last night during her concert at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire arena about her song, “I Don’t Miss You At All.”

Sel asked the concert-goers if they had ever been hurt by someone and said, “I have, but it’s always by the same person over and over again.”

Selena Gomez – “I Don’t Miss You At All”
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Credit: ALMASI/TORRES; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • vane

    nick hahaha sel u rock!!!

  • Liz

    I wonder who’s she’s talking about. Nick or Demi? Or maybe someone we don’t know about. If it’s Demi then wow she has stooped to a new low.

  • Jon

    Wow, I’ve never seen her so aggressive. Rawr. She’s a fox!

  • pauli

    i love her sooooo much!!! shes the best!!!

  • pauli

    dont worry babe you dont need that people in your life anymore!!!! your fans always always support you…. ;)

  • E

    she could be talking about herself as well – you usually get in your own way. or she could be talking about nick…

  • kym

    she’s obviously been hanging with taylor swift for way too long. its kinda obvious who she was talkin bout. i think it wud hav been a lot beter and much more mature for her if she just stopped at ya i have been hurt too and then continued the chant cuz that was cute but she idnt hav to add the extra info cuz obviously it will get pple talkin. i hate wen celebs complain and try to get pitty wen they go through a break up especially if they r the ones that got dumped
    but i guess she really does miss him if she cares to say it in her concert
    i still love sel though but fo real she needs to not do the whole ts thing again. wat she did about joe was immmature and quite frankly annoying

  • Shamilah

    she looks cute !
    urm im guessing she was on about someone perticular there..

  • so pretty

    she sucks at singing

  • Bieber Obsessed

    I loved that concert so much, i was front row ;)
    And she looks so pretty in these pictures,
    does anyone know what hotel she is staying at in London?
    I want to go and meet her :)

  • anne

    @so pretty:

    haha i agree!!!

  • ms. a

    she’s talking about nick .. poor him, eeven after he wrote STAY for her :(

    NELENA!! :)

  • Mika

    She’s really into that red scarf ..

  • Joochi

    @so pretty: Ditto that and here goes Disney again, milking the youngsters for money that their parents work hard for, what a sad case of example towards Disney.

  • blair

    didn’t she wear that the red scarf for the first time when she and nick went on a date?
    i love selena

  • christy

    I lose all respect for these girls who feel like they have to gain attention at concerts by being rude to other people. It’s nice that Nick and Joe always take the high road and never give in to the urge to talk about there exes just for the attention. Shows who the more mature people are.

  • yes

    @christy: So, it’s bad to say that someone has hurt them and then tell that “person” that you don’t miss them? wow.. if anything it’s empowering. it’s called reflect and move on. keep in mind, she doesn’t namecheck… as for throwing in the “high road” jobros.. from what i recall, didn’t they pen a song w/ lyrics like “all her tears on her guitar… now i have enemies and they’re all friends suddenly” aka ‘much better’. nothing against jobros, i liked that song. but lets try to objective.. they r all young! plus, if you are musicians u relate to/ have fun with what you sing

  • abcmissme

    OF COURSE SHE IS TALKING ABOUT NICK JONAS. And for the record Selena probably ditched Demi for Taylor. As for Taylor, she needs friends her own age.

  • candy

    First of all, Music is about expression and saying what u feel. If she was really REAL she shouldn’t have mumbled it. she shoulda said it out loud. Its ok to Vent ladies and gentlemen. But anywho, i respect Taylor more for telling the truth about Joe. Hes a snobby scumbag if u ask me who gets into these relationships and dumps u five minutes later through text. Now if that aint immature i dnt know wth is. I dont hate Joe but he not serious about nothing!! him and nick need to both be single and stop playing the dating game unless they gonna be sure. Its not fare to the girls (selena, demi) who are obviously super in love with these guys. And P.S. SELENA DO US ALL A FAVOR AND STOP RUNNING BACK TO NICK EVERYTIME HE TEXT U TO GO BOWLING!!!lol Im tired of the nick and selena story on again off again (HES NEVER CLAIMED U and NEVER OFFICIALLY SAID HE WAS WITH U BUT PUBLICLY DUMPED U??? HOW U DUMP A PERSON U NOT DATING? nick cute and all but he need to grow up. selena please move on already. Ur mature, cute, and smart. do like my dawg miley and get a real MAN who’s more mature, and maybe has a lil facial hair. lol

  • candy

    and P.s. – she wearing the heck out this red scarf. this scarf has had it. she better not be caught dead wit it in the states. nothing special about it.. she could buy another one ya know

  • brenda

    OMG Selena is a kid!

    And in that photos she looks really tired
    Love ya Sel

  • Cassandra

    You tell him Sel!

  • Marc Aupiais

    If I remember correctly, she knew them before she became famous!

  • wowsa

    Reading all of ur comments is hilarious. Chill u guys. Selena just doing her thing, no need to fight. There’s nothing wrong with that. Be positive!
    Oh btw abcmissme, are u friend of her? Are u really know selena by person? Why u have to be so sure and serious. This article meant to be fun read. And since when friendship depends on age? Did u ask someone’s age when u want to talk to someone or hang out with them.. Seriously, u’re just being silly.

  • liri92

    i can understand selena.. nick is such a bad guy.. he hurt her feelings over and over again. and he doesnt say that he is dating selena.. thats really bad…he is such an idiot..

  • liri92

    he issssss sooooooo rudeee…

  • http://- wieky

    @Jon: this is the funniest comment i ever read

  • Danielle

    Even the Jonas Brothers fans know that Nick is not good in relationships and stuff. Good for Selena that she is moving on because she deserves someone that really loves her for who she is.

  • kym

    lmfaoooo horney much

  • Mjonas

    Nick is not the bad guyy okay.
    He wrote a god dang beautiful song for
    her. He didn’t say it but he always gave signs.
    When meeting fans he would always pull in Selena
    to be part of the photo.
    Selena is not the only hurt one, Nick has gone throught
    it too. Selena is not that special. more people went
    througth even more bad breakups.
    So STFU about Nick being the bad guy!

  • athenab

    selena didnt ditch demi. demi ditched her when selena launched her music career. dah !

  • nathalia

    ooooh nick hahahah (:

  • ananya

    HONESTLY…i dont see what sel did wrong…wat she sais is ONLY in music and not in interviews n stuff…she only vents out in concerts and doesnt say a word outside the hall. NOt like taylor whu mentions joe in every interview AND concert and video….its not feminism its just immature……taylor has the maturity of a 14 yr old while selena is veryyyyy mature…she knows how to handle a breakup.

  • paris


    Don’t jugde ! okaaay cuz u dont know anything do u live selena’s life and know what actullay happening between them ?! no u r not .. maybe she’s not talking about someone’s elsss ?!

  • Malia

    what makes me laugh is that everyone assumes it’s nick right away… how can you know that? she didn’t say his name or anything. don’t assume it’s nick!

  • Adél