Neil Patrick Harris: Vanessa Hudgens is the Coolest Chick

Neil Patrick Harris: Vanessa Hudgens is the Coolest Chick

Neil Patrick Harris has nothing but praises for his Beastly costars, Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer.

Check out what he dished to MTV about the flick, Vanessa and his own character, Will:

On the Beastly bunch: “Mary-Kate Olsen is a supporting star; Vanessa Hudgens is the lead ” she’s gorgeous, super talented and the coolest chick you would ever want to meet; Alex Pettyfer is in it ” a new guy, Brit, gorgeous, super talented as well.”

On re-telling the classic fairytale: “This is a very classy movie, actually. It looks great. I think the performances are strong. I think it’s better than your average teen film. I think it’s great to see Alex ” who plays the lead guy ” trying to win over Vanessa’s character, because she ends up at the [apartment]; there’s a whole sequence where he’s giving her gifts and hoping that she likes him and she doesn’t ” it’s very Beauty and the Beast.”

On his own character, Will: “I play a blind dude. I have a kinship with him [Alex's character], because I also have a physical disability that I have to go beyond. So I teach him a thing or two.”

Beastly opens everywhere on July 30th

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  • 123

    i think we’ve had enough of Vanessa
    It’s like her her her and only her since two weeks on JJJr…
    just look at the top posts, she has two out of five! come on!
    it’s becoming more like Just Vanessa!

  • @itsmehannaa

    no she’s not ..

  • 123

    oh and two posts in a row about her..
    We got it she has a busy life, but you don’t have to post everything about her

  • Izzy

    Love NPH <3

  • Hahaha

    @@itsmehannaa: Yes she is. Forgive for saying this, itsmehannaa, you are the super not talented, and not the coolest chick ever. Well, in my view, i think you are juz jealous abt vanessa.

    i <3 vanessa. She so sweet and talented.

  • patry91


    ohhh poor you! jealous much? Vanessa is so talented and beautiful..i’m sorry for you!

  • amy

    @@itsmehannaa: How would you know? You don’t know her. Everyone who does though, has nothing but high praise for her so go be jealous elsewhere.

  • filipino1vanessahfan

    aww..!!! GO VANESSA I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!

  • filipino1vanessahfan

    @itsmehannaa awww jealous much? sorry to say this but VANESSA IS WAYYYY MORE TALENTED THAN U ARE! aww i am so sorry for u…!!!

  • jazmin

    awww. so sweet. Can’t wait for this movie.


    awww.. i would love to meet Vanessa.
    I love her

  • lslsharon

    Soooo excited for Beastly!

  • h

    yes,she definitely is
    they’re a great cast
    so can’t wait for beastly :D

  • honey

    Nessa is the Best :)

  • iris

    yes right everyone says she is the sweetest and coolest person you would ever met so all you haters deal with that, we won over you because Vanessa is really super talented

  • Starlit

    oww NPH is so sweet! Love him!

    and, yes, she is talented, gorgeous, sweet, amazing… !

  • lkalyl

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  • c


    FYI they can’t exactly call her otherwise…

  • lol

    Lots of people who know her have said the same thing. But you dont even need their input, she just has this way about her that seems like she’s totally awesome

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    aww i <3 nph !!! How I met ur mother is my favorate show !!! And he is so sweet !!! Yes nessa <3 is all that !

  • Carol

    I love him and her!!=)

  • annasaurus

    Yeah, but is she awesome?

  • ZANE


  • http://j chelsea

    what an honor that nph said that to v.. im proud of her:)

  • vfan

    Aww, that is soo nice of NPH to say that…and boy is he right. :)

  • Vanessa lover

    So proud of vanessa. She has been through a lot and people don’t think she has talent, when she does. People in this business have nothing but good things to say. Zack Snyder was little on the edge when he heard that Vanessa was going to be auditioning for the part and he sees the audition and is completely blown away. She does have talent and i think some should stop critizing her. She has more talent in her right hand than a lot people who critize her, who say she doesn’t have talent at all.

    Can’t wait for beastly and sp!

  • Tiffany

    What a classy guy!!!!!!!!! She really is the coolest though. Get all of V’s clothes here

  • Danielle

    Of course she is the coolest girl… I mean, if you said so =)

  • fail

    @@itsmehannaa: she is, you’re not :)


    Ohhh he’s so sweet!!.. Vanessa seems to be a wonderful, everybody who works with her always have good words about her!!

    ¡¡Vanessa we love you from Spain!!

  • Joochi

    Vanessa has put her heart and soul in this craft that she brings to us and who watch her, my analysis of her is that, she is a minority in the business and she has to work alot harder for what she wants and by golly she is doing just that. Vanessa is the picture of what USA is today, you can be anything you want to be with hard work, honesty, human mistakes and she’s perservers day in and day out. Instead of some people being so critical of her they should really learn from her. Being a celebrity will always have likes and dislikes that’s part of the business, she’s on the right path for her future.

  • suzy

    love love what he said about V.

  • kami

    yeah for what nph said. “she’s gorgeous, super talented and the coolest chick you would ever want to meet”

  • Katty

    I seriously cannot wait for this movie!!

  • beastly one

    ♥♥♥♥♥ Yayyy!!! thanks NPH…..that is verrryyy true! luv ya Nessie ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • angelica


  • beastly one


  • birdie

    That is so cool, he said that. Honestly ,everyone that has worked with her has nothing but good things to say about her and that says alot.

  • daniel

    NPH is totally right i mean Vanessa is the coolest and gorgeous girl that I am dying to know

  • ZNlover

    Omg she’s really super pretty and talented, I’d love to meet her one day(:

  • Diamond

    That’s great the cast had fun I am so happy for this movie..and Vanessa is talented she’s great..the whole beastly cast is!

  • Elizabeth manzano


  • Vanessa lover

    Beastly reached 15,000 fans!

  • S


  • S

    i love her!!!

  • S

    i love HIMYM!!!

  • S

    jealous much?

  • Silvana

    awww So sweet!!! Me too love sheee!!! I cant wait for Beastly!!! I’m from argentina… i have to wait to October :S

  • joyce

    to the haters if dont like vanessa dont read the posts about her and stop being insecure thereare many post because she’s interesting and busy ….
    i would love to meet her

  • dani

    every body in my school think that vanessa is the coolest and pretty girl well except some girls that love zac
    NPH rocks¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡