Pixie Lott is Heathrow Hot

Pixie Lott is Heathrow Hot

Pixie Lott shows off her stunning smile as she arrives at Heathrow airport in London on Tuesday morning (April 6).

In addition to starring in the upcoming Fred The Movie, the 19-year-old British starlet just released her debut album, Turn It Up. Check out her official website to see how you can pick up a copy!

Pixie recently covered the March 2010 issue of Company magazine. Her interview was unique, as the mag had her go through her recent tweets and explain what she was feeling. One example: “thankyou soooooooooooooooooooooo much for everyone who voted for me at the EMAs! I’m so happy and so grateful woohoo raaar.”

She explained, “I wasn’t expecting anything and was happy to be going because I’ve always watched it on TV. I don’t think I actually celebrated that night, apart from a glass of Champagne. Lots of people congratulated me — the Jonas Brothers, who I was sitting with, and Chipmunk, JLC and Tinchy. I’d love to win more awards.”

DO YOU THINK we should keep covering Pixie?

Pixie Lott Company Magazine Cover Shoot
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  • Sofia

    Haha, Pix makes me proud to be a Brit! Plus she’s so talented and adorable, keep on posting jj. :)

  • whodat

    i love pixie! she looks really pretty too :)

  • cole

    i LOVE pixie lott she is amazing and talented and an icon in the uk, you should give her the publicity she deserves, and buy her album its flawless!!!

  • yvette

    No me gusta.

  • Patrice

    You should continue to cover Pixie only if she is doing projects in the US with young stars. Otherwise no.
    She is alright.

  • Mari


  • steph

    Yes! I love her. You should cover her especially when she has more appearances and whatnot in the US :) I hear her CD is going to be released over here soon. It would be great to hear news on that!

  • Jessy

    YESSS keep covering her, I love Pixie Lott she amazingg! her album was the best album of 2009!

  • ste

    Pixie Hott!! wow

  • CATA

    Yes! Her music is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mama Do, Boys & Girls, and Cry Me Out all just fantastic!

  • christy

    If she works on US projects, with young US stars, go ahead. If she doesn’t, there’s no point. Not really interested in her.

  • kATEE

    umm… who?

  • jessica

    yes you should keep covering pixie lott. shes very talented and super gorgeous.

  • pandora

    Yes Pixie’s gorgeous and talented and although not well known in the US yet its only a matter of time. Then watch out Demi because Joe seems very interested in Pixie.

  • haygurl

    Keep posting about Pixie, Jared! :)

    Who cares if she’s not found ultimate stardom in the US yet. If you read the mission of Just Jared Jr., you’ll find that Jared said that he reports on young stars, as well as those who are up-and-coming. And there’s nothing that restricts Jared from posting about stars abroad. Read for yourself:

    Welcome to Just Jared Jr.: the definitive site for teen celebrity fans, with up-to-the-minute coverage of today’s hottest young stars from film, television and music—including those on the verge of breaking into the mainstream.

  • Jen

    She’s my fashion icon

  • Vanessa 

    Yes, keep posting :)
    She’s amazing :D and will hopefully become big in the US!
    Loads of love xoxo

  • riana

    yehh shes got a cutee style

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com 111

    she’s rubbish. she sings about stupid things, her songs make no sense and then the one song that is actually ok has the worst music video on the planet. She’s not even that well known in the UK never mind the US i think it’s kind of pointless posting about her, she does nothing interesting. just my opinion.

  • JAna

    You really should keep covering her. I love this site, because it’s not so full of hate as others, so it’s great to read about her (and other young stars) in a nice way. Besides, she’s awesome, beautiful and talented, and is working really hard in her album for de US. Give her a chance, she deserves it.

  • vanessa

    shes beautiful

  • caitlin

    Pixie,i think she’s amazing <3
    Pixie Lott is my idol !.xxxxxxxx

  • ^_^


    keep covering her,, she’s so talented :)

  • pixiefan

    pixie’s awesome! you should defo keep covering her!!!

  • Holly

    @111 I would say most people who know about popular music knows who she is in the UK! yeahh keep posting :)

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