Taylor Lautner Visits France with His Father

Taylor Lautner Visits France with His Father

Taylor Lautner arrives in Paris, France and heads to his hotel on Wednesday (April 7).

The 18-year-old actor was accompanied by his dad, Dan – looks like everyone packed light!

On Sunday (April 4), Taylor and Dan had some of the best seats in the Staples Center as they sat courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers game!

Unfortunately, the Lakers didn’t win at home and lost to the San Antonio Spurs 81-100.

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • LautnerFan

    Oh cool. How long is he in Paris forrr? Is he going to London as well? I hope so. I wanna see him! xD!

  • justine

    OK.. so heres the deal.. like wen new moon came out i was like OMG taylor i LOOOOOVE YOU!… but really i dont really like him anymore.. sure hes a good kid.. but really.. i saw past his body.. and really quit frankely he isn’t that good looking at all….. like really so yah im over taylor lautner.. :)

  • Amy

    Yaay, he’s in Europe again! :D
    I hope he comes to the UK in the not too distant future:)

  • helen

    hm… he really need to get himself some friends.

  • Holley

    Well, I stopped right at the body!!! Damn he fine. Awwwww it’s so sweet to still see him with his pop. Hey! Taylor!

  • theresa

    He’s in France… who else is in France?….. Oh yeah Ms. Selena Gomez! :-)

  • Kacy

    How come he looks like native american and his parents look like caucasian? weird…

  • sweetness

    He is smart to travel with his Dad. In fact I find when most celebrities have parents on the scene, they can monitor better and weed away bad influences from their famous kids. When Taylor gets in his 20′s he can ditch his Dad until then, follow the route of Beyonce and Taylor Swift..Miley Cyrus…

  • Mina


    Haha they’re both single

  • suzan

    these pictures are great. please do keep them coming.

    i can’t wait for eclipse to come out..it’s going to be really good.


  • suzan


    one of his parents could be caucasian..there is alot of intermarriage…..we here in canada even have a word for it..they are called metis…where you’re mixed…..

    yes he looks native…but, his father does not…doesn’t mean that his father is….it could be passed down from his mom’s side…..one actor in canada that i’ve always enjoyed his father was white and the native side came from his mother.


  • suzan


    he sure does..


  • kate


    i agree with you. I dont know why but i really dont like him anymore.
    He is just another pretty hollywood boy… nothing interesting…

  • http://NO MAART


  • lisa

    Such a cutie. And nothing wrong with going with his parents. Good that he has family to keep him grounded in Hollywood.

  • KrazIna

    he’s soooooo pretty!!!!!!!
    can act 2
    u dont really see tht often
    selena and him r soooo perfect togetherrr!!!

  • Kacy

    @suzan: oh ok but I still find it weird that BOTH hsi folks are caucasion and he just looks so different like for a minute I thought he was adopted lol

  • brenda

    Why he’s so HOT???

  • robsten lovin

    Just Jared, I’d rather see more of him than that talentless, overrated Zanessa. Please and thank you. :)

  • Jas

    omg!! taylor is even hotter in person!!!!!!!

  • ariadneregiane

    eu sou paranoica por taylor lautner amo ele morro por ele e mato por ele naum gosto de taylor sfwit ela é podre kkkk

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