Taylor Swift Parties at Paramore Wedding

Taylor Swift Parties at Paramore Wedding

Taylor Swift stands next to gal pal Hayley Williams from Paramore as they attend Josh Farro‘s wedding over the weekend in Tennessee.

Lead guitarist Josh actually missed Paramore‘s latest tour to help plan his wedding to Jenna Rice.

This was the same day that Josh Carter (of the Carter Twins) saw Taylor at Cheesecake Factory. He tweeted, “At Chesecake Cactory and Taylor Swift is sitting a couple tables away…. Yup pretty cool.”

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Photos: Tumblr via ONTD
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  • caitlin

    she looks so pretty with straight hair :)

  • Natalie

    Well look who is lookin effin hawt! Damn Taylor your making me jealouse here.. cool down girl. Im seriouse she should be a model or something she is way to pretty(and kinda pitchy at times) for singing. Btw she is rocking those bangs !

  • nathalia Braga

    gosh, she’s amazing!!!

  • Mika

    She’s gorgeous!!

  • Amy

    Sha can rock any look!

  • Katie

    Josh is already married?!?! Man! Where has the time gone???

    Anyways, Taylor looks gorgeous as always.

  • Marilyn

    Taylor, why you gotta be so dang perfect? She is effortlessly gorgeous and it is not fair :)

  • swiftfan

    Really pretty, love Taylor & Hayley!

  • nathalia

    she’s unbelievably gorgeous

  • jessica

    damn why is she sooo gorgeous?

  • Jez

    :’( I really wanted Josh and Hayley to be together.
    Oh well. The pictures look stunning, but even more Taylor and Hayley :D

  • cindy

    Aaaw…so pretty. I hope Taylor wins some more awards at the CMA!!!!

  • http://www.makefreecash.org i love money

    Taylor and Hayley are both looking great! Who’s the girl all the way on the left?

  • andysixxrocks

    jared, your disgusting. you post about the wedding on a taylor swift thread? i mean, there’s nothing wrong with her, but this deserved it’s own thread. you really are afraid of not sticking to the main stars only, right? dissapointing.

  • Team seth clearwaterr!

    taylor looks so pretty, but i liked her better with curly hair ♥

  • haveninwonderland.

    I AGREE WITH – andysixxrocks , < love their name :) Andy does rockk !
    Paramore is f-ing amazing ! Way better than Taylor Swift. Nothing against Taylor , just never really liked her. I was sad to hear Josh got engaged :( Josh&Hayley will always be together in my heart ^MY OPINION.^< -Its not like you have to agree.

    ( h A v E N i N w o N E r l A N d . ] < 3

  • kay

    um. how cute is jeremy with his bowtie?? :)

  • Francesca

    JOSH IS MARRIED. JOSH IS MARRIED????!?!?!?!?! crap. I wanted Jayley! Now all the Jayley fans around the world will be crying their eyeballs out. oh well. Congratulations Josh!

  • http://www.idakaro.blogspot.com Ida-Susann og Karoline

    She looks stunning as always!
    Check out our blog http://www.idakaro.blogspot.com <3

  • mac

    I LOVE PARAMORE!!! They’re AMAZING!! Congratulations to u Josh!!

  • anna

    @haveninwonderland.: ikr? paramore sooo deserves their own post! i wish hayley and josh stayed together….. :(

  • bubble!

    taylor looks amazing!

  • Paramore

    Hayles!!!!!!!! Finally, shes on here again. ILY PARAMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways,I’m kinda getting tired of Taylor Swift being friends with every celebrity possible. I mean, what’s next, Lady Gaga?! Gosh!

  • Paramore

    Oh yea, also Jeremy looks reallllyyyyy awesome in one of the pics :P

  • http://blog.xuite.net/frenchbulldog Peter Chartier

    been following ur blog for three days. really like what you posted. btw i am doing study regarding this issue. do you happen to know other sites or maybe online forums that I might learn more? thanks in advance.

  • laura

    ILY HAYLEY! She is too cute! And Jeremy and his bowtie is just.. adorable:’) And yeah, is it just me or is Taylor Swift friends with like, everybody? It’s really weird..

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