Zac Efron: Ticket at Fred Segal

Zac Efron: Ticket at Fred Segal

Zac Efron chats with a police officer after he’s pulled over for making an illegal turn in front of Fred Segal in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (April 7).

The 22-year-old actor was seen out last night with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens honoring friend Kenny Ortega at the 2010 Inaugural St. Jude Children’s Hospital’s “Estrellas Por La Vida” Gala.

Zac even caught up with Monique Coleman backstage — a mini HSM reunion!

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the officer who pulled Zac over yesterday afternoon did recognize the actor after Zac rolled down his window … but still wrote him up.

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Credit: ME; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • rachel

    still love you zac!!

  • Lydia

    Zac you are so SWEET!

  • mzindochick

    oh no. !! naughty Zac. oh well, we always do something wrong on the road. everyone not perfect. :’(

  • lauren

    im guessing the police officer wanted a autograph so he can give it to his daughter.


    Hahaha, poor Zac.
    Illegal turn. I can’t tell you how many times people here do that and never get pulled over for it. I bet the cop just wanted his autograph. xD Hah, just kidding. He was just doing his job.

  • jessica

    he looks hot even when he is getting a traffic ticket, lol.

  • mzindochick


    i don’t blame the officer for wanting an autograph. ;)haha. i mean, who wouldn’t want one?

  • amanda carmela;

    nobody’s perfect.
    just goes to show celebs are just like us. (:

    and we still love zac anyway. (:

  • Menna

    haha…..busted mannnn

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Lol. Oh Zachary. Eh. Who cares. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.

  • amanda carmela;

    @zanessa/scashley/ashnessa: are you quoting hannah montana there at the ned? or was that just a coincidence? lol. (:

  • gaby

    haha oh wellsss.
    everyone makes mistakes. :]

  • abby

    Haha aww poor Zac. I remember him saying in an interview he’s never gotten a ticket……….well Zac sweetheart there’s a first time for everything. ;)

  • Katty

    Awww.. poor Zac. There is a first time for everything… haha. Let’s hope it’s the first. If it isn’t, who cares? At least it’s not a DUI or something. A simple illegal turn it alright…

    I can’t wait for his movies.

  • mykamicks

    Oh no! Its not excusable then if he sort to a minor violation. Maybe he was in a hurry doing some errands that time or something. But still, you are such a CUTIE ZAC!

  • abby

    Well in one of those pics he’s smiling so I guess it didn’t effect him that much.

  • fail

    @abby: Haha aww poor Zac. I remember him saying in an interview he’s never gotten a ticket……….well Zac sweetheart there’s a first time for everything. ;) [2]

  • zaczaczac

    Aww he still looks awesome and everyone makes mistakes, they just rarely get caught doing it! He was probably trying to get away from the paparazzi taking his photo anyway. Go Zac!

  • pop86

    No man should be this hot while driving.

  • Boji

    Heh heh, I do it all the time if I see no one about watching, Oh well, better luck next time Zac. Keep an eye out for the cops! It just doesn’t make sense sometimes having to go half a mile up when the place you want to go is just across the street, you get my drift and if there are no traffic around, what’s the harm!?

  • mike

    stupid cops i hate them how they dear to give a ticket to someone so famous like Zac

  • maria

    Traffic patterns and laws are meant for EVERYONE’s SAFETY. It’s not all about convenience, people. So NO, it’s NOT ok that he made an illegal turn, but he certainly looks like he’s taking that ticket like a man, and admitting he DID WRONG. Good for him.

  • kami

    i got one once for turning left after the arrow light turned yellow. it hadn’t yet turned red. but since it was my first ticket, i went to a saturday traffic school and didn’t have to pay the ticket.

  • beatriz

    no zac is good<3

  • jonaslover988979

    awwww =[ poor zac =[ its ok zac, theres a first time for everything =]

  • heather

    Aww Zaccy.
    Ehh, we all make mistakes.
    I bet you anything that once I get behind the wheel in a few weeks, I’ll get a ticket. -.- Lol.

  • ashytisdalefan

    aw, its okay zac. everyone makes mistakes <3

  • xoxo

    ahha i do this all the time…oh well, im sure the ticket wasnt too bad, not like he coultn afford it anyways, but w/e…everybody makes illegal turns, just bad luck to get pulled over for it!

  • stefanie

    pretty sure i do llegaal turns everyday drivinn around nyc. . were on the same boat Zac :D

    ahaha . loveelovelove Zac ! <33333

    Cop def wanted an autograph & pic who wouldnt ?!?!

  • fan

    He was probably trying to drive away from the papps tailing and following him.

  • soni hannigan

    He is human.

  • Joochi

    My guess is he was probably trying to get away from the paps and guess what? A cop and the darn paps still got their pics. Oh well, he’s human just like all of us, life sucks and then we move on.

  • Karen

    Ah, what a pain in the butt. Most of us have gotten some kind of a ticket in our time. None of us would particularly relish the fact of having someone see us get stopped either BUT for Zac he has to be papped and have the news flashed all around the world in just a few minutes with PICTURES! You know we will now be reading about it on every blog for a week.

  • t

    well everybody makes mistakes,and zac is nonethe lesss
    hha,still looking good

  • preskoo

    Excuse me? Do you, stupid policeman, know who this is? This is Zac Efron, for god sake! :D Still the best!

  • talia

    aaawwwv feel so bad for him lol x

  • justine

    HAHAHA :) omg zaccyy!!!!<3333
    i loooove you this is funnny

  • nikki

    LOL :D poor baby! haha hes to cute to get pulled over… the second to last pic or tte last one it looks like hes signing an autograph haha! aaww zacccc<3

  • pita

    oh! no!Zac never mind i’m worse than you,i got a speed limit ticket the other day three points deducted in my driving license its bad really well
    everyone makes mistakes.

  • green bay

    oh! zac! LOL its alright baby! i wishh i was the cop :) take you back to my place ;)

  • woww

    wwoooowwwwwww hahahahahahahhhah!!!!! gosh zachary efron your prob pulled over for being WWWAAYYYYY tooo hottt…. u had to of blinded the cop and he thought ur brights were on!!!! HOTTIE

  • zaclover

    Zac i still love you forever! hehe, i can’t stop now! you heart belongs to me!!

  • brad

    OOHHH my man! aaww i feel bad for him, maybe the cop didn’t give him a ticket then, since it’s zac efron!!!! bad boy zaccy baby! hehe

  • nikkiy

    you have to drive better zac

  • hotttt





    OK IT IS




  • Jick Jack

    nice zac nice! illegal turn! i bet he thought “whats the odd a cop is here”

    heres a cop lol. zac your retarded! lol. jk! your amazing zac! i wanna kiss you so badly!!!

  • Jick Jack

    @hotttt: WOW! lol thats acually really funny :) but true

  • mickey beeee

    OMGEE zac hahaha its ok zaccc, first for everythng! lol :D
    hes sssoo flippin cute XD

  • adina

    OWEND :D jack ass lol awww :L

  • keke2696

    wow u guys seem really crazy about zac efron he just got a ticket u act like its a big deal every body gets one yes even famous people whats the point he only got a ticket the cop was just doing its job zac efron might be famous but he is not above the law and this is coming from a zac efron fan

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