Miranda Cosgrove is 'Kissin U' at the KCAs 2010

Miranda Cosgrove is 'Kissin U' at the KCAs 2010

Miranda Cosgrove sings along with her guitar player as she performs her new single, “Kissin’ U” as a part of the Countdown to Kids’ Choice! pre-show telecast before the 2010 Kids Choice Awards late last month.

The 16-year-old’s debut album, Sparks Fly, flies off the shelves on Tuesday, April 27th.

Check out the full track listing inside and be sure to pre-order your copy!

Miranda Cosgrove – “Kissin’ U”

Miranda Cosgrove – “Sparks Fly” Track listing

1. Kissin U
2. Bam
3. Disgusting
4. Shakespeare
5. Hey You
6. There Will Be Tears
7. Oh Oh
8. Daydream
9. Brand New You (Deluxe CD ONLY)
10. What Are You Waiting For (Deluxe CD ONLY)
11. Beautiful Mess (Deluxe CD ONLY)
12. Adored (Deluxe CD ONLY)

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Photos: Charley Gallay/KCA2010/Getty
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  • ktawnyy

    lip sync much?
    i like the song, but you could tell she wasnt singing live.

  • hi

    shes cool and stuff but it seems like shes lip syncing…hmmmmm maybe not sure

  • rachel

    i agree with you ktawnyy, totally lip syncing there…
    don’t get me wrong, i still love this song!.

  • heyy

    The Click Five <3

  • alex

    I was there and she is definitely singing!!! She was talking to the audience and she had special ear plugs to hear herself. Also she sang another song that was acoustic and her voice is beautiful!

  • james

    She IS singing! She has a KILLER voice! You can tell she is singing because it doesnt sound exactly like the song on itunes but its still amazing! She has a lot of stage presence and I wasnt expecting to like this song SO much but I think its has real HIT potential

  • sharon

    MAJOR LIP SYNCING. i know lip syncing when i hear it

  • rita

    I can’t wait to go see her live! I love this song!

  • james

    This song is gonna be a HUGE hit! I LOVE IT! Her voice is beautiful!

  • harper

    You haters are all insane!!! Why would she bother taking the mike away from her mouth to take breaths if she were lip syncing?

  • Tish

    The fact that you think she’s lip syncing shows how good she is. you can tell shes ACTUALLY singing. honestly youre all retarded.

  • james

    I love this song! She wrote the song so I think she can sing it! PLEASE!

  • Joochi

    She has the old lady look about her, she sure doesn’t look like she’s 16 she looks like 24 or 25 and yes, she was lip singing, you don’t sound that flawless live on stage. The song is good though but I wouldn’t buy her album.

  • sarah

    It’s so annoying how people are SO rude! Whoever thinks shes lip syncing is jealous! She has an amazing voice and a hit song! And to Joochi, she looks about 15 or 16. She doesnt look old. Nice try though Jooch

  • cathy

    SHE CAN SING! SHES AWESOME! I CANT WAIT TO GET HER ALBUM!!!! She is so pretty and talented!!!!!

  • Karmella

    epic fail ! i hate wen those stars act then go oh wait im going to sing too ! gosh.the only teen star i respect is Demi Lovato cause she can actually sing and have an amazing powerful voice !

  • Darius

    LOL, you guy’s are all wrong. She’s not lip syncing, but the music WE are hearing is a recording, and not what she sang live.

    Think about it; when you listen to a performer live, the audience makes noise and that noise also gets recorded. Whoever edited this video “tried” to incorporate that idea to make this seem realistic, but they made one big mistake. Notice how the audience is clapping, yet you don’t hear any claps? That’s because what we hear is a recording synced up to this video, and not what actually happened live. Detective Darius FTW! :)

  • jessica

    that was total lip syncing.

  • Lisa

    real singers should sing live.

  • angeliz

    She wasnt lip singin haters…She sounds amazing !!!!! cant wait for the rest of her cd !! lov her !!! ohh she needs to go on tour !!!

  • naomi

    stop hatin haters you can’t judge her and say she’s lip syncing unless you were there live seeing her perform. Jeez!!!! Cool ya jets people!!! She’s great! Ok dal wit dat ur just JELOUS!!! She wouldn’t get a record deal if she was a bad singer.

  • naomi

    the names of her songs sound interesitng!!!. Can’t wait to hear it!!! :)

  • http://justjaredjr. Jessica Lewis

    She wasn’t lip singing she was good, really good. I’m a big Fan of your work Miranda!! You are my favorite teen star!! also nickelodeon stars too!!!

  • nan000sa

    OMG PEOPL!!!! i thought at first she is totally lip syncing and she probably can’t sing!!! then i watched another video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xH0dc4nxMQ ) and clearly she is singing!!!!!!!!!
    @Darius ur definitely right…….I am just surprised !! she is really really gooooooooooodddddddddd!!!

  • michellee

    i understand if its one of her first performances and she needs to get the feel for performingg…
    but if she plans on singing in the future… she needs to start singing live.
    anyone can record in a studio.. have their voices sound ahmazing and then lip sinc to a track in front of people.
    like come on people.
    i dont even like her show.
    i dont really like nickelodeon in general

    DISNEY <3

  • Daisy

    shes definitely lip syncing but i still like her ten times better than any disney star

  • Galinda

    if you weren’t at the performance you can’t pass judgement and from what I’ve read here only one person was there and they said she was definately NOT lip sincing. So the rest of you haters just go back under the rock from which you came and stay there!!!

    Miranda you rock!!!

  • daiiiela

    @ktawnyy: no she wasnt because i was their and she kiinda messed up on sum parts,but she was singing along during the chorus but nickoloden jus put the studio version of the song over the live version

  • cathy

    Miranda is so cool! I hope she is at wango tango. She has proved she is a great performer and I love the Click Five. There is no way they would work with someone who wasn’t legit. You can hear them singing back up and they are not on the song. So there is your proff. Miranda has been working on her album “SPARKS FLY’ for almost 2 years she even wrote ‘Kissin U’ ! I think this is an amazing first performance!

  • Trisha

    Gosh she can’t sing and even act period.I’m a musician and I know how lip syncing sounds like.she should just sing like Selena gomez,she sucks singing live but at least she tries.noone can belt out like Demi lovato though.

  • javier

    the lip syncing was so obvious. Honestly, I think these celebrities should stick to what they are good for. If she wants to be a singer, please sing live! take a risk even if your vocals aren’t there yet, like Selena Gomez… and look at Miley she doesn’t have a beautiful voice but she keeps it real and does performs.

  • keN

    . . . . . “amazing first performance” is right with me.
    Glad I saw it on the oh-ten KCA’s. What a life..luvher!

  • val

    love her *-*

  • Ariel

    Uh i missed the KCAs and went to nick .com to see the vids of the event . Is it me or the video of the entire performance sounds different than this one ? I remember her for like a minute look extremlyyy awkward and the bands music was louder then her voice ?
    I really like Miranda and I love Icarly but if she is going to be a singer then she needs to SING ,at least a little . Maybe she should make a homemade youtube video of her singing acapella or something . Overall this song is wayy better then her last few . I think her voice is pretty but just not powerful enough ,,,, I wish her the best though .

  • Joochi

    @sarah: Thanks, but my opinion is mines and she does look old for her age, she can sing much better than Selena though.

  • lily

    @Joochi: Shut the fuck up you pathetic loser and stop bringing up selena becouse at least she doesn’t lip sing like that ugly ass miranda.

  • steve

    Most pop stars lip sync their way through every live performance they ever do. She definitely sang some of it. Either way, I LOVE this song, it’s been stuck in my head for like 2 weeks. She’s great and I hope to hear a lot more from her.

  • C

    She has to have a backing track of her singing because she’s singing out in the open. and with the factors of wind and such her voice would be lost. :)


    OMG she is lip singing cant you tell just saying i love her!

  • steve

    l@lily: wow, don’t you just seem like a delight! ugh.

  • Abby

    LIP SYNC i call them as i see them.
    sorry miranda stick to being carly.
    This one loses to disney once again.

  • lily

    @steve: shut up it’s my comment .

  • Rosie

    The Click Five!

    I don’t think she was lip-syncing. It’s seemed more like auto-tune to me.

  • Vivian

    Sh was only lip singing the chrous .. The rest she sand on her own like in the beginning her notes werent esxactly like the song but the chrous were like perfect because it was liop singing. Give her a break x) At least shes not one of those girls who change because of fame . She looked pretty natural since it was one of her first perfromances .

  • mr detective darius is wrong


    “Detective Darius”
    you are completely wrong. Live performances are not recorded externally. To produce a good live show, there is a stage manager mixing the input from the mic, guitars, drums, etc, so that one doesn’t overpower the others. This is when live performances are recorded, and with the directional mics, crowd noise is eliminated unless they intend to include them (holding the mic TOWARDS the crowd). So, now that we’ve established that it’s not a recording over the video, but what the crowd heard live, let’s move on with our explanation of why you’re wrong.

    Since you admit it’s a recording, that’s enough to prove she can’t sing after saying the above; however, I’ll fully prove it.
    If you notice, the video sounds exactly like what you hear on the radio and album – the studio version. This wouldn’t be too bad, because some people do live recording vocals now for albums. Miranda, definitely uses auto-tune, or at least has a LOT of producing put into her vocals. Since her live performance sounds the same as her album performance, this proves she lip-syncs.
    Pulling the mic away, any other “proof” you have that she isn’t lip-syncing doesn’t mean anything. To be nice, I’ll give you guys this: making it look like she’s not lip-syncing and not hiding her mouth means she’s a good performer at faking talent.

    Now we’ve established that 1) you and everyone agreeing with you is wrong, 2) she can’t sing on the album, and 3) she lip-synced that performance

    Now, before you start arguing with me about how I’m wrong, and further spew more wrongness from that wrong mass of grey matter you correctly call a (wrong) mind, know this:
    1) I’m right
    2) What I’ve said is all true
    3) Explaining the live performance workings was right
    4) You’re wrong.
    5) You will always be wrong on this matter
    6) If you respond to this, I probably will not respond due to the fact I don’t know where I am and how I got here, and probably will never be back.
    7) #6 means that a lack of response from me does not constitute a lack of rebuttal
    8) Rebuttal means “comeback”
    9) Comes before 10
    10) I like rounded numbers, so this is to round out the list to 10