David Archuleta 'Imagine's American Idol

David Archuleta 'Imagine's American Idol

David Archuleta becomes one with the piano as he performs “Imagine” on the American Idol stage on Wednesday night (April 7).

The 19-year-old singer caught up with J-14 mag after his performance and dished on meeting this season’s cast. David shared, “They were all really cool people. Lee Dewyze was so friendly! My sister loves him, and I think he’s a really talented guy. I was really impressed with how cool he was and how he treated me.”

And what about those comparisons between him and Aaron Kelly? “I feel bad that he gets compared to me! No one wants to be compared to someone all the time. Aaron‘s his own person, and I think he has a great voice!” David said.

Check out David‘s performance below!

David Archuleta – “Imagine”
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  • ruby

    He is like the most talented singer. I just love his voice!

  • sarah

    Ya, he is the best male vocalist now. People say that his voice is getting richer, deeper and fuller as he grows. Most of all, his ability to connect emotionally is amazing. I think it’s because he sings from his heart.

  • Kaylee

    I love David so MUCH! (Love his new hair too)

  • Sketch

    Hes simply amazing. So underrated.

  • Cherylyn

    Ok he is the only person who can make me cry when he sings. It’s just so beautiful and heartfelt. Archie is the best!!! I can’t wait for his next album!

  • celia

    simply stunning. just as powerful now as in 2008 during his season. it was great for idol to request he come back to sing this song, and remind us just how great he continues to be, and remind the world that real singers, real talent is on the way back. he has a new single dropping soon, as well as a new album, and we are chomping at the bit to hear david’s new music – i think it will be phenpmenal.

  • angelofdja

    Yup, David Archuleta is definately underrated!!!
    I’m waiting for the “I-told-you-so” moment when the rest of the world finally “get’s it”! In the meantime I will support and enjoy David and his music until the day I die! GO BIG D!

  • max

    Love his new hairdo, it’s soooo cute! Great to see him on tv again, sounded amazing!

  • lct

    I agree with everything you all say! He is truly a gem! I hope that the public will see what we see in David! What an amazing guy!

  • sweetness

    He’s definitely TALENTED and I adore his voice. The best thing that happened to him was not winning American Idol, because for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the dude that won over him.

  • ranny

    pure talent. beautifully sing. love you david!

  • Masbonita

    Love you David!

  • dani

    Perfect…he’s so adorable and his voice it’s so beautiful…love him

  • swiftfan

    I definitely love his voice!…the only thing is that this song is so important in the history of music and i felt that he was trying to make it his own but this is “imagine,” if you are going to sing it you better not try to mess with what John Lennon did, but other than that David is amazing!

  • Alex

    He has one of the most amazing voices in the world! he is always connected with the music and that is something that not everyone can do. We Love You ARCHIE!!!!

  • ambber

    Oh, I just love David Archuleta. He is sooo talented yet very humble. J-14 thanks for this -love reading about David.

  • cassidy

    David sounded fantastic on AI singing “Imagine”. It was great that he came out with and sang while playing the piano. David, stripped down sounds amazing!!

  • Ana

    His voice is like an angel ….so beautiful. He makes me smile when he smiles. So proud of him. He has pure talent running in him there is no one in the music industry that brings what he brings.

  • tamtam

    simply the best teen singer…

  • Rowena Daquiz

    We are happy and my whole family that David Archuleta sung a song and a guest star on American Idol…do hope he will be a guest mentor one of these days before ending the season 2010…More guesting on his behalf please and more songs appearances on this show and movies tv shows please…makes us happy and we love music and good singers and actor like him…please and thank you so much w/ love from Toronto, Canada.

  • Lensa Ibssa

    We love him his music, behavior, good personality, talented good example with the children and everyone…everybody want to see him around in American Idol in the future too. Awesome voice and talent.

  • Rowena Daquiz

    Amazing singer! Imagine singing while in the piano…love to see him in idol everytime.

  • http://www.twitter.com/emJOEnas Ella

    Love you Archie!! Filipinos misses you sooo much!!

  • Cassandra

    The best performance by a contestant or a guest on the season.Simply amazing!

  • Cassandra

    I agree with all those who say he’s underrated.His new single is coming out soon.I can’t wait!

  • http://yahoo.com babyjoma

    hes so hot

  • Carla

    He is super super adorable and talented :)

  • Lisa

    Greatest male voice in music today!
    Bieber & Jonas Brothers & all others cannot even compare to David, no one has a voice like this, so rich & such a gorgeous tone to it, that is the thing, his tone is glorious, amazing & the power to unlike any other make singer today.

>>>>>>> staging1