Miley Cyrus: Mate the Mercedes Driver

Miley Cyrus: Mate the Mercedes Driver

Miley Cyrus shows off her growing pup Mate as he takes over the drivers seat in her new Mercedes hybrid during a recent trip to a recording studio.

The 17-year-old actress/singer just recently purchased a new home, not but two blocks from her parents place in Toluca Lake, Calif.

Miley‘s new home is a four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom Spanish estate and includes a tennis court, pool, large master suite with his and her marble baths, a spacious living room with a fireplace and a two-bedroom guest house. That’s a lot of space!

Miley is also rumored to be hosting the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards.

Miley Cyrus & Mate at the Studio
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  • ady

    poor pup, he’s going to be forgotten with the time, just like miley did with sophie

  • leesha


  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    Hey Miley can I stay with you?!
    lol thats a big house..

    I wish I lived in California or at least took a vacation to California..

    she’s so cool..

  • Freida

    People always have negative things to say about Miley, but at the end of the day–this girl is an inspiration. Who doesn’t want their kid to be able to purchase their own home at 17? Though she makes mistakes along the way, I truly do admire Miley. She’s such a good, modest person. And her new home is awesome as hell.

  • Chelsea

    why is she moving 2 blocks away from her parents???! serioulsy she should moved to another neighborhood. her mom will be over at her house everyday! whats the point of moving out then???

  • sunlight princess

    I find it funny how people think that by living in California, you’ll meet all celebrities.
    California IS HUGE. Heck, I live in Los Angeles and Ive never ran into Miley or something in the street.
    I even go to school around the neighborhood Joe Jonas lives in, and IVE NEVER ran into him either..
    just saying.. I find it mythical how others view California as.

  • dallas

    why the hell are there barbie dolls on her dashboard?

  • demetrius

    She needs a professional doing her extensions.

  • anons

    she should change her hairstyle…her hair looks awfully fried now. Cut it short for change!

  • Anna

    @Freida: I totally agree with you!!! Love you Miley

  • Ronnie

    Ha ha, she probably wants some privacy but still be able to go over to mommy to have dinner. Oh Miley.

  • Qiana

    @Freida: You think just because she bought a house she’s an inspiration? Not every teen in this world is a millionaire because they can’t sing or act.

  • kym

    no hate on miley
    this is more of an overall statement about celebs
    i hate how they always buy like 10 houses and 10 cars just cuz they can
    u dont need frikin ten houses dude, like u only need one home wtf and im not hatin cuz even if i was rich i dont think i wud buy so many houses or clothes or cars just cuz i cud, its really pointless
    if she is so close with her family y didnt she just stay like wats the point of buying a nother house just 2 blocks down
    i understand she wants her own space and all but her house is huge wat about a samll section for her apart from her parents’ or y didnt she get like an apartment, y does a 17 need a 5 bedroom house
    im not targetting miley specifically but all of hollywood on a whole i just think there is more important things that money can go towards

  • billythekid


    Why does Miley want her own place/house instead of continue living with her parents several blocks away? You must either be very, very young or very old if you have to ask a stupid question like this. At some point in your life – unless you have no life – you’ll probably grow up and feel the same way, whether you can afford it or not. And, she doesn’t have 10 houses or 10 cars Einstein! She has 1 car and will have 1 house, ok? The house she lives in now is NOT her house, nor is the house in Tennessee. And yes, you ARE targeting Miley specifically whether you care to admit it or not :)

  • leticia

    this chick is so talented love her

  • Ronnie

    @kym Look at it like it is an investment. Maybe she always liked the house and it became available now. She doesn’t have to move in right now. If everybody just sits on the money doesn’t do the US economy any good.

  • m

    Miley’s doing a new music video today. so excited! :D

  • Justin

    When she moves in, things will always be breaking down, just watch…Liam, can you come over and fix my TV? my fridge? my toilet? my bed? my vibrator? She didn’t name her dog “mate” meaning friend in Australia, she named him “mate” for “Liam mate Miley”. Truthfully, though, I think the Cyrus family will be downsizing, thus the need for the house. Now that H.M. is over Billy Ray has lost his job. Back to Tennessee he goes with the kids. Mommy Tish will stay out with Miley to manage her career with lots of frequent miles racked up between them. When the fam comes back to L.A. they’re going to need a place to stay. Billy Ray can’t afford that house on his income and he wants to go back to the holler. So my bet is that their current house goes on the selling block sometime next year.

  • jessica

    awwww that was soo cute. mate is soo adorable. damn i wish i had a dog.

  • jessica

    and plus i love how she did the peace sign at the end. she was like god bless and the the peace sign, lol. i love it.

  • Gossip Girl

    yo , u guys are complaining because Miley brought a 4 Bed Room home, we people like Vanessa Hudgens brought an 11 Bed-Room MANSION. LOL! But u guys think MC is spoiled. There are teens who are not even famous and yet they are more spoiled than MC is

  • wow

    I agree with you about the excesses in Hollywood & it is very much prevelent with the younger Hollywood set. Not all, but most & yes Miley is one of those young Hollywood’s in excess – no 17 year old needs their own home when they have a good family. Miley is determined to be 30 when she is only 17 & if the stories all over the web are true she will marry this dude by 18, another ridiculous thing to do. Why the rush to be older & married for gosh sakes. Sorry to disagree with some of you, but Miley seems ungrateful for all the things that made her very rich – like Hannah Montana – & not because she wants to do more grown up roles, but because of how she knocks the show & “having people always telling her what to do for the past 5 years” – it’s called a job & when you have a job you “work” the way the boss wants & that includes wearing the clothes (on set) for the character you play. Miley started her complaining about Hannah Montana & saying that the 3rd season would be her last – last year – but Disney held her to her 4 year (4 seasons) contract. Maybe if she wasn’t so ungrateful last year her show might have won the emmy.

  • kym- dude chill!!!

    dude chill ur frikin pants k
    i fully said i was making a statement about hollywood in generall so stop saying crap like my question is stupid and that i am dumb and wat knot. i dont go around bashing other peoples comments and i dont hate miley either. i just state my opinion and move on which is wat the comment section is about if u dont like my comment then i really dont give. leave ur damn oppinion and stop bashing mine cuz no one brought ur name into this. and r u dumb! the 10 cars, 10 homes thing was directed at miley, it was a general thing and wasnt ment to b literally!!!

  • kym

    thanx for backing me and thats alll i wanted to say. im not hating miley but just making a statement about wat hollywood does! at least some people dont go around bashing other peoples opinions

  • ady

    @kym i totally agree

  • dutchy

    for what song? AWESOME!!

  • kym

    First of all, who gives u the right to call my comment stupid! Who died and made u the decider of good or bad comments?! I am entitled to my opinion, whether u like it or not! That’s the whole point of the comment section. U can agree or disagree, I don’t mind but when u do it so rudely, it really irritates me!!! I don’t go around bashing other peoples comments like an egotistic jerk!!! And if I am correct, we are all on Justjaredjr. Aren’t we? Which, by the way is a gossip website specifically about teenage celebrities!! So my guess is that we are all pretty young.

    Yes, of course some time in my life, I will grow up and want my own space and I am sure everyone here will. and if u spent some time actually trying to understand my comment instead of going right into bashing it, u would c the part where I said I understood her need for space cuz every teenager, including myself feels that way sometimes!

    The 10 houses 10 cars thing was not literal!!!! It was just a figure of speech. Of course I know miley only has – will have- 1 house and has 1 car which is y I said my comment was more of a general statement!

    And actually NO whether u want to believe it or not, I do not hate miley for I dont know her so I was NOT targeting her specifically!!! But because u r so much older and smarter than everyone here u WUD know if I was denying the true direction of my statement or not wouldn’t u? Since u r intellectual and all!

  • peacechick123


    Don’t come on and look up Miley Cyrus if ur just gonna say something totally rude about her! It really cracks me up that haters like U yes U look up a celebrity because they dislike them that pisses me off! And they don’t BUY 10 houses or cars they RENT them for when they have to travel so they don’t always have to stay at the hotel with crazed fans camping outside their rooms. And plus I bet alot of people wants to be famous becuz u have really good advantages at somethings such as BUYING OR RENTING houses and cars if u want. Now u can’t sit there and type “I hate it when celebrities do this and that!” Becuz u would buy 10 houses and cars if u had the oppurtunity to, am I right? I think I am. Ur comments are STUPID! And guess what I gave my self to the right to call ur comments STUPID. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!!!

  • wow

    And your comments to @Kym make you Albert Einstein – oh that’s right you don’t know who he is which makes you stupid stupid stupid. And for your information, being famous and rich does not make a person better than those who are not famous and rich so maybe you should stop putting these Hollywood people on a pedestal. Miley is far from perfect but you seem to be drooling over her & her fame & money.

  • kym

    i dont come on to look up mileya nd say mean things
    i simlpy state my opinion
    and never hav i sed that i dont like miley
    i jus state my opinion abou the things she does
    and my comments rnt always negative
    i giv credit where credit is due
    or where i think it is due
    but that is my opinion which i am entitled to so i dont get y people keep bashing mine instead of stating theirs and moving on!

  • kym

    seriously, thanx for backing me, some of these people r really rude and quite frankly obsessed!!!! how immature is her comment!!

  • wow


    well I agree with you & yes they are rude & quite obsessed & because of that they can’t or won’t see the reality of things. All of Hollywood lectures us about saving fuel & turning our lights off & basically “hugging trees” & what do they do – drive gas guzzsler cars & spend & do everything in excess & they are praised for it. I respect those who have money & also use it for good in this world too, like Oprah, Brad & Angelina, Madonna, & even the younger ones like Taylor Swift & those who also give of their time like Selena Gomez (UNICEF) & Nick Jonas & others.(diabetes)

  • Yikes…

    Miley’s car is a hybrid, people… it’s a Mercedes Hybrid SUV. Chill.

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