Logan Lerman as Spider-Man: Is He or Isn't He?

Logan Lerman as Spider-Man: Is He or Isn't He?

There have been many debates on who exactly should portray the young Peter Parker in his high school days in Spider Man 4Zac Efron, David Henrie and Logan Lerman — are among the most popular.

HitFix is reporting that Logan, 18, is the front runner for the role in Sony Pictures’ reboot of the franchise.

They report that a source close to the production dished that Logan is “almost 100% locked” but not in contract negotiations for the role yet.

Marc Webb will be directing the new movie which takes Peter Parker back to his early days of balancing girl trouble, homework, and crime fighting. Tobey Maguire brought the famed comic book favorite to life in the first three films. The flick is expected to begin production later this year for a July 3, 2012 release.

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  • Ava :)


  • xoxogg

    he would be amazing as spider man
    it’s about time his talent is showcased!

    plus, he’s incredibly good-looking :)

  • vanessa

    Gosh,he is GORGEOUS.


  • halle

    I have loved Logan since “Hoot” I think he would make a great Peter Parker.

  • Alex

    Logan is MY Spiderman.

  • amy

    Logan or Zac for me (:

  • http://Twitter.com/alexalovesyou Alexa (:

    Ohhh my gosh, I hope Logan gets the part! He’s a good actor, and plus he’s a cutie! (;

  • B

    I think Tobey Maguire is irreplaceable. It could be another comic book movie.

  • Emma

    ZAC EFRON HAS TO GET THE PART. logan is hot, but he looks like hes still15 or something. zac efron ftw!!!!!!!

  • Celia

    I still don’t know why they’re just re-booting the whole thing. It makes no sense.
    However, I think Logan would make a great spiderman. He’s got the right look.

  • jessica

    He’d be a great spiderman!

  • Danni

    ZAC EFRON!!!!

  • SelGFans

    He should get Selena Gomez as his leading girl as well <333333
    then that would be awesome :P

  • karina

    Logan will be a great Siper-man because he is an amazing actor. I love his job . He is amazing *-*

  • Scarly

    David looks kindda dorky like Peter,
    Zac, ew sorry i don’t wanna see Spiderman Dancing,
    Joe Jonas, i think he has the looks he even wears glasses, BUT he has no experience and who am i kidding any fans would like to see him as peter.
    Logan, hmm he’s a good actor and has more experience, still i don’t know he looks pretty young.

  • Ellyne

    Zac efron would be perfect.

  • Roasher

    David Henrie would be better!
    He’s even hotter than the other guys!
    and so talented.. he deserves it!

  • Isabella

    Yup! I’m cool with Logan. He’s insanely talented, & I think he’d be perfect. My second choice is definitely David Henrie though. I think he too, could be great. But I wouldn’t be disappointed with either one.

    I think its more or less 100% that Logan’s got the part. imdb has nothing listed for him, yet all the other PJO stars have projects coming up. I think Sony’s just keeping it tight lipped till everything is sorted! Can’t wait! <33

  • Caroline

    Personally, I think David Henrie would be the best. He’s one of the better teenage actors out there. And he doesn’t come off as pompous, unlike most high-profile people his age.

  • heyjessie

    Logan Lerman is my Spiderman. He’s amazing, he looks like Spiderman, and I’d totally pay to see him in a tight bodysuit. <3

    Logan Lerman Forever <3

  • Courtney

    Logan would make a great Spiderman!

  • sweetness

    Of course this kid should get the role of Spidey. he fits the bill perfectly. The right age and he has hollywood looks. What’s the deal about dragging it out like a huge mystery?

  • hollu

    oh wow logan is back on JJJR??? still thinks it’s weird =)

  • its about time

    It’s about time he got a role like this. He’s been flying under the radar for far too long.

    He is honestly one of the most talented young actors there’s been in quite some time.

  • Brenna

    I’ve loved him for ages, but especially since I shook his hand at a signing. So I’d have to say that Logan is absolutely the BEST choice there is for Spiderman. Plus, he’s talented and hot. <3

  • Liz.

    Logan should totes get the part. :D

  • Just Interested

    logan? YES PLEASE :)

  • beatriz



  • Zaina


  • Judi


  • tina

    Efron is looking too old for the part. Logan will be great!

  • Marianne

    The fact is, you have to look at potential. Zac and Logan are the best actors. No offense to David, but I haven’t seen enough of him other than Disney to really have that good of an idea of him as Spider-Man. And that’s probably what the producers think too. When you think of Zac, you think of High School Musical, Disney, stuff like that. You don’t think of him as super-hero Spider Man saving the day and wearing his red and blue outfit. Logan has more recent attention because of The Lightning Thief, and that’s the new fresh upcoming actor that has enough potential to woo crowds into watching this, including the fact he’s a Hollywood heart-throb, that producers want for a role like this. He doesn’t have a movie that permanently marks him like High School Musical for Zac, or Wizards of Waverly Place for David. Although Lightning Thief was big, I don’t feel it permanently locked him into it because there’s insecurity about a sequel. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that Logan has my vote for this movie, ad I hope that after reading this he has yours too.

  • helen

    no way zac efron could pull it off. i like him and all, but not.

    now logan IS the part

  • http://www.youtube.com/xkatmuffinx Cassie


  • isabel

    Totally Logan Lerman. David and Zac I just can’t imagine in a red and blue outfit jumping off walls.

  • Spiderfan

    Good pick. This guy has a great track record (3:10 to Yuma) and he looks like he fits the part.

  • ajlan

    ZAC EFRON!!!!!
    ZAC EFRON!!!!!
    ZAC EFRON!!!!!
    ZAC EFRON!!!!!

  • annasaurus

    Logan Lerman comes across as an arrogant entitled punk. If he gets this role, it’s only because the real talent have turned it down.

  • Mandy

    He is HOT! He is the BEST choice for SPIDER MAN!

  • Angely

    Logan Lerman should get the role. After I’ve seen his latest movie, I got so addicted to him ’cause his so talented and good loooking.

  • http://J Chelsea

    It’s ok but I think this movie will bomb so whatever

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com angel


  • marti vigano

    lerman has acquitted himself well in other roles acting with Russel Crowe, Christian Bale, Jim Carrey, Aaron Eckhart and Renee Zellwweger,among others. Not many teen actors can boast that—he could be a good Spidey

  • http://vanessahudgens.ph.tc vh only

    ZAC for the Spiderman role…………………………. :D

  • jessica

    tbh i dont think anyone of them would be the perfect role for spider man. theres only one person that can be able to pull it off so well and thats tobey maguire. its so sad that hes not returning. i loved the spider-man series.

  • snickers

    michael angarano would be good for it <3

  • OHGOd. :)

    i think in terms of the body for the tight costume, ZAC EFRON would be better than logan and david. In terms of the face, ZAC EFRON would also do better cause Logan’s face is like 14 or something while David’s face is like toooooo weird-ish. sooooo, YEAAAAAAAA, ZAC EFRON FTW!

  • claudia

    yep, i think zac would perfect and yes, he’s an actor ok!..he dances and sings, but he’s a great actor!!

    But anyway…i don’t want logan in spider man..no no no..
    i want Tobey Maguire, but he won’t be..
    So, easy…

    DON’T MAKE ANOTHER SPIDERMAN MOVIE..if tobey won’t be there..
    just my opinion..

  • anons

    yayy for Logan!

  • elizabeth

    logan lerman of course!! i dont know why but when i look at him i think of spiderman, ovbiously when i heard he was a candidate to the role, zac efron maybe… but neither david henrie nor joe jonas have the “thing” of spiderman, you know what i mean?,, Logan is my celeb crush!! soo i think he will be perfect, and of course i want to see more movies of him! i really hopes they pick him for the role! i think he deserves it!

>>>>>>> staging1