Miley Cyrus is Robek's Ready

Miley Cyrus is Robek's Ready

Miley Cyrus juggles to full cups in her hands as she stop off at Robek’s Juice for a pick-me-up on Friday afternoon (April 9) in Los Angeles.

The 17-year-old actress was also spotted out last night with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth at Teru Sushi for some dinner.

Miley‘s future on-screen mom Demi Moore recently opened up to VH1 about looking forward to working with the starlet. Demi shared, “I’m really looking forward to it. We’re just kind of getting going. She’s great, and I think that she is incredibly grounded. [Miley] is a true professional, and she truly has a wonderful family.”

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Credit: BOA; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • jooceelyyynn


  • jooceelyyynn

    she looks… hmm… she has looked better

  • blah

    first :)

  • hello


  • mileyisnasty

    fat mad hatter?

  • Andy

    @hello: I think you mean she has no leg definition, which I was about to write… I think her legs only look nice when she wears boots.

  • hello

    @Andy: okay, yes. i guess that’s a better way of saying it. her legs aren’t as great as people make them out to be.

  • rania

    Miley does not look happy, I don’t like Liam, he is a manipulator and Miley is like his dog

  • kaz

    She looks different, kinda puffy face lol
    her legs are fine haha better than mine

  • wut

    Whoah, She’s gaining weight!
    Signs of pregnancy…

  • ally

    I love how even “stars” turn into normal looking people without make up :)

  • ally

    she has weird feet/ toes don’t you think? I noticed that in a couple of outfits she wore with open-toe shoes…. she should stick to boots haha
    and her shorts COULD be atleast A BIT longer.. I mean.. whoa. but whatever, it’s not my business anyway

  • rania

    I don’t like her boyfriend … Liam uses to Miley, Miley pays his food, house….

    Miley looks stunning here!! – 9 April 2010

  • bobo

    she used to befriend the papz and now she’s angry cuz they harass her?!? u’ll soon shave your head, give birth to 2 kids at 26 years old get divorced, becomes fat and a damn loser who lip synchs all your songs.

  • Emily

    I LOVE ROBEK’S!!! IT IS THE BEST SMOOTHIE PLACE EVER! (haha, now i feel special cuz i wud go there before celebrities were photog’d there. haha, i feel like a trendsetter!)

    you know, i feel like miley is pretty, but since she’s a celebrity everyone looks for the bad in her. i think it’s really mean because she’s pretty, let’s leave it at that. not go into ‘oh her legs have no definition’ or ‘she looks like shes gained weight.’

    i dont kno, maybe its just me but when someones pretty they’re pretty. and i feel like if i was a celebrity people would say horrible stuff about me and always try to find what’s bad about me. thats the only reason people say a lot of this stuff, cuz shes a celeb. i am almost positive that if miley wasnt a celebrity, and you put her in this outfit back in her hometown in tennessee, the majority would say she’s pretty and not have to go into specifics. sorry if i sound like a ***** while saying this, but its my opinion. :-)

  • Emily

    @ally: haha, no i agree. her shorts could DEFINITELY be at least a teensy bit longer. haha. :-)

  • bobo

    @wut: birth control or pregnancy!!!

  • Alex


    Her shorts don’t need to be longer, it’s hot in LA.. let her wear shorts. her face is also bloated probably because she could be on her cycle? this is no surprise, miley’s face generally does look bloated. not that that’s a bad thing, either..

  • Ronnie

    She actually has pretty feet. I’m always wanted her feet when I watched HM.

  • uh

    She’s so thin–i’ve seen her in person. but you can tell her face filling out, and that is from Birth Control without a doubt..same thing happened to me! She’ll lose it but my bet is on her and liam doing the nasty. at least she’s taking precaution!

  • think

    I know you guys are young, stupid, and just down right disgustingly hatred. But Miley is not pregnant, she has the best boyfriend she have ever have had. Nick manipulated her, he threated her awful. Liam Threats Miley great that’s really not hard to see. Are you a Mileyfan, you should see that it’s not the boyfriend that are the problem, but the hatred and the papparazzies and the life in LA. Miley is sweet, beautiful and a talented young girl. Stop the Miley hate, stop the hate against these kids in genrally.

  • think


    The nasty? It’s called sex, and it’s the way you guys where made. It’s completly natrually among normal humans. I am pretty sure you can’t find one of todays disney kids that haven’t had it yet either.

  • think


    The nasty? it’s called sex. The way you guys where made, it’s completely natrually among people that loce eachother. And i am gonna bet you can’t find one of the disney kids that haven’t had it yet.

  • emma

    i like the hat :)

  • Gossip Girl

    I love how you guys whine and complain saying Liam manipulates Miley when Nick Jonas did that same thing to her TWICE and you guys STILL believe NICK is a better MATCH for MC? LOL! MC never talked about Nick as much as she does LIAM. So it’s pretty obvious that Liam treats MC better unlike the DOUCHE BAG who used her twice *COUGH* JONAS *COUGH* and the SAME DOUCHE also used SELENA TWICE. But Nick is still better right? LOL! U Niley fans have such bad taste. LOL!

  • Ronnie

    I agree it’s from bc and it’s nothing new, it’s been going on with her face for quite some time. Maybe she should change the receipt.
    And there are different reasons for singers/dancers/actors in the biz to be on bc if you can’t afford to take an off day. Companies spend thousands of dollars to prepare sets and the performers have to be fit on point. They can’t just call in and say I’m not feeling it today.
    Not saying that I wouldn’t tap her bf, he is hot.

  • ashlee

    When Miley is not happy, she just eats and eats, She’s gaining much weight

    She is not happy now, I love you Miley

  • shani

    omg. shee looks horribleeeee.

  • leticia

    If anyone is on birth control its Selena her face has been extremely chubby looking mileys face has always been like this. SHe has the same shaped head as her dad. And Miley definitely has the best legs on Disney.

  • http://j chelsea

    bloated face! she looks fat and i agree her legs have no definition.@bobo: i agree

  • leticia

    Then again we all know Selena did the nasty with Lauthner David Henrie and who knows who else. Thats probably why Nick dumped her.

  • Prettigurls

    @chelsea: @chelsea: Whoaa she’s not fatt at all maybe u should take 2 looks in the mirror b4 u start judging!!! Smh

  • Prettigurls

    @wut: @rania: @bobo: omg u young kids sit here && judge Miley like you kno her.. I mean I dnt kno her personally but I do kno that She’s a normal girl just like every other girl in America , she’s not pregnant & her current boyfriend Liam dosent manipulate her.. Like b mature and at least when u comment on a picture say something nice & what u like about her & not b jealous of her!! Jeesh!!! Any ways Your fans love u Miley<3 keep up the good work.

  • Jannii


  • rania

    Miley is not happy and she’s gaining weight

    Miley looks stunning here!! – 9 April 2010

  • Shaylyn

    I think she looks fine. I mean, maybe her figure or her face is filling out a little, but she is still a thin girl. And that’s really saying a lot because I’ve never liked her.

    Now I kind of feel bad for her because it does seem like all her boyfriends use her. It just so happens that this Australian actor boyfriend was a NOBODY here in America until he started dating her. This wouldn’t be the first time it happened to her *cough*NICK JONAS*cough. He is too sharp for these girls. I feel like he toys and manipulates them. Miley and Selena both deserve better than that dirtbag.

  • rania


    Nick always work hard from kid … theatre, albums, Jonas brothers, Nick has his fans

    Nick is an idiot as boyfriend, but Nick does not use Miley, He have his own money and fame

  • lol

    @leticia: lol you are an immature little girl. you hate selena because of the whole nick thing back in 2008 right? yeah that’s always the reason with you 14 year olds. and selena’s has a baby face so it’s going to be puffy, not because of birth control.

  • jessica

    wow gtfo selena fans. miley has awesome legs and a great body. and plus she is super pretty and thats coming from a huge selena fan.

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    Miley looks like she has gained weight.. but i like her outfit
    & to the people who say Liam is fugly ur wrong he’s so good looking i mean look at him Woow! :]

  • Kathi

    @chelsea Miley isn’t fat !! you are a DORK!!

  • Prettigurls

    @rania: How do u kno mileys not happy? u dnt kno her! and she’s not gaining weight she looks beautiful.. And juss because Liam isn’t as famous && rich as Miley dosent mean he’s using her!! U need to get a life & stop telling False statements about celbrities u wish u were like

  • pamela

    she looks chubby is she pregers???

  • fl

    wow. these are not the best pictures of her :x. she’s prettty in most pictures. i think she has great legs. but she’s probably bloated cuz of birth control. women gain weight in different areas. and also because most of the time she’s photographed she’s either going to get sushi, or smoothie’s or starbucks, etc. liam has also gotten a little chubbier since the last song filming. i think a person should eat whatever they want but just exercise a little. i HATE when celebrities starve themselves, or eat a TINY piece of something cause their on a diet. So i’m glad Miley eats :).

  • demetrius

    I think she purposely tried to look way different to throw off the papps and it didn’t work.

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan



  • Mika

    Miley .. is that you?

    Damn girl, you don’t look that great.

  • Lauren

    *cough* butterface *cough*

  • lala

    um no matter how hot it is in La i dont think shes going to overheat if she adds on 2 inches to her shorts. honestly those shorts are like boxer underwear

  • leticia

    People who say her face is bloated need to look at Selenas Mileys has always been like this its just the hat but Selena her face has been very bloated lately I do think Selenas on birth control I mean her and David Henrie have something going on