Selena Gomez Would Love to Guest Star as Herself

Selena Gomez Would Love to Guest Star as Herself

Before jetting off to Europe, Selena Gomez had a chance to sit down with Ernie D at the Radio Disney studios in Burbank, Calif, to chat about her series, being complicated and her love for Paris. Check out what the 17-year-old actress had to say during her take over:

On how she perceives herself: “I’m not simple. I think I’m as complicated as it can get, to be honest. I over-analyze things. I constantly am thinking about the next thing and what the future is rather than just enjoying it, which is my biggest lesson. I need to find someone that can just calm me down from that, because I’m constantly everywhere.”

On a crazy episode idea she had for Wizards: On the show, I would like to guest star as myself. I would like to be on my show as Selena Gomez just for fun. David [Henrie] and I were talking about this and we actually thought it would be funny if Justin was a huge Selena Gomez fan…We want that to happen just because it would be great to play around with.”

On what European city she’s looking forward to seeing: “I’m excited to visit Paris because I hear it’s romantic, so I’ll probably feel very alone. But, it will be fun! It will be fun to go be there and experience it, so I’m going to be excited for that.”

Check out her full interview below and log onto for more takeovers!

Selena Gomez – Radio Disney Take Over, Part 1 – 04/09/10

Selena Gomez – Radio Disney Take Over, Part 2 – 04/09/10
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Credit: Adam Rose; Photos: Radio Disney
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  • Samantha

    first! i love her and wanna meet her

  • Cassandra

    I <3 Selena!

  • andy

    Selena Gomez as Guest Star in WOWP needs to happend!

  • 1j2s3a

    YES! Selena SHOULD guest star as herself on WOWP. ANNNND Justin should have a crush on Selena Gomez ;) that way the Jalex/Delena fans get SOMETHING.

  • SelenaFan14

    It would be so awesome if Selena guest star as herself! I hope it happens.

  • ciara

    Haha crazy idea and It would be awsome!!!

  • blaire

    she’s a natural beauty….

  • P.Diddy

    Selena has the best ideas man she’s amazing!

  • Taylena

    I would love to see that episode :D

  • zara

    Hahahaha Selena is the best

  • SelRulezz

    That would probably be my fav episode :)

  • Babybiebz

    Love her <3

  • ParisLovesSelena


  • LilTwist#1

    She’s so pretty and talented!

  • Selena#1fan


  • Heather

    Cool idea :D Selena is in everything she does awesome :D

  • BestBelieber

    I love that show it’s actually the only Disney Show I watch so why not? Haha I love Selena she’s an amazing actress!

  • Cheesecakefortaylor

    Yay plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz love Selena :D

  • http://www.twitter.comtiffany_t_j tiffany

    Great idea , selena guest star as herself on WOWP, i love selena gomez so much !! <3

  • yes

    She continues to say that – Justin would be a fan of hers, BUT Alex would not! LoL I think that is the funniest part.. Selena would double as herself and Alex isn’t a fan.

  • nathalia

    loooooooove selena

  • kym

    haha if shes telling the truth about that then we r very alike
    i over-analyze everthing and like i keep thinking about the future and wat will happen next and wat i will do next rather than living in the present as well
    lol but she seems really nice after this interview
    i didnt really like her before but maybe i will change my mind :)

  • jasmine Lim

    I’ve got a PERFECT idea for an hour long or two episode++ saga for Wizards!
    based on Selena’s idea, she could guest star on their show as HERSELF (maybe due to over-crowding fans she rush into the Subway and hide and gets a room to stay for a few days in her stay at Wizards Avenue)

    Justin would be a HUGE fan and want to flirt with her and all and she would just be kind and refuse and all. Then Alex hates her and she doesn’t really feel comfortable around Alex, then soon they are alone together due to… i dunno what… but a reason (writers can come up with that) then they talk it out and we realize that Alex is jealous that Selena is loved by her family, have all the money and fame and all, then Selena points out how Alex could have a normal life with friends and all, no paparazzi.

    They start talking and soon like each other and form out a plan to exchange lives for a day (since they look alike) to experience what the other can’t. Alex’s friends and teachers and peers are shocked by Selena’s kindness and niceness and smartness and all and Alex is having a great time with her job and the fans. But soon Alex misses her old life and maybe Selena gets evil and not want to change back?? (well to add some drama to it… XP)…

    well…. ==…. i dont even think anyone would read this long comment… thanks for reading if you are… XD!

  • Tiffany

    I would love to see her guest star as herself too!!!!!!!! I love her. Get all of Selena’s clothes here

  • pauli

    hahaha love her shes soo funny!! and probably that would be a awesome idea….

  • pauli

    ey shes in germany now right???

  • leticia

    She cant sing so im glad shes focusing more on acting I hope that goes better than her singing career. YIKES

  • Danielle

    Selena is so cute!! I am really happy for all the success that she is having :) Alex could be really jealous if Selena is guess star in Wizards but Justin should be really happy bc FINALLY he could flirt with her “sister”… just kidding :D

  • leticia

    Is it true Selenas pregnant? So many people are saying it I cant believe it shes so young I hope its fake.

  • LilTwist#1


    haha I just read you comment on the Miley posts..damn gurl you’re so obsessed and stupid just shut up and die..selena is so thin and miley is the one who’s fat chubby and looks pregnant!
    And yeah Selena can sing at least she doesn’t sounds like a dying duck unlike you’re untalented idol!

  • Liz.

    Having her guest star and Justin being obsessed with her would do nothing for the whole psuedo-incestuous vibe Justin/Alex/David/Sel give off. Cute idea, but not with these two. Demi should come over to Wizards! I miss Delena. :(

  • allie

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! It will be AWESOWE!! GOSHH!! Im so much Dalena fan and now if Jalex has a love it will be amazing ı think ıt must beee !! Seriosly must!! Hey thannks!! (L) <3 <3

  • julez

    That would be a great idea for Jalex fans, no seriously, they have better chemistry with each other than with their supposed love interests on the show.

  • Mileysuxx

    @leticia omg gurl you’re so annoying and stupid! Just shut up your idol is the one who made out with her bf at the beach..and she’s the one who’s actually fat and gaining weight..Selena is super thin!

    Selena is amazing!

  • ghalyah

    my wish is to meet selena gomez its the onley thing i want ill die if i dont meet her she is the best pop star that i ever meet <3

  • ghalyah

    i love her more then me alot akit a lottey monker lottay!!!

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