Ashley Tisdale & 78violet: Granville Street Girls

Ashley Tisdale & 78violet: Granville Street Girls

AJ and Aly Michalka walk and talk with gal pal Ashley Tisdale as they go out on the town to celebrate AJ’s birthday in Vancouver on Saturday night (April 10).

The trio, plus their moms Lisa and Carrie, stopped at several nightclubs along Vancouver’s trendy Granville street to celebrate AJ‘s 19th.

Later on in the evening, Ash and Lisa parted ways with the Michalka‘s and stopped off for chocolate crepes for a little something sweet.

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Credit: King Pgdiv Red; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Justzgirl


  • winona

    They do need to hire a stylist.

  • Emma

    their style is original in a way but i dont really like it. ashley’s style used to be so great but shes becoming a lot edgier with her clothing, it still looks good on her though, but i must say, Vanessa Hudgens has the best fashion out of ashley, aj, and aly.

  • Jessy

    gosto da aly e da aj, adoro as musicass delas ;)

  • jessica

    @Emma: actually vanessas style is good but not that great. tbh aly and aj’s style is awesome. i love there unique fashion.

  • http://deleted Van


    Let me remind u vanessa sucks anD ashleY rocks!

  • ashytisdalefan

    beautiful girls. I love Ashley and why are we talking about Vah in an Ashley Tisdale post?

  • VhuddyRiSH

    @Van: EEXXCUUUSEE MEEE ?? actually, they BOTH ROCK! and you SUCK! xP

  • Jannii

    Ash is soo great
    <3 her haaair =D

  • patry91

    @Van: SHUT UP! YOU SUCK! vanessa is amazing!

  • Just Interested

    where’s V??

  • Grace

    V is busy doing Rent! Anyway they are all look amazing! I can’t wait for this show! Happy Birthday AJ! (I know its a bit late)

  • nmnlnl

    ı love both

  • nmnlnl


  • nmnlnl

    ı love you ash

  • mmm


  • kirreii

    Haha, I love how disrespectful ashley fans are…
    some advice: go learn some respect before you post on anything, thanks. :P

  • Aly&

    omg i love aly e aj

  • taylor

    @kirreii: Only one Van was being disrespectful, you an’t judge an entire fan base on one person. And it’s not just Ashley fans who are like that, every celebrity has rude fans.

  • Prettigurls

    Ashley Aly && Aj look so pretti!! i think there style is awsome

  • taylor

    Wow I can’t type today. I meant “only Van” and “can’t”

  • Prettigurls

    @Just Interested: why are u wondering where V is this an Ashley post stick on the subject lol…

  • Tiffany

    I hope she had a good birthday. Get all of Ashley’s clothes here

  • ZJ207

    @kirreii: Actually both fans were disrespectful here. It’s not fair blaming it on one side of the story.

  • ZJ207

    The girls look great :D
    Hope they had fun!! <3

  • todd

    I like Ashleys style it’s cute and a bit on the tomboy side. It’s adorable. It’s aj and aly who need help. They always tramp it up. Both of them. Sad.

  • Marine

    I like how the 3 of them are dressed… I’m so happy we have pics even when they’re in Van-City ^^.

    No one has a better style than someone else; it exists dozens of different style you know; thank God Vanessa, Aly AJ and Ashley aren’t dress alike :D, otherwise that would suck and that would mean the 4 of them have no personality! >_<
    And guys for the umpteenth time, the post is about Ashley, Aly and AJ not about Vanessa; you know there are plenty of post about her on this site… Why do you need to annoy people here and say “mean things” about Ashley? And you’re saying Ashley fans are disrespectful? ugh! got to be kidding me right !?!
    Well,end of the conversation!!

  • http://deleted kary

    i loveeee ashley tisdale :) she’s the best :D

  • silvy

    simply amazing ! Ash is soo cutee !!

  • ZJ207

    @Marine: I agree :)

  • SHIKO189

    @Jannii: yeah me 2 :D

  • SHIKO189

    Ash is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lucia

    i love ash!!!
    she is so pretty
    her style is unique and she takes risks and that is one of the reason why I love her

  • alejaandraaa

    OH! please! Why we put Vanessa in this post? HAHAHAHAHAHA Always put to Ashley in the affairs of vanessa!
    know why? of envy! ENVY!!!! Vanessa’s STYLE is UNIQUE ashley looks…. anorexic, in some photos! diuugghh ASHLEY SUCKS!!
    Vanessa is FANTASTIC!!
    And ashley … ashley seems steal Vanessa’s friends, Tricks! JUUMM

  • alejaandraaa


    the point honey?

    you think I’ll stay quiet as some of the fans of Ashley , disrespectful to Vanessa in her post’s? ha ha.,

  • Marine

    So for you, if someone is being disrespectful toward Vanessa this person is for sure an Ashley’s fan? That is so ridiculous to think that… I never understood why there’s this STUPID rivality between Ashley and Vanessa fans!! But well think what you want, I don’t really care! By the way why are you talking about Vanessa here? You love her style, cool for you but go tell that on her posts, why are you bashing Ashley? That proves that you’re immature -_-’.
    When people are saying “Ashley sucks”, we should say nothing, but when people are saying “Vanessa sucks” it is like this person had started the World war 3, what the hell?
    You don’t like Ashley, good for you! It’s your right but get out of here, like I said there are plenty of Vanessa’s post in this site, go compliment her there… but leave Ashley alone for God’s sake!

    Ashley stealing Vanessa’s friends? LMAO, you’re funny!! I will tell you something, Ashley and Aly (and also AJ) have known since they were really little honey (way before Vanessa and Aly shooted Bandslam) They were in an acting class together so shut up :) You would have known Ashley a little bit more, you would know that!
    Nice talking to you =)

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