Justin Bieber on SNL -- Videos!

Justin Bieber on SNL -- Videos!

Justin Bieber tries to flirt his way into a better grade from “teacher” Tina Fey in this skit from Saturday Night Live.

The 16-year-old musician acted in another skit called “School Dance” and also performed his two hits, “Baby” and “U Smile.”

DID YOU CATCH Justin on SNL? Did you like him on there? Let us know!

Check out all the videos below including a behind-the-scenes special!

Justin Bieber on SNL – “Teacher”

Justin Bieber on SNL – “School Dance”
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  • ms. a


  • none

    There is nothing funny about him Justin = snob with a large ego.

  • Maila

    The class room skit was funny!

  • ashley

    @none: agreeed, i really liked him in the beginning of his career and then as time progressed he got more and more arrogant

  • brad

    Yeah this kid is getting more cocky and you can TOTALLY see it!

  • leticia

    don’t loke Justin that much but thought it was funny

  • Anna

    is he TRYING to look extremely cocky all of the time?!?

    and this kid CANNOT ACT. did you not see how he was OBVIOUSLY looking right at the cue cards in the school dance skit?!

  • ashley

    @Anna: hahahah & he STILL messed up

  • chelsea

    wow i’m surprised…i thought i was the only one who didn’t like him that much. Everyone I know is obsessed with him, and I don’t understand it. Like some of you said, I used to like him too but then he just got so…i don’t know. But now i know: arrogant!

  • jessica

    aww hes adorable. i love him hes so hilarious. and haters lay off. who gives a crap if you think he has a big ego. because honestly he doesnt.

  • sora

    i hate this smug little b****

  • vanessa

    he is so funny & cute.

  • Lindsey


    Do you know him personally?
    No you dont.
    so you really cant say he doesnt have a big ego because you dont know, you just know what he puts off for the cameras
    Your just a little mindless follower whos never heard real music
    anyone can write a song that goes “Baby baby baby oh baby baby baby oh” for the juration (sp?) of the song

    On a side note
    I hate this kid with a passion
    But i did get a good laugh out of the Tina Fey Sketch

  • Jasmine P.

    They weren’t that bad (didn’t really like the school dance one). The class skit was pretty funny; Tina Fey is just so hilarious, and Justin wasn’t the best, but he wasn’t too bad.

  • http://aim.com Katho

    WTF u stupid people. he was SO AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC i screamed. im in love with u justin bieber! and i know that we will find eachother someday, and it will be love at FIRST sight!! <3 <3 <3

  • Daisy

    i used to like him but he’s gotten really cocky. he used to be so humble and that’s what made him adorable.

  • jessica

    who cares if he has a big ego?
    i mean why is it so important to some people. quite frankly i dont give a fuck. its not a big deal so get over it.

  • Emma

    i actually like him better now that hes such a flirt, before i thought he was just another disney kid who hadnt hit puberty yet, but hes actually really funny the way he flirts with older woman. its cute in a way

  • ashytisdalefan

    he does have a big ego. and he flirts with everyone. Sure hes a cute kid but there so many more teenagers out there who would work harder to become someone like him. He doesn’t even write his own songs, and the songs are easy to memorize that’s why people like him. Oh and hes hot. A hot teen with talent. I hear that all the time the difference being that some of the hot teens out there try.

  • juliapaige

    he used to be alright , untill his head got way to big . .. remember where you came from & what you had justin .. .. be appreciative not cocky .

  • Fiona

    No offense but not the best acting. In the school sketch did anyone notice how many times he licked his lips over and over and again, lol. But people should give him a break i mean it is SNL, anyone would be nervous on their first try, he’s a singer not an actor. I do agree to some comments his ego does show some times, other times he is super nice. (comming from a unbiased commenter who is NOT an obsessed fan)

  • Paramore

    I liked SNL. Now I don’t like it as much as I used to because of Justin Bieber. I hate him D:<

  • Kiwi

    He’s not a good actor. Period. and i’m not picky usually when it comes to actors. it was a funny sketch, but it was painful to watch justin’s half.
    but i love tina :) shes awesome .

  • nicole

    i agree with jessica on the 10th comment yall need to lay off me and jessica and other ppl like him and if u don’t KEEP THE COMMENTS TO YUR SELVES . gott it clear good.

    *justin is my baby 4eva and eva and eva and eva……………………………………………………………………………………………..etc*

    jessica i agree w/ ya 10000000000000000000000000000 billion %

  • nicole

    @Lindsey: That was a little bit too far Lindsey.!!!!!!!!!!!! U shouldn’t call ppl a litlle mindless follower


  • Sara

    @Lindsey: look you brat. Music is an opinion. Different people like different music. when people change style clothing do you say “you people have never seen real clothing” people like you need to get over yourselves and shut up. You just complain and complain to try to make yourself look all opionated and smart or something, and it’s not working, instead you look like a brat

  • caitlin

    aww he’s adorable
    i love him

    and all the haters should back off
    because fair enough if you don’t like him
    but then why did you bother to turn this on?
    or even comment
    it’s just stupid and pretty juvenile.
    just grow up.

  • nicole

    I agree with sara and caitlin. Lindsey You are a brat and if you keep this up I will flag u. Every one is diffrent. AND NO ONE IS PERFECT. I have bullys at school and I don’t need this from u. U ARE JUST LIKE THE BULLYS AT SCHOOL!!!!!! YOU DON”T GO AROUND TELLING PPL THAT THEY ARE MINDLESS LITTLE FOLLOWERS!!!!!!

    (justin bieber is my baby 4eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….etc)

  • alex

    Does he really HAVE to say “A’ight” every few sentences? Can he really not just add the “r?” I know Usher’s mentoring him and everything, so he’s bound to be exposed to that sort of thing, but give me a break—- he’s a white, sixteen-year old Canadian. Would it kill him to use proper English?

    Back to the topic: I think Tina Fey is hilarious, but she’s done much funnier skits in the past. Beiber didn’t make it any better. To the Bieber-ites: if you’re allowed to have your own opinions then please let me have mine. Thank you.

  • nicole

    @alex: I will let u have yur own opinion If u don’t make fun of him Like Lindsey I realy REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY………..ect I anyway I LOVE HIM HE IS LIKE THE CUTEST GUY EVA nikki

  • Jenn

    @nicole Umm ok nicole we all got it the first 4 times u said it.. we get it u have a crush on justin bieber.. stop hating all over lindsey just cause she made a comment

  • justinbeiber lover

    justin is so hoottttttt he was sooooo funny in the classroom skit and in the dance one he was talking weird but love him

  • http://nohave mariana valerio gutierrez

    i love justin me encantaria conocerte en persona

  • http://nohave mariana valerio gutierrez

    hellow i love justin you are 100% cool

  • Bea

    well…. to everyone who says hes arrogant and to everyone who says hes not… none of you know him! its called an image… first of all. second, how can any of you know for sure what hes like? i mean really. one last point… this is a skit. hes supposed to seem cocky and arrogant. geez louise. youd think he offended people personally.

>>>>>>> staging1