Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Shoot & Sweet

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Shoot & Sweet

Joe Jonas focuses on what girlfriend Demi Lovato is saying as they keep close during some downtime on a video shoot on the outskirts of Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (April 10).

The bundled up couple were surrounded by secrecy and security — it’s a wonder these pics surfaced! JJJ is amused by this pic. LOL!

Demi will be guest starring on an upcoming Grey’s Anatomy episode next month.

Joe shared with TV Guide mag about his girl’s new role, “Grey’s is a dream role for her. It’s great people are going to see her do different things. I’m really proud of her.”

20+ pics inside of Joe and Demi

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Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • twitter

    first {:

  • Andrea

    Isn´t this for teen vogue? anyways, LOVE THEM !! JEMI´S THE BEST COUPLE EVER,, Joe´s so lucky to have an amazing and gorgeous girl like DEMI

  • Sav.

    Another video? What song are they shooting the video for?


    Can´t wait for this photoshoot love demi´s outfit, joe´s hilarious, they are soooooo in love.


  • erica ;]


  • Paige

    i dont like demi, not because shes dating joe, just because something seems off about her, i mean she has a good voice, but…idk

  • Anabelle

    one word: CUTE <333 :)

  • Andi

    They are awesome! I love Joe’s hair slicked back like that! They are both gorgeous people!

  • holly

    @Paige: your not the only one. i’ve got that feeling inside too and i cant quite figure it out :P

    hehe joe looks kinda like a greaser (The Outsiders = best book ever)

  • sasha

    @Paige and especially @holly both of you said exactly what i was thinking…….and joe does look like a greaser, that’s what i thought when i saw it too!

  • Steph

    Demi has changed a lot since Camp Rock, i miss the old her. Does anyone see or get what im saying? ):

  • lovebug

    One word – PR.

  • pandora

    Maybe its just all those years of both Demi and Joe telling us they are like brother and sister that I cannot see them any other way and thats gross!! They sure look like brother and sister maybe its time for Joe to date a blonde his own age and somone not with Disney.

  • sasha

    @Steph exactly.

    @pandora exactly.

  • romina


  • Bethany


    Jemi isn’t the best couple to me. Kanielle is.

  • ash


    She was 15 when Camp Rock came out and Disney tried to make her out to be someone she is not. She’s makes mistakes, she always admitted to that. She’s going to be 18 this year, she’s grown up a lot and she is more independent and confident then she was back then and people tend to make it out as her being stuck up when really all she is doing is sticking up for herself and living her life.

  • kay

    “it’s a wonder these pics surfaced!”

    lol. oh jjj. are you alluding to a certain type of pr stunt. i do believe you are. ;)

  • Joochi

    Don’t care for both of them, she screams instead of singing, and he forces his singing, too good Disney. And now that Disney knows that they are dating they are not doing anything about it, so much for keeping the safe image of Disney. Miley’s bought a house @ 17 yo. what kind of image is that for Disney, too good Disney, it’s such of bunch of bull.

  • http://j chelsea

    not a single cute thing in them

  • neena

    I loooooooooooooove Joe’s hair like this. Almost like in Lovebug. :) I love Joe. That’s all I ever have to say about anything because the rest is just whatever.

  • karmella

    All the haters need to back up ! Jemi is finally together and thats amazing we JEMI fans have been waiting 3 years for this to happend.They were bestfriends first so that is a good thing,they took time to get to know eachother before taking it to the next level.It is not PR ! Also Demi Lovato is the best singer out there.She can hit all the notes right and belt out on stage.She has a massive amount of stage presentt. She doesnt have to be slutty like miley citrus to get attention on and off stage.She is actually a musician.She plays the instruments and sing.

  • m

    Can’t wait to see the real pictures of the shoot!

  • coolio

    Of course Demi is going to be different from camprock 1. she was fricken 15 years old. She almost 18. Its not changing its called maturing. If she was the same at 15 being 18, then we should be worried. Sure when she first came out she was punk rock, but now she’s glam. So what. Every teen changes about 50xs through the who the process of audult hood. Its called finding who you are.

  • chris

    The more Disney shoves Joe and Demi down our throats, the more I realize how much I love NIck. He is so cute, is so talented as a musician, and believes in keeping his private life private. Go Nick!

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    I me, she changed..something’s off about her lately..she doesn’t seem like Demi anymore..maybe she’s hanging out with the JoBros a little too much..she needs “girlfriends”.. Too bad Selena and her are well you know..

    I do have to admit, I was liking Jemi, I was waiting for them to happen but seriously they were hiding theire relationship like Zanessa and then BAM out of no where, their everywhere..what happened in wanting privacy?
    I don’t know, something just doesn’t seem right..

  • Elly

    Phew! Good thing you pointed out that she is his girlfriend! We wouldn’t want people to know her for anything else, now would we…? So relieved.

  • Anna

    kay, are they SERIOUSLY doing a photoshoot featuring these 2 as a couple?!?! why am i NOT surprised?!!

  • Anna

    these 2 must be into incest… i mean for long they’ve been brother and sister.

  • Amy

    If Demi and Joe never came out that they were dating, nobody would be saying weird things about Demi. Where were these comments before they let the cat out of the bag?

    Stop criticizing someone else’s life and worry about your own. I happy she’s grown up and found love with her best friend. Isn’t that something we all strive to have someday?

  • Steph

    @HsmZanessaFansite21: Ya! and it seems like the only reason that they are out their like this because Camp Rock 2! I just dont want Joe or Demi to get their heartbroken..

  • lulu

    I agree with AMY ii like waht she said sis true stop saying bad comments about jemi iiam very happe they found love and ii hope they get marry haha but my point is think about ur ife nd dont critizing other people at leat they found love like we do too SO STIOP being mean to demi or joe or jemi the couple.:/

  • Chelsea

    its funny how the people that dont like them seem to comment everytime some post comes up about them…if you dont like them here is a big hint_GET A LIFE_. :)

    Joe and Demi are adorable as always :) <3

  • nat


  • kirra

    @chris: I’ve seen your comments on other posts and all you do is praise Nick. Honestly, get over your obsession with him because this post has NOTHING TO DO with him. This is about Joe and Demi.

  • Bethany


    Anna, you and Chris speak what I think too. I dont want to see anymore Jemi. They are being thrown at us 24/7. Where was all this hype for Kenielle, the couple that got married?

  • Lexie

    i think zanessa is the cutest couple ever…

  • pandora

    The next Zanessa? That seems to be what Disney is planning in the lead up to Camp Rock 2. Hopefully after that is released they will stop shoving this “relationship” down our necks.

  • tia

    cutest couple!!!
    i love JEMI

  • Ella

    Can’t wait to see the outcome!! JEMI FTW!! <3

  • itsmeagain

    @chris: and the min he starts dating again, I bet u won’t like him any more either. Why are Jonas fans so BI POLAR? They call themselves the biggests fans, and the minute one of them starts dating, all of the sudden, they don’t like them anymore. I swear, some of you all really need to get over urself. Joe and Demi are DATING . ACCEPT THAT. I am pretty sure Joe Jonas would be pissed off if he saw his SO-CALLED FANS trash talking his girlfriends and not respecting his personal decisions.

  • skyhigh95

    I like jemi, they’re like zanessa. correct me if i’m wrong but i think jemi started to be noticed by people that they’re dating during the month of march. so as zanessa. jemi is like the next zanessa in disney channel.
    Anyways, at first, i thought jemi wouldn’t exist until i saw they’re dating pictures. i think they’re cute though

  • Diana

    Love Demi, she´s so beautiful, her outfit is so cute, i love it
    Jemi <33

  • emma


    Demi is great and all, but no she is an avarage singer. you cant compare her to the likes of mariah carey. who CAN hit all the high notes.

    lets edit that and say Demi is the best singer from Disney

  • klax

    Something fishy….there is no connection between this two…

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    you guys lets get


    as a trending topic on twitter!!

    for selena and demi friends again! PLEASEEE!! START THE TWEETS!!


  • futurejogf

    joe looks joe @Paige i totally agree..i think joe is very unlucky to have her..

  • Amy

    Hmmmm I find it interesting how, since they declared to the public that they were dating, everyone’s been trash talking Demi but not Joe. If you hate their relationship sooooo much why is everything on girl and none on the guy?

    You guys are being dumb. Really how much can you say you personally know either of them to make the call if they should be together or not? That’s like me saying “you suck entirely as a person” because I don’t like your negative comments about Joe and Demi…none of it is justifiiable!

    Everybody who knows them PERSONALLY has said that they are perfect for each other, and that it’s been a long time coming. Stop obsessing over the fact that you don’t like them together, it’s not gonna change anything they decide to do as a couple.

  • candy

    I like them individually but not together. not a cute couple at all. looks forced. And I use to be a big fan of the jonas bros, but after this, im starting to like them less and less. i dnt know what it is, they just dont seem legit anymore

    AND P.S- just because u were best friends doesnt mean ur suppose to turn into boyfriend/girlfriend. it looks forced, he looks uncomfortable and demi is all over him. acting like she never had a bf before. and u know what else i suspect…they r using this relationship to prove ppl wrong. i think deep down they know they should just remain friends, but they trying desperately to show “us” that they are really head over heels in love with each other. Well guess what they both need to grow up. When u head over heels in love with a person, when u go to kiss them, THEY KISS U BACK! no mattter whats going on. DEMI wake up sweetie. u can do better

  • ashley

    i still find it weird because they said they where like brother and sister and Demi said that she likes the emo type of guys. AND that pact they made when they first met that they wouldnt become more than friends. does anyone remember that?