Selena Gomez is HMV Hot

Selena Gomez is HMV Hot

Selena Gomez sings her little heart out as she performs at the HMV store on Oxford Street in London on Monday evening (April 12).

The 17-year-old actress popped onto her Facebook to apologize to some of her fans who were looking forward to seeing her via live feed.

Selena shared, “Hey Everyone– Sorry the live feed did not work out so well, I was trying to use the iphone but the service in the store wasn’t very good. Thank you all for tuning in and again Sorry.”

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  • Sdyes

    YAYY! 1st!
    She looks adorable! who agrees?

  • Shamilah

    aw Selena looks soo pretty!! :]
    wish i was seeing her today but couldn’t go :( i tryed watching her on ustream but didn’t work..& its ok Sel <3

  • Izzah

    Wow that’s fast..
    Just seen her perform on UStream just now..
    Well, not really… It was stuck, but still…
    Could see bits of it.. And the crowd was … WHOA…
    Yurp, “WHOA”.. Lmaoo :D

  • jess!


  • Cheesecakefortaylor

    Selena is simply the Best and she’s SO pretty and talented!

  • zara

    Aaaawww She was amazing!!!! I’ll never forget this!!!

  • leightonandselena

    She’s so adorable can’t wait for her new movies and her tour and her new album :D

  • Taylena

    Sel is stunning!

  • DOn’thateSelena

    Absolutely amazing!!!

  • P.Diddy

    Hot hotter SELENA

  • Sarah

    She looks SO incredibly cute, as usual.
    And I LOVE her nail polish,

  • Mileysuxx


  • bowwow4ever

    I love her style I love her hair I lover her voice I love Sel :D

  • Bieber Obsessed

    I wish i had of gone, but i wouldnthave got there in time to get a wrist band :(
    I saw her yesterday tho :)
    And she is so stunning, its crazy :D

  • pauli

    my gosh she looks really really hot!!! love her entire outfit those shoes i really want it!!!!

  • pauli

    shes sooo amazing!!! im so obssesed with her, shes simply the best!!!

  • holly

    went and saw her in HMV today- blew me away, such talent.. i love her- my idol :) xx

  • pauli

    btw i just totally love it the style that she used in this eropean trip ;)

  • andy

    Flawless! Keep rocking girl! You are the BEST!

  • Danielle

    I am glad Selena is having fun with The Scene :) No doubt the Europeans are inlove with Selena <3 Good taste!!

  • pauli

    @Danielle i couldnt be more agree with you ;)

  • Anna

    she looks amazing (:

    btw, i can see her mole .. which means she either needs a new shirt or pull it up. haha

  • swiftfan

    Selena is simply amazing!


    I was there… OH MY GOMEZ! She looked so amazing, and sounded just as good too… =]

    She truly was incredible… She looked so beautiful too… And so fragile, like a china doll – I thought I was going to break her when I hugged her =]

    OMG! Queued from 3.30am to meet her, but you know what?? Totally worth it! Like, more worth it than you could ever imagine… I would queue for eternity to meet her again… I really do LOVE SELENA!

    She was just the sweetest – I gave her my present, so she took it and said “Awww… That’s so sweet – Thank you so much!” then I asked her if I could have a hug, so she did give me a hug, and then as she went to sit back down she said “Wow! You smell amazing, what are you wearing?” And I freaked out and couldn’t remember… Lol! I was like, “Ghost…???” Then she gave me the signed CD and as I walked away I shouted “Luminous”… Lol! What an idiot… Haha! She just made my mind go in to overdrive I guess… Haha! =]]

    ♥ I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ! Forever & Eternity! ♥

    ♥ 12/04/10 = The BEST Day Of My Life! ♥

    Lara xxx

  • Ruby

    she needs to pull her shirt up.

  • pauli

    shes still in london?

  • Peace Out

    she can do do whatever she wants except for being unfair and (of course) … singing ! ù_ù

  • Adam J

    shes hot? what is JJJ def of hot flat chested and noddle arm?

  • jenny

    well i think selena is nice and pretty!!
    but she CANT sing!!!
    i don tknow how people can buy her album,when they hear her singing live!!she is soo bad at singing…..=(
    and silly people buy her i would NEVER buy it because she cant sing…demi is the best singer i think=)
    but vanessa hudgens is a great live performer,too
    she dances AND sings really well..thats the point!!!selena is ONLY singing ans sounds bad,vanessa sings AND dances and sounds great
    sorry to her fans but thats just my opinion

  • Ali singay

    she iz stupandus , fantabulous , marvolous , amazing , superb and awesome…………… selena I lov U :)

  • thick

    now that justin has broken that pussy …. let see how many guys she will give the pussy too …. she may get the choc cock thing …. get her pussy nice and stretched out

  • Ulysses

    Selly is one of the few Entertainers I would really love to meet. Shes such a good person.