Justin Bieber: I Didn't Go Corny

Justin Bieber: I Didn't Go Corny

Justin Bieber recently caught up with MTV to give a thanks to his peers and fans.

The 16-year-old musician told MTV that he’s glad he didn’t go through Disney to make his way through the industry. Justin shared, “I think it’s because I didn’t go through the Disney route. I didn’t go corny, but, like, at the same time I’ve been cool and collected.”

He added on, “Well, basically I look at people like Usher and Justin Timberlake and how they went from being a child star to blowing up and doing what they’re doing now. I look up and see what they do and see that’s what I want to do and things that I want to do that’s different and things that I wanna do that’s working for them.”

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like his peers. Take Selena Gomez for instance. “I just hang out with whoever. I’m also friends with Selena Gomez. I hang out with everyone,” he said.

Selena also told press recently that Justin is a bit protective of her. Listen to her interview on YouTube.

TELL JJJ: Do you think Disney and/or Nickelodeon stars are corny?

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  • lf

    Justin has no right to be protective over Selena, for one thing, she is older than him!
    and i find him cornier than any disney star
    his music is all autotuned & synthesized and not written by him!
    atleast the Jonas Brothers write their own music and play their own instruments


  • Lu

    Get over yourself.

  • coco

    sure, he didn’t star with Disney, but he does look and sound like a Disney starlet. you’re an epic fail, Justin.

  • Liah

    Justin Bieber’s so cute and I’m saying that as a 17-year-old girl; not a 12-year-old. I really don’t get it when people hate on him. He’s just a kid.

    Selena’s amazing! (: <3

  • tisdale


    i agree

    why is he on radiodisney if he doesn’t want to go the disney route?

  • kate

    When is this kid going to stop putting his foot in his mouth? He needs to get over himself. Disney puts out way better stars than him.

  • Mandy

    2nd! pshhh cool and collected…..yeah righg!!!! disney kicks butt but nickolodean stars try to hard to be like disney starts..cool and collected HAHAHAHHA srry i can’t get over that. that’s a funny one! april fools day was 12 days ago kid!

  • wina

    Selena gomes is only justin bieber close friend :) I’m glad to hear that.

    nb: from your big fans from Indonesia

  • wina

    Selena gomes is only justin bieber close friend :) I’m glad to hear that.

    nb: me your big fans from Indonesia

  • Fiona

    This annoys me. How are Disney Stars corny? All they have is really good publicity besides that they work hard for themselves. It is still the public’s decision whether the stars make it or not. I guess he looks down on his BFF, Selena.

  • Alyssa

    NO Disney Stars are NOT corny.

  • michellee

    Okay I was never a crazy Bieber fan, but this kid has a huge ego.
    He always talks about how he hasn’t gone the Disney path and that he doesn’t want to do the Hannah Montana thing with singing AND acting.
    …He has a fricken movie coming out about his life and rise to “fame” (that is still considered acting)

    Disney Stars are not corny. They just work for a company that has a young demographic. Like get over yourself Justin. I personally hope you fail in life.

    He sounds like his fricken 8 years old. How can people be so in love with this kid.
    This is coming from a Canadian, who should be happy that a fellow Canadian has made it big internationally… but Justin is becoming a disgrace.

  • Ellyne

    Naah, their cute and funny, some of the shows can be corny sometimes, but Disney’s a REALLY good way to get starter, Take Zac Efron for instance, he’s huge now, and Just Bieber, is to conceited sometimes, and has a HUGE ego. no offense to his fans, I think he’s adorable, but it’s true, but nahh, Disney stars aren’t corny, their cute

  • Bieber Obsessed

    I think Disney stars GET their fame while others work for it.
    Anyway, i will love and support Justin forever, he is so talented.
    And if he has a big ego, so what? So would i if i was JUSTIN BIEBER! ;) Haha.

  • lindsay

    @Bieber Obsessed: Disney stars worked harder for their fame than Justin. He uploaded videos to YouTube and got lucky.

  • amy

    Kid needs a reality check. I was a fan of his original videos on youtube, but as soon as he became huge he sold out and became kinda big headed and such.

  • Got2Be

    Oh please. Justin, sweetie, I hate to break it to you, but you ARE corny. Just because you didn’t go with Disney does not mean your songs aren’t cheesy–they are. What an ego! As someone previously stated, get over yourself!

  • Kaylee

    Definitely big headed. Leaves me wondering why someone doesn’t give him a good talking to.

  • jajaja

    This kid is delusional! Justin Bieber Sucks!!!

  • Nicole

    Justin Timberlake started out on Mickey Mouse Club. MICKEY Mouse Club. Meaning Disney.

  • Brenna

    yeah, in all honesty those shows are really corny. too me they are not creative and not funny. i know the age demographic is low, but kids deserve funnier, higher quality shows than disney. PS- I am not a fan of Justin Bieber

  • Amanda

    I Love Justin Bieber. Disney and Nickelodeon stars are expected to act in a certain way and not just be themselves. Justin is 100% himself all the time. Also Justin is a role model because he doesn’t let his haters bother him. He also doesn’t let his stardom get to his head. He is the same kid, he flirts with any girl that walks by him. Miley, Selena, Demi and the Jonas Brothers are subjected to only G- rated stuff and act in a way 6+ can understand. Justin was able to do Saturday Night Live. Justin can say jokes that people from 6-12 year olds wouldn’t understand. Justin Bieber Haters Back off…… <3

  • jessica

    @Bieber Obsessed: i so agree with you. they just get there fame handed to them. unlike nick stars where you actually have to work for it. i mean cmon lets face it the nickelodeon shows are way better then the disney shows. there more entertaining and they have more mature humor then most disney shows. and i agree with this also disney is corny. except for wowp. thats the only disney show i will watch.

  • kelsey

    @jessica: hahah nick is better than disney. what the heck is wrong with you? nick shows are corny and lame and their stars are disney wannabes. disney> nick and justin bieber

  • KIM

    Uhmmmm Justin B,

    Do you know where Justin Timberlake started?????? Just thought i’d ask.

  • Olivia

    This kid is SO getting on my nerves… he’s got such a big ego… oh well, the harder they fall.

  • pascalee

    Yeah. This kid is constantly putting his foot in his mouth. People around him need to talk to him about tact.

  • Anthony

    I Do not think all Disney Channel Stars are Corny,

    Look at “Dylan and Cole Sprouse” They Rock!!

    They are not Highly marketed as Selena, Miley, Demi, so D&C can keep a normal life!!

    Suite Life on Deck has many adult Jokes and refrences as D&C grow older,

    I think the high profiled stars like Miley, Selena, Demi, over shadow the good secondary actors that support the main cast

    PS. I am a J-Bieber fan

  • jonasloverrrr

    uhhhhm disney stars are NOT corny.
    most of there musci is really good.
    i mean look at the original JB!!
    they have amazng non corny music.
    love justin but his songs are sortaaa corny…like seriously!

  • jonasloverrrr

    oh and i forgot to say justin has a huuuge egooo…
    sometimes he gets on my nerves..he’s sooo into himself all the time
    he’s a little brat.
    someone needs to tell him to get rid of that attitude he has.
    there are soo many talented people out there who are just as successful or even more successful and they are still down to earth….
    *cough nick jonas cough*
    this kid needs a reality check FAST!!

  • Nicole

    Justin is stupid. At least Disney and Nick stars can actually sing. He sounds like a girl when he opens his mouth.

  • Anna

    this kid has the biggest ego.

  • m

    Wow “Justin” you just bashed your “friend” Selena Gomez.
    And no you didn’t go the “corny Disney route” but you did go the “Usher” route and I’m sure you paid some people to spam your name on twitter.

  • eLLa

    Corny? Him? Yeah, cause all his songs aren’t about an eight year old being in love.

  • savannah

    Justinis right disney is so corny plus who wouldn’t have a big ego if they where the biggest and best in pop music at 16

  • amber

    hah get over yourself kid
    you may not be on disney
    but you are already corny
    ur a joke to the music industry

  • sam

    He may not have gone “corny” but he sure went gay.

  • none

    Justin is so overrated. He has a big ego and is arrogant. Bill Murry is corny. Justin is just a jerk.

  • Bieber Obsessed

    @jessica: Thank you very much. And haters are stupid.. Justin has obviously got talent and is obviously going somewhere in life. He will go far…..Disney is corny :D He has such a dedicated fan base.

  • ammberr

    Ok, I am soo tired of hearing about this kid over and over again. Yeah, he’s overrated. And he sounds like a 10 year old–or at least a guy who hasn’t hit puberty yet. He’s got the fattest ego; and it would be fine if you had an ego AND talent but he lacks the latter. And Disney stars “corny”? That’s rich coming from a kid singing about being in love. Jsyk, Justin. Selena Gomez is a Disney star. You calling her corny?

  • alec

    Disney stars aren’t corny, they just have a different way to go.

  • Daniyah


  • http://justjaredjr. chloecat

    This kid’s ego is bigger than his talent. What’s going to happen to him when his voice changes? I’d much rather watch and listen to “corny” Disney kids (would Justin have been saying that if he had gone with Justin Timberlake, former “corny” Disney star instead of Usher?) than to this egotistic jerk.

  • Martha

    @Bieber Obsessed:

    dude c’mon! open ur eyes!! i know justin bieber is musically talented but you have got to see what the hell he’s turning into! im a justin bieber fan and i sing his songs all the time but bashing other people?? thats soo cocky.
    he thinks hes awesome and is putting others down…
    i wanna be like usher??
    yea right..

  • jessica

    @Martha: since when is he bashing? all he said that i didnt go through the disney route.

  • candy

    i dont think he meant disney stars are corny, i think he meant Disney itself is corny or its not really edgy. and its true! Anyone under the age of 16 probably thinks disney is the best thing next to sliced bread. But truthfully, disney can be a gift and a curse. It can make u known make u really rich, and get u alot of opportunities. BUT it can be a nasty wicked curse. U cant blow ur nose without someone writing about how blowing ur nose is not being a good role model for kids. Miley has to go through that. she cant be seventeen because she has to be a “role model’ for little girls. Is that fair? Hell No. Indeed she’s really rich, but she has gone through more public ridicule and scrutiny than anyone her age we’ve ever seen. If she wasnt apart of disney, she would not have went through any of that.

    So, i think justin made a good decision not going the disney route, he has a bit more freedom. And P.S Disney is corny sometimes but not all the time. but like i said half of yall on here prolly like 12 so yall love disney. i love justin, he just keep getting better and better

  • dadf

    this justin kid should really watch what he’s saying. i mean really? this is like the third time he’s come up as an arrogant twerp. actually, he did go the disney route, and he did get corny. one time was first released on radio disney, making his name popular among the six year olds. sure, he might have originally started from youtube, but it was radio disney that eventually launched him to “stardom.” and puh-leez, if you dont call one time cheesy, then i dunno what you would call cheesy.

  • bRITT

    Are you kidding me? I’ve never been a fan of Justin, but seriously, Justin Timberlake started on DISNEY! Is Justin B aware of this? And it’s a little disrespectful to say it was a “corny route”, and honestly I never take him seriously…how old is he…like 6?

  • Minh

    What the heck…. Disney/nick stars are NOT corny. He’s getting corny to me! No offense to Justin fans but literally….he’s the one whose corny. He’s practically dissing Disney stars. Well I think he’s just a jerk

  • chichi

    What a ratty poo. He says he doesn’t want to take the disney route, he wants to follow justin timberlake. HELLO, justin timberlake was a former disney mousketeer.!

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