Miley Cyrus: Mercedes, Mate & Music

Miley Cyrus: Mercedes, Mate & Music

Continuing to work on her upcoming album, Miley Cyrus quickly checks her phone before heading to her Mercedes Hybrid SUV in Hollywood on Monday afternoon (April 12).

The 17-year-old actress/singer also had a photo shoot during the day where she was accompanied by her parents, Billy Ray and Tish.

According to EOnline, Miley shot an upcoming music video for her new track “I Can’t Be Tamed,” over the weekend.

A source told the media outlet, “Imagine ‘Party in the USA’ on steroids. It will blow people away.”

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • bruno

    yeaah so excited! sure is gonna blow us away! love u milez!

  • lalaland

    best looking disney girl by far

  • azalea

    Whoo hoo !! Love her bag :D~
    cant wait for the music video Miles
    I love ya :DD

  • yippie

    looking good

  • Iliveinbeverlyhillz:)

    Love her top. How tall is she?

  • enigma

    @Iliveinbeverlyhillz:): apparently she’s only 5’4″ but I don’t know if this is really true

  • LUCY

    She looks great, I would definitely say that she was 5ft 8 ish if Liam is 6ft 3 as she comes up to his chin!

  • hyunsmiley

    she just said shes only 5.4 at KIIS FM for ryan seacrest

    but i always thinking like WHAT?? that doesn’t even make sense at all!!

    look at her long long legs

    shes so leggyyyyyyy

  • hyunsmiley

    LUCY /

    miley can’t hit 5ft 8 that’s for sho

    i mean


  • lol


    Surely you jest. There are many beautiful girls that are or were Disney girls & 2 of the most beautiful ones are Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez.. They are by far more beautiful than Miley.

  • Olivia

    OMG, she looks gorgeous! I can’t wait for her album! Pre-ordering it, anyone??? :)

    And Mate is a seriously good looking dog… it’s amazing how much he looks like “Bolt”!!!!!! hahah…

    Freaking LOVE Miley.

  • lucy

    miley looks great in these photos best so far this year even no more weird clothing.

  • Taya


    beautifull <33

  • Taya


  • kati

    i love miley im really exciting for her new album i cant wait :) i love her

  • anh

    she’s beautiful and talent!!! love miley

  • Megan

    love her <333
    so excited about the new video!

  • kym

    mate is the cutest!!!
    but party in the usa on setroids… is that good or bad…
    and i just hope its not the hillary duff bubble gum pop stuff, she should ding more songs like the climb, it suits her voice better in my opinion

  • leticia

    I agree Kevin Selena stans think Selenas so pretty meanwhile shes average at most. SHe looks like she is 12 and the girl can not sing at all.

  • billythekid


    Keep hearing 5 ft 4 inches, but she honestly seems taller than that. betting at least 5′ 5″. Plus having long legs never hurts the perception of being taller, unlike people with short legs looking shorter.


    I suppose that’s what they call a “matter of opinion” and you have yours, and I have my own. While Hilary and Selena are both certainly pretty, they are not prettier “by far” than Miley. All these girls are in the same ballpark so far as I’m concerned. But I totally understand that having a general dislike for a person will certainly cloud your judgement!

  • Ronnie

    She looks good in blue jeans.
    And I like the dorky shoes much better than her boots.
    Hope she had fun doing that music video. I wish she would blog more.

  • Fiona

    Here dog grew bigger, oviousley (: Looking great as usual

  • Tiffany

    She looks so warm! I love that outfit, get all of her clothes here

  • leesha

    LOVE HER!!

  • disneygirl


  • swiftfan

    I definitely can’t wait for her new album!

  • lol


    My judgement is not clouded, I call it the way I see it. I did not go into the list of other beautiful actresses, some of which I am not fond of for their political or moral opinions, such as Angelins Jolie – BUT she is one of the most beautiful women today.

    I don’t hate Miley, and she certainly has charm & beauty but she is not the most beautiful Disney girl – I stand on my statement that Hillary Duff & Selena Gomez – in that order they are by far two of the most beautiful Disney girls. From what I have observed, the Miley fans cannot be objective about anyone else & seem to always want to bash Selena or any young actress who is not Miley. It seems it all stems back to Nick Jonas & his dating habits – seems like some of the Miley fans can’t get beyond Niley, even though that seems to be over for good.

    anyway, I have my opinion & you have yours.

  • amy

    Why is it that it never appears that Miley is wearing a seat belt, even while driving? In all the pictures I see of her in a car either driving or as a passenger I have never seen a picture where you can see she is weariing a seat belt. With all the paparazzi around to cause havoc it just seems so unsafe.

  • jessica

    she doesnt look like 5’4. trust me my mom is 5’4 and miley is way taller then her. she has to be at least 5’6 if not more.

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan


    maybe the paparazzi photoshopped it

  • jenn

    she looks flawless in the first picture. im totally growing my hair as long as hers! :D

  • Prettigurls

    She looks supper pretti as always <3

  • wuttuttu

    I spy…
    a baby bump.

  • victoria

    love herrrrrrrrrrrr <3
    she is so adorable :)

  • jess

    she looks good! cant wait for the new album!
    i love her shirt! she always dresses real cute!


    Miley is an amazing singer/actress and a lot of people hate her. I don’t hate her, per se, but I also don’t worship her. I think her leaked photos were a bummer and she should’ve been way more careful – never send photos like THAT via e-mail because if you are a celebrity one brainac can hack into your acccount and splash them everywhere. I also thought people blew up about her “pole dance” – it was barely a dance, let alone a POLE one. I think the problem with all Disney stuff is that it’s all sunshine and rainbows and the worst swear word is “no” and all that jazz. Whilst that’s OK for a while, when your kid hits like, fourteen they are gonna know everything anyway. Disney should stop being so goody-goody because no kid is as model as all the characters in the series are – and the only Disney series I enjoy is Wizards of Waverly Place because it’s funny, make-believe so kids don’t think they can become a wizard, have a wholesome/adorable/funny cast, and everyone has a good time. Programs like Hannah Montana show Miley being a famous rock-star and still having a normal life. That could NEVER happen in the real world – the second idenity would be exposed within two weeks.

    Miley’s cool.

  • nana

    im a big fan of you well not you justin beiber he’s sexy but are you get justin beiber

  • eli

    @hyunsmiley: yeah right ..lets not exaggerate. she’s making an illusion cause she always wears shorts and the hair is long too so u know..its all about what u were and how u were it.

  • itsmeagain

    @BLAIR: being a Wizard could never happened either. Both shows are unrelated to teens. The only NORMAL family sitcom Disney has is “GOOD LUCK CHARLIE” and before that, it was “LIFE WITH DEREK” , “Lizzie McGuire” , and “Even Stevens”.either than that, every thing on the DISNEY channel is MAKE BELIEVE

    Not every is a physic,
    Nobody is born a Wizard,
    no teenage is out there living double life as a secret rock star,
    regular kids don’t go to school on a both,
    and normal teens are not the star of their fave sketch show

  • jazmyn j0keR