Demi Lovato: 'Dream' Video Shoot with We The Kings!

Demi Lovato: 'Dream' Video Shoot with We The Kings!

Demi Lovato takes a load off with friends We The Kings at the set of their video shoot for “We’ll Be A Dream” at Elysian Park in Los Angeles late last month.

The 17-year-old actress/singer, wearing MINKPINK‘s “Night Cat” Black Hipster Shorts, tweeted about the shoot, “On my way to shoot a music video for “We’ll Be A Dream” with We The Kings!! Woo Hoo!!! :D gonna be a fun night!!!! Wow… had THE best time shooting the video… just got into bed.”

The “We’ll Be A Dream” music video aims to capture the emotions of childhood fun and featured dozens of extras run towards each other in an impromptu “battle” with makeshift weapons ” pillows, water balloons, ketchup and chocolate syrup.

So cool. Check back soon for the full video!

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Photos: Brett Pawlak
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  • JBstands4bieber

    Love them demii!! ;)
    btw 1sstttt!

  • Danni

    Love this song, so I hope the video is cool.

  • Diana

    OMD, can´t waito to see the video LOVE that song, and Demi, she´s my idol, the best, the most gorgeous !!!!!!!


  • Sofifreydel

    This is one of my fave songs, demi´s voice is amazing
    i love her and WTK it´s a great band too

  • Andrea DLF

    yay Demi´s so beautiful, i´m really excited for this video
    the song is so awesome and demi´s the best :)

  • Liz.

    I thought it was lame you had to be 18 to be in the video and she’s not even 18 lol. It’s just not even fair. I was just complaining about that last night in my acting class too bahaha.

  • shiko189

    omg i’ve never thought that they would make a vid for the song :D :D AM SO EXCITED !!!!

  • http://twitter//lovedemi4ever loveDEMI4ever

    yayyy i am sooooo exided ;D demi is GREAT

  • Robyn

    I LOVE this song :’) So, so beautiful :)

    Let me know what you think of the picture i drew of Demi ?

    Thanks :D

  • Amy

    Go DEMI!!!! nothing’s gonna bring this girl down!

  • jessica

    why is she recording a duet with them let alone a music video. i mean shes just gonna ruin it. and honestly we the kings should get away from disney and demi like right now. i bet there fans arent gonna be too happy about this.

  • cami

    the song is AMAZING <3 and so are them! can’t wait for the video :)

  • hazel

    just leave demi alone. she’s an amazing singer that’s why we the kings asked her to duet with them. you haters are just jealous. well demi doesn’t even care on what ur saying so im gonna stop now.

  • bella

    demi es una hermosa canción ,super tu voz es amazing ,demi she is the best , que pasa en su twitter ,demi acaso esta enferma ,tiene algo ,que le pasa ,porque en su twitter ,puso que esta enferma ,que tiene ,y recuperece demi ,pronto ,cuidese mucho ,sabes algo just jared ,que tiene demi y justp pone esa foto increible en donde sale con la cara añada ,omg demi eres impresionante

  • danni


    Shut your pie hole.

  • Nick#40

    @Liz.: She’s not even 18 yet??! At first glance of the pic I thought she was 24. She doesn’t look like a Disney star though. She dresses very emo.

  • Jon

    Wow, first Selena, then Jonas Brothers, then Miley, and now We The Kings? Who else is she going to use to help her career?…

  • patty

    @Jon: Lol that was harsh but you actually made a point there.

  • LOL

    Wtf?! Why?! Why?! I love We The Kings but why are they collaborating with her? A freaking annoying Disney star? Did they fockin lose their minds or something? Their music is good but this was a dumbass move.

  • a.m./p.m.

    We The Kings is my most favorite band ever. But I don’t like Demi. She has a good voice but there isn’t really anything else to like about her. They should’ve picked another female artist to duet with or better yet, just sing the song by themselves.

  • Sketch

    I love we the kings, but they are simply not as famous as they should be. Having Demi in their video was a smart move. They get more teens checking out their music, and Demi slowly breaks off the disney scene. Out of the two is Demi who is more famous so those going on about how she is using them needs to get their facts straight. They are We the kings not flippin KOL or The fray. Jheez. >_<

  • Sketch

    Oh I forgot to add, that I prefer her hair straight. I dont like it wavy. And I cant wait for the video.

  • bobo

    i used to be a fan. she’s changed so much. idk why she seems so fake. may be it’s her smile or just her

  • Ella

    One of my favorite songs of the moment. I will really check out on the music video!! ^^

  • Autumn

    Love love love Demi & love love love We The Kings. I’ve loved them for years, and when I first heard this song months ago I almost died. It’s beautiful. It’s not Disney and it’s not too corny. So I don’t see the problem that people have with it. Don’t like it, then don’t listen. If you’re a real WTK’s fan, you’ll support them, not tear them down for something they did. Especially a song as beautiful as this.

  • Autumn

    OH, almost forgot to mention. Demi looks freakin’ beautiful here.

  • Lola

    The video is gonna be awesome. I can’t wait <3

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