Lucas Grabeel & Brittany Snow Say Hey, Johnny

Lucas Grabeel & Brittany Snow Say Hey, Johnny

Brittany Snow and Jessica Stroup look amused as Lucas Grabeel brings some more girls to help them out with their friend in this new TV spot for the JED Foundation.

Like the other PSA for “Jenny“, the video is sponsored by and takes a sartorial approach at how students, especially on college campuses can help friends deal with depression.

“Johnny” also features an appearance by Boys Like Girls. Check it out below!

JED Foundation TV Spot – “Hey Johnny”
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  • Lucasmile23/ahaGrabeelnews

    Lucas=always hot!!

  • vanessa

    I didnt really get that- so random.
    But i watched it anyways, I love Jessica Stroup— soo pretty!

  • Jessie

    Jessica Stroup = adorable

  • katie

    I love Lucas. It’s great they are trying to help young people with depression, it is a real problem. Maybe people seem to think teenagers cannot have depression, it must be their hormones or they’re just trying to be ‘emo’ but it’s just not true. Depression exists amongst teenagers.

  • lia

    I love Lucas. It’s great that he’s trying to help teenagers with depression. :)

  • athena

    @katie: Katie, I agree with you…I think many people overlook it. I was depressed as a teenager…no one knew, nor did they seem to care…I don’t know how I made it through, but I did.

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