Neil Patrick Harris Thought Vanessa Hudgens Was Perfect for RENT

Neil Patrick Harris Thought Vanessa Hudgens Was Perfect for RENT

It was just announced last week that Vanessa Hudgens will be taking the stage as Mimi in RENT at the Hollywood Bowl later this summer.

Neil Patrick Harris, who stars as Vanessa‘s costar in Beastly and will also direct the summer run, caught up with On The Red Carpet to chat about his newest cast member.

He shared on why she got the role, “Vanessa is awesome, she’s a real good friend. I got to watch her during Beastly and as I was watching her, I thought she’d be a great Mimi. I asked her to come in and sing to make sure she had the chops for it. She seemed very committed and great. We haven’t started rehearsals yet but time will tell.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Vanessa’s new role?

NPH on Vanessa as Mimi
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  • coolio


  • Carol

    I totally agree with Neil.
    I wish I could go to LA to see it.

  • vanessahudgensrocks~

    it’s time for her to shine!
    u go girl!!
    love ya V!

  • may

    i’m sooo happy for her =)

    i love you vanessaaaa

  • javajunkie

    Yey! Go Nessa! :)

  • Pam

    I understand VH is a big draw for this site but isn’t RENT outside this site’s target demographic? The show shouldn’t be talk about here. But then again I kinda understand the need to post. Something that generate a lot of comments, it’s been quiet around here.

    I guess this comment can be taken as a token of help

  • http://jjj telma

    agree with NPH, she’s awesome

    go Vanessa

  • adcgordon

    She’s gonna be absolutely wonderful in the role!

  • http://jjj marcy

    Ahhh this sounds wonderful! I think she’ll really rock this role, I’m exciiiited.

  • BabiiVFanForeva

    I totally agree with NPH! Vanessa has amazing talent and I just want to congratulate her on her role! :D

  • Tiffany

    What a nice guy!!!!!!! Vanessa is going to do a wonderful job in Rent. I love her. Get all of her clothes here

  • :L Laritzy

    She lost so much weight,
    look at her legs, they are so skinny right now, Im not saying she was fat, but now she has the perfect legs..anyone noticed it?

  • mike

    she is going to be great because shes very talented and beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sara

    Think it will be great! I think people are so stupid to judge that she will be a bad Mimi, since they only judge her by HSM. AND they haven’t even seen her!

  • amanda

    vanessa and amazing, has great talent!
    and will do very well in this new work.
    love v

  • jjeenniiffeerr

    I wonder, all those previous Mimi’s after the original, if the public had doubts as well before they had to eat their words and start singing along.

    Congratulations to V for getting this part, she’ll be a shocker for sure.

  • vanessa

    love nessaaa. we have the same name too ;)

  • lslsharon

    Of course she is perfect as Mimi.Neil is so sweet!

  • Masbonita

    I wish I can see her in rent!

  • musicgirl

    I think she’s gonna do GREAT! <33

  • Danielle

    I am sure Vanessa will be perfect!!!!

  • jess!

    so sweet!

  • lulu

    for once she’s not pouting!!

  • pop86

    @Pam: Why shouldn’t Rent be talk about here?
    Actually, the talk is about Vanessa.

    Anyone can see clips of Rent on youtube or borrow the dvd or better yet, go see the show.

  • susan1

    Iam sure NPH will do a great job.
    I love that she auditioned for it.
    She is perfect for the role.
    I’m so proud of her.

  • misty

    she is just perfect great job nph

  • birdie

    Friends or not, he wouldn’t have hired her if he didn’t think she had the talent for it. I love the play and I’m going to see it because Vanessa is
    in it.

  • Tata

    Thanks, Neil, for such good words about our Vanessa :)

  • Tata

    he is so right, Vanessa is great!!!!

  • alessandra Zanessa

    i’m sooo happy for her.
    i love you vanessa. I am sure Vanessa will be perfect!
    I wish I can see her in rent!

  • vanessa

    bitchhhhhhhhh fuck u v

  • dani

    vanessa has potencial and Neil saw it ………and im very happy for her i mean there’s a lot angry people that hate vanessa for no reason well maybe is envy or jealous or whatever it calls for example this week I was reading on twitter stupid and ignorant comments about vanessa as mimi .. im sick of that They judge her as if they knew her well at least Neil defend her and everybody knows that he’s a great guy

  • Katty

    I WISH I could see her in Rent! I know she’ll be amazing. She’s had a wonderful voice, and is making herself into quite the actress.. she is gonna go places if she makes the right choices.

  • Joochi

    I guess that Vanessa will always be under the gun for her acting chops mainly because ill people in Hollywood aren’t able to let go of the past and will always rub that in her face and because she’s from Disney, but hell nobody is saying that bout Miley or is it because of Vanessa’s ethnic background. Whatever the case maybe it stinks that they always have something bad to say bout her and she’s always having to prove herself because Hollywood is a White kind of town and minorities are always being tossed aside and only being used when they need them.

  • Katty

    Are V and Z in Brazil, or is this old?

    I am not trying to start any rumors by doing this, I am just wondering. It would make sense, they’re due for a vacation… they take one, like once a year.

  • suzy

    she will be fab as mimi.

  • danirt

    ahhhh vanessa this a big shot for your career ah simply beautifull actress

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Katty, those pictures were taken last year, when Vanessa was taking pictures for a Brazilian mag. The magazine came out last summer and Zac went with Vanessa to Brazil. Vanessa is going to be great in Rent, she has all the talent to do great .I beleieve in her.

  • daniel

    totally agree with NPH vanessa’s awesome and a real friend

  • marin

    of course she got the part of the druggy hoe

  • Tere995

    I love NPH. i love that he has a friendship with Vanessa. Hope they both have a great time during rehearsals and during their live performances. Hope to hear great commits about Rent.

  • ZANE

    I belive in her talent.she can do it.

  • Katty


    Thank you. I thought it might be, but you never know when they are going back, ya know?

    New pic of Z and V on
    I do not think they are new, but it’s cute.

  • http://j chelsea

    sounds cool.. nph loves her:)

  • Mika

    That’s great and all for her, but the role is pretty much a STD postive “dancer”.
    Way to take a big move, hope it goes well.

  • cosmos

    This is so amazing and I am so excited for her going back to her theater roots. Thank you NPH for being an incredible friend to Vanessa and casting her in this iconic role. I believe she is going to blow everyone away and continue to do so as Beastly and Sucker Punch come out.

    And for those of you that are negative – MOVE ON! If you don’t like her fine but JUST STOP with the hatred and negative comments. It’s such a waste of your time and energy and honestly I have no idea where you people find the time or why your hearts are so black. Maybe you should all volunteer with an organization and learn some humanity.

    Adam Pascal who played “Roger’ in RENT in the original. Here’s what he said on his facebook.
    “it’s great!”

    “i think everyone should relax about the hollywood bowl rent casting. these hollywood bowl shows are a chance for actors who dont normally get the chance to do musical theater, to do it in a big fun way. just shut up and stop being so catty.”

  • bianca

    First of all Rent touches a subject that’s not taboo anymore so I doubt it shouldn’t be discussed here. Besides the story is soooo much deeper than that.

    ANYWAY, don’t kill me but I don’t see her as Mimi…..first of all they have to stop giving hispanic roles to Vanessa she’s PHILIPPINE. Anyway, but that’s not what I think she’s wrong for the character. Being a RENT fan (broadway and movie) I think that vanessa’s singing register is to high pitch for Mimi’s. Mimi is more of a soul singer, she has a raspy voice…her character doesn’t have anything sweet about her on the contrary she’s fiesty and she’s got that latina spice.

    Not saying that Vanessa doesn’t have the talent but oh well, lets see what happens. Still wish her the best.

  • Katty


    I understand what you are saying, but you don’t know what she can do. She hasn’t had to show us if she does have that soul-singer, raspy voice in her, she hasn’t had to work on it. They may give her more lessons to make her sound that way, you do not know.

    Also, if ethnic backgrounds come to play in everything, Vanessa would never get a part. She isn’t exactly one thing like most of the world, she’s filipina, chinese, caucasion, irish, and I think native american, I am not sure. Although she may not be hispanic, she could still pass as one, seeing as Gabriella was mexican or whatever. I do understand you want the show to stick to the exact roots, that is alright to want that, but that doesn’t always mean that is what will happen.

  • maria

    Each woman that plays Mimi does NOT have to be a carbon copy of each other!!!!! Vanessa will bring her own vision to the role, and she does NOT have to have the exact same voice as the others. I think she has the PERFECT blend of sass, flair, sexiness, and vulnerability for that role, has extensive stage and performing experience, and will be FABULOUS. I think NPH was brilliant in casting her, and I’m sure he was very choosy in who he cast, as this is his directorial debut.

  • jazmin

    So excited for her and thank you NPH for casting her.