Submit Your JONAS Questions!

Submit Your JONAS Questions!

We all know you’re dying to ask the Jonas Brothers, Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson everything and we’re giving you your chance!

JJJ is heading to the JONAS set to hang with Nick, Joe, Kevin, Chels and Nicole very, very soon and want to know what you would ask them.

From what’s coming up on the series to the JoBros tour…you could even ask the girls about their summer style. Anything goes…within reason.

Let us know in the comments!

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Credit: Eric McCandless; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • Abby

    How different is the plot of the second season of JONAS going to be compared to the first one?

  • Lisa

    What do you guys do with your free time on set?

  • http://facebook.comdainaheartsdemilovato08 xxdainaxx

    to JOE:how did you and demi became couple??
    to JONAS:do you always stick one another and never think about breaking the group??

  • bailey

    Will you be going back on the Today Show this summer?

  • Jennie

    Are you coming to England on the JB world tour 2010? Namely, Manchester? :)

    Aaaaand…is there going to be any more romantic happenings on the Joella front? :) xo

    Kevin, how’s danielle? :)

    Joe, how’s demi? Jemi foreverrr <3

  • Helguss

    the Jonas boys will come to Hungary in summer???
    we want it!!! :)
    Hungary loves you.:)

  • Bailey

    Any Wedding bells in the future Joe?

  • sevda k

    will you come to Turkey in your world tour ?? we love you so much !

  • Bailey

    On the 2010 tour will you still play songs from the pervious tours?

  • divya

    do u guys enjoy working with each other? do u have fun on set?

  • Bailey

    How are the relationships between the Cast behind scenes?

  • melanie

    My question:
    What do you guys like the most about Holland, since your visit last november 13th 2009? And when are you guys coming back to holland for a concert? I couldn’t make it to the last one :(

    Love you guys!
    Loves x melanie, from The Netherlands

  • kintje

    What Jonas differences with season 1 Season 2 ?

  • andrea cz

    kevin, joe, and nick,

    is the tour going to be a totally different feel, like new stage new clothes and new songs? or are you going to incorporate alot of the old stuff into it?

    love you guys :]

  • Gimena

    I’d die if you ask them my questions! haha,
    First of all.. I wanna them to know, that they’re just amazing! And i have SO much fun when i watch JONAS.
    Well, my questions are:
    If you guys are spending the summer at the beach, you’re having more time for your fans, right?
    And what Stella and Joe are going to be a couple??! It’s amazing!
    What can you tell us about the music? ’cause i love the music..
    Are the epidodes to me funnier than the first season?

    Well, thanks for give me the epportunity :)

  • kintje

    my question :
    1. What Jonas differences with season 1 Season 2 jonas world tour 2010 are you’ll go to indonesia? (i hope it)

  • Nelly

    When you guys come again to Germany and give concerts?

  • T.C.

    I really want to know when the soundtrack from JONAS will be released?
    And if they are planning on releasing a Living The Dream DVD.

  • Ronya

    I just need to ask if they are coming a new album out soon :) and please say my name :D

  • becca

    Will there be new music in season two of Jonas?

    For Nicole & Nick is it awkward playing Love interests on tv?

  • Olga

    Are you going out together really often? :)

  • AudreyB

    Are you exicted by your world tour 2010?

  • T.C.

    Also, I wan to know if they are going to release a new single from LVTT????

  • deanna

    can you ask them what was the funniest that happened while on set?

  • AudreyB

    The 2010 stage will turn like in 2009 or not ?

  • Anne-Louise

    That song you guys (JB) made on Living The Dream 2, is it going to be on your next album?

  • Louisa

    My question:
    Do you consider to play Please be mine on the upcoming tour?

    Love from Germany :)

  • Georgia

    Are you guys including Australia in your ‘world tour’ this time?

  • meettia

    will demi lovato & danielle get any role in JONAS?

  • Marla

    Will Joe and Stella still continue their relationship?? Is there a chance that Demi Lovato will guest on JONAS?? How about Nick and Macy??

  • AudreyB

    What’s your best memory in the season 1 of Jonas ?

  • Sophie

    Do you want Demi to guest star on JONAS? What part would you want her to play? :) Lots of Love x

  • Mary D.

    When will you guys come back to Europe ? :)

  • AudreyB

    Chelsea, How are the boys on the set?

  • Jess

    Will you becoming back birmingham in the uk for the Jonas Brothers world tour 2010?

  • Arie

    If you guys had the apportunity to go back and do it all over again would you?

    How has your life changed since you started Jonas?

    What can the fans expect on your upcoming tour?

  • Maja

    For everybody! :) Do you laugh much when you record and do you have to record the scenes again again? :)

  • Maja juhl

    For everybody! :) Do you laugh much when you record and do you have to record the scenes again again? :)

  • Sophie

    Do you want Demi to guest star on JONAS? (we do!! :D) What part would you have her play? x

  • annoymous

    what size ring does Joe wear??

  • saretta

    for nick and nicole: how was “fallen in love” on the screen? =)

    for joe and chealsea: joe and stella romance will continue?

    for kevin: danielle is a lucky woman =)

  • Liah

    Will there be a romantic relationship between Nick and Macy in this season?

  • Sarah

    1. Is there going to be a brand new intro for the show or just a slightly updated version?

    2. Will there be full versions of the songs on the first season of JONAS’ soundtrack (like Give Love a Try on Radio Disney Jams 12)?

  • JBfan2010

    Will we ever get a soundtrack CD for the TV show?

    Nick: do you think you’ll make a second album with The Administration? I loved the first CD so I hope so!

  • Inka

    To Chealsea:
    How it was kissing Joe?
    What’s your biggest dream?
    What was your first role?
    Which role was your favorite?
    Do you like Jonas Brothers’s music ?

  • julienne

    Will you be coming to the Philippines this year and is there going to be a JONAS soundtrack?

  • AudreyB

    Guys, If you come in France, what you would like to make that you didn’t make in 2009?

    For your world tour, Will Nick can sing one of his songs ?

  • GAby

    What will be the name of your next tour?…..
    It will be the sane stage?
    Thank you very much
    loveyou xoxo

  • Manveer (manni)

    Hi guys! Big fans of all of you!

    1) How are you all-Is it fun being back on set?
    2) Chelsea and Nicole- what are your favourite things about each of the Jonases (including frankie)
    3)Nick, Joe Kevin- what are your favourite things about each of the girls?
    4) To all of you- Any tips for making it in the business?

    Thanks for reading (and answering if i am lucky)


  • Kim

    when JB’s world tour, will you becoming to South Korea(in East Asia)?

>>>>>>> staging1