Joe & Demi Double Date with Nick & Nicole Anderson

Joe & Demi Double Date with Nick & Nicole Anderson

Joe Jonas and girlfriend Demi Lovato get the giggles as they head back to their car after dinner at Farfalla Restaurant in Los Feliz, Calif., on Thursday night (April 15).

The duo joined Nick and JONAS costar Nicole Anderson. How cute are Nicole and Demi in this hug?!

JJJ recently caught up with Nicole about her summer go-to piece and it was a romper! She told us, “They’re just so easy and light. So many colors too!”

WHAT’S YOUR SUMMER go-to item?

20+ pics inside of Joe, Demi and the Nic(k)s…

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Credit: Matei/Radcliffe; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • dylann

    Demi’s legs look chunky!!

  • jan


  • franciinii

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw soo cute i remember another jonas double date that en up with a no couple been a couple ***cought jemi cought*** . nicole looks gorgeous and nick goood like always soo happy for them yaaaaay!!

  • coolio

    Shut up about her legs really! Demi has curves and is not afraid to show them. jemi look happy, but Nicole either is bored is uncomfortable.

  • hellohello

    demi’s legs look fine. sheesh, you guys, calm down. she’s an amazing girl who doesn’t deserve this.
    oh and jemi rocks. they really look like they’re having fun :)

  • ashley

    @coolio: probably nervous, ya know it being the first date & all ; ) ; )

  • Dana

    Gasp! Hot legs! That’s the first time I’m seeing her in shorts like that and she looks fineeeeeeee. :)

  • boutax

    I think nicole likes more Joe and is a little jeaulous of jemi. Look at onr of the last photos. She is almost 20 And nick 17 :/. Anyways they r havin fun. And is ridicoulously akward the similarity of demi and nicole. They loook like sisters :)

  • chris

    Demi looks ridiculous in that outfit. Nicole looks really cute! Nick looks great! Clearly they are only friends eating dinner together and don’t need to have the media taking pictures and writing stories about them being serious. They are cute though. And let me say again how great Nick looked in these pictures.

  • nikkiy

    they all look good together

  • Bethany

    Call me the next time Kanielle goes out. They are a real deal couple

  • Caro

    Ok, so Jemi Haters… You said Joe is not happy with Demi, Can u say the same with those pics? I have never seen joe smiling like that before! I must admit he was very happy with Camilla, and now he is with Demi!

    They’re having a lot of fun!
    I’m so happy for them!! I love this couple :)

  • “.. Nicole about her summer go-to piece and it was a romper! ”

    Those are so annoying to wear, you have to unbutton your whole outfit when you go to the bathroom. Dresses are better =]

    Jemi is cute

  • bella

    demi soy latino te ves super genial ,me encanta como estas vestida, y la alegria que transmites ,eres increible y naravillosa ,se te extrañaba , si tu eres feliz ,todos somos felices ,estas regia ,demi she is the best forever y si eres feliz con joe que viva la vida y por cierto I love me,myselft & time amazing song

  • lorettagallo

    WEEEEEEEEE BEST COUPLE EVER!!!!! ILOVE JIME!!!!! that just complete my days off!thats why i love justjared!thank u!!!!mwwaaa

  • ashlee

    Jonas is all publicity now .. I don’t like Nick and Nicole together and their publicity

  • bethannny

    she has great legs,whoever thinks she has fat legs is an idiot.

  • marquita

    Okay so Nick is rebounding so hard. Boy he needs to take a break from women and calm down a little. Go to school and get some experience

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Hey! What if Nick is dating Nicole??… the age doesnt mattter!! Go for it Nick!! I wouldnt mind to date somebody older than me hahaha

  • Bethany


    That comment of yours didn’t sound teenie at all, and yes, that was sarcasm

  • JMP

    Demi looks great and Joe looks happy. Nick and Nicole don’t look as happy however it could be because they are flashing pictures in their face while they are probably just out on a friendly lunch. Anyway Nick does look great and Nicole looks very pretty.

  • lorettagallo



  • veronica

    Demi looks trashy with the tan look. Eww….

  • @itsmehannaa

    WHAT ?! nicole and nick? so not match ..

  • ayen

    NACY ftw..

  • Darius

    2 pairs of sexy legs in skirts and those Jonas boys don’t look interested at all? They’re either really serious about that purity ring mumbo jumbo or really giz-ay.

  • Jaz

    Jemi is adorable as always… really love them. Hard to tell about Nick and Nicole… just friends? A gossip site said last month or so that Nick has a big crush on Nicole. They don’t look overly comfortable but that could be for tons of reasons, esp. the photogs. The age difference is no big deal… really, it’s funny how when the guy is a few years older, no one cares, but if the girl is a few years older people freak.

  • Evelyn

    @Jaz: I know right it just crazy and Joe and Demi do look happy in some pictures you would think that they believe it’s just them two there like they forgot that Nick and Nicole is there with them

  • pandora

    Short shorts really look better on long thing legs not short and she is short. Finally Joe has found a “girlfriend”shorter than him!

  • Ella

    And where’s Kevin & Dani?! It should be a triple date!! ^^

  • Elly

    A nice quiet evening out on a double date. Sweet. :) Who called the paps?
    I’m really starting to feel bad for Demi though. Aside from the general hate she receives for dating Joe, she also seems to be relegated to “girlfriend of” status anytime they are photographed together. Hey media, guess what? She was her own person before the relationship went public. Could we get back to that please? Perhaps it might lessen some of the backlash they’ve been getting as a couple. Just sayin’…..

  • hee

    I feel sorry for Nicole here…she couldn’t look less interested in being set up with Nick (*cough* for PR *cough*), haha. But maybe I am projecting since I’m just not very fond of Nick.

    But Joe & Demi always look like they are having fun together whatever you think of them, I love that and I’m sure it was a nice time, they seem fun to be around. :)

  • rania

    Why Nick 17 year old has clothes and shoes like my grandfather?

  • candy

    i pray nick gets out f the habit of that purse he wears. he lookin a bit too feminine. I know gay guys who cross dress who don’t wear purses. PLEASE!….. And BTW Joe and Demi look boring and uninteresting as usual. Joe looks bored while Demi is smiling ridiculously as usual. Nick looks bored and so does Nicole.

  • candy

    @Darius, u notice how they always seem uninterested in girls whenever they go out. Joe TOO. Demi was practically throwing herself at him tryna kiss him a few weeks ago, and he was looking sooo uncomfortable. Nick has never shown PDA to any female except for an uncomfortable church hug he give everybody. Overall its clear they dont like PDA but Joe and Demi claim to be “in love.”? NO WAY a person in love looks like that.

  • Diana

    Love Demi, she’s gorgeous, love her outfit and her hair is so WOW, i want that hair, Awe Jemi <33 they look so good together

  • lulu

    i think nick fancies nicole, i mean she’s gorgeous! but even if they were dating, nicole will be 20 soon, he’s only 17 in a pop boy band aimed at teen girl, it would be weird! if she was the same age, he was older watevs, maybe, but if they did, i don’t think it would last long x x x

  • emmy

    nick and nicole? i thought it wasn’t true. :|

  • Sara

    I LOVE Jemi ! <3
    I HATE Nick With That Nicole Girl !

  • lauren

    she laughs way to much.

  • haley

    Demi looks horrible with the shorts. She’s so fat.

  • Sofifreydel

    JEMI <33 Perfect couple, demi’s so beautiful love her
    can’t wait to see her in my country May 25 <33

  • Amy

    YAY!! I love Joe and Demi. Nick and Nic would be pretty awesome. I think Noicole is absolutely gorgeous!

  • http://j chelsea

    so with their relationship they are promoting not only camp rock but JONAS? fail

  • carterr

    @ashlee: Agreed. Nick IS all publicity. These brothers have become so commercial, it’s ridiculous. I think that Joe and Demi make a very cute couple. I think I’m just really sick of seeing Nick with all these different girls. And the paparazzi just so happens to find them? Every single time? Most fans are kidding themselves if they’re going to argue with me.

    It’s so weird to look at them and remember how much I used to looove these guys. Well, Kevin being the exception- I think he’s the only one with a good head on his shoulders.

  • africa lambata

    i am sick and tired of this bullshit couple
    email when something REAL is happening.
    and btw, i miss single joe
    that was when he was VERY sexy.
    hmph :(



  • ms. a

    hahaha if nicole and nick started dating their celeb name would be like their first names because they have the male/female version of the same name =]

  • jessica

    oh please i said it once and i will say it again jemi is just a publicity stunt. get that through your heads. and well nicole deserves better then nick so she shouldnt ever date him even though they will be cute. heck i find them much better then jemi. nicole and nick are actually cute and not half as annoying.

  • martha

    i like demi with brownish hair! it was prettier but now she looks older and stuff… i like nicole though shes so cute and looks really young for a 19 year old! i like nick and nicole!! yayy

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