Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Lollipop, Lollipop...

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Lollipop, Lollipop...

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth get giggly with the paparazzi as they stroll in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon (April 15).

With a lollipop in hand, the 17-year-old actress lead Liam, 20, back to their car before heading home.

Liam recently caught up with People mag and chatted about one of his favorite things about Los Angeles: “The hamburgers in America are the best in the world. Mel’s Diner in L.A. — they are my favorite hamburgers. I could eat there everyday. They are ridiculous.”

So how does he maintain his abs of steel? “Surfing has been my main sport growing up, so that’s always helped. I feel like [being on a treadmill is the] most boring thing, sitting on the treadmill or on a bike. It just explodes my mind!”

15+ pics inside of Miley and Liam

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • Anna

    could she be any more prettier?
    love her xo.

  • mileyraydaily


  • itsmeagain

    @Anna: I think she’s as pretty as they come!

  • LUCY

    wow, could Miam be any cuter with their lollipops. Gorgeous couple! xoxo

  • Brooke

    beautiful !

  • leticia

    Love her

  • jessica

    damn shes soo gorgeous. i love her outfit.

  • Brit&MileyFan

    I want to meet her so bad

  • candy

    i love everything about these two

  • WOW.

    LOVE this girl. She’s gorgeous!

  • billythekid


    Miley is ALWAYS pretty, but it’s very nice to see her being a little smily in front of the paps even if they don’t deserve the smile, her fans certainly can appreciate it :) Anyhow, where’s Jackie at? Only 6 comments but she’s here somewhere!

  • Freida

    Liam… If you’re sitting on the treadmill, I think you may be doing it wrong. ;) Could be why it’s so boring… Or painful!

  • swiftfan

    Miley is sooo cute!!=D

  • Gaby

    I agree, she looks really good in these pictures!

  • fgfj

    she always wears the same shorts. but i still like her outfit.

  • dkp

    she’s probably all 6 comments, how few comments here,boo miam,they dont interest me obviously alot of other people the same way

  • Prettigurls

    Miley so pretti I lover her style && everything && Liam is supper hot!!

  • Prettigurls

    @jessica: I kno rite lol

  • ashley

    even though hes not nick (yup, im NEVER gunna let that go=X) i really think they are a GREAT couple. not to mention, hes flat out sexy.

  • Anna

    i gotta admit, they’re kind of cute together. emphasis on the KIND OF.

  • cal

    Liam never looks at her in pics.

  • katy

    i love her :)
    evers and evers haha

  • nikkiy

    i like them

  • ktawnyy

    lookin good in these pictures miles! (:

  • Annie

    She’s pregnant, that’s my bet. Why would her boyfriend come with her to a medical building? And what’s in the brown paper bag and why is it in front of her stomach?

  • nicole

    Holy cow… Slow down… I doubt she’s pregnant. She’s probably there just for work. All celebrities need a physical before they can be insured to work.

    But they are a cute couple though.

  • rania

    Liam is just the boyfriend famewhore of Miley

  • ashlee

    Liam is a famewhore, Liam used the fame of Miley

  • vix

    to ashlee: liam is not a famewhore i’ve been wacthing him on tv for ages since the elephant/rock princess. just beacause you havn’t really heard of him in america doesn’t mean he’s using miley’s fame!!! on a lighter note, they look cute here. miley’s looking beautiful as always :)

  • Gossip Girl

    listen to how ridiculous the 3 commentators a head of me sound. tisk tisk

  • shazia

    Miley looks ugly here…i like her hair .She was prettier before .now she looks a bit ugly. and the guy is hot but he is not good-looking.i think he looks better with sun glasses on.

  • sam

    Holy crap, she looks gorgeous! & did anyone notice those legs…. ahhh..I want them!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Kathi

    I like Liam:) I’ve known him before “The last song”.He played Marcus on “The Elephant Princess”.

  • q

    Annie: HAHAHAHHAHAHAH, im sorry but i just had to laugh at your comment. I wonder how you get that story from those pictures :D!

    anyway, i lime Mileys outfit.

  • billythekid


    I see someone was sipping on a large doze of CraZy last night! How many times will this make Miley to have been pregnant? Dunno, but she’d probably have as many kids as that Kate-Plus-8 chick if they were all true :) Anyhow Dear Annie, where do you see a medical building? And for crying out loud, is there any possibility for anyone entering one of these rare establishments for anything other than a pregnancy? Your post has seriously brought out a case of the LOLs this morning. Thank you!!

  • lileyfan

    @mileyraydaily: agree

  • ufo

    i love her and liam there so great together and they look good walking togther but i gotta say shes looking hot but i LOVE !! HER MOVIE…. ahhh the last song???:??

  • jcm

    She IS holding it really close to her, lol.
    Hmmmm….they better not be getting rid of it…this needs to be brought out that Miley FINALLY is the stupid chic that she’s been trying to hide…..

  • m

    Miley’s mom picked Liam for the role. Liam isn’t getting roles because of her. He already had roles before he met her.

  • maddie

    love the outfit. :) and the hair.
    & i wish i had legs like that.

  • Danny McDonald

    Mileypop & Liampop!