Selena Gomez Gives Worldly Thanks

Selena Gomez Gives Worldly Thanks

Selena Gomez takes the stage at MTV UK’s Live sessions in London last week, singing some of her hit songs on the show.

The 17-year-old actress recently updated her Facebook to thank her millions of fans.

Selena posted, “Spain, France, U.K., Germany– Thank you all so much for making me feel so at home while I was on this promo tour. Putting out an album has always been a dream of mine, getting to tour that album all over the world and meeting my fans everywhere was apart of that dream, I can not express how grateful I am for this experience, for my album, for the tour and most of all for all of YOU… I hope you all enjoy the record, I cannot wait to make it back out to see you guys and hopefully do some shows!

“America– I had a wonderful time in Europe but, I do miss home very, very much. I am very excited to start working again and I couldn’t pick a better place to live while I shoot my movie BUT I also can’t wait to get back to see all of my family, friends, and fans!”

Check out the rest of Sel‘s entry on her Facebook!

Selena Gomez – “The Way I Loved You”

Selena Gomez – “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”
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  • pauli

    awsome!!! shes simply the best!!!

  • pauli

    and as always she looks totally gorgeous, love her outfit, her style is so fashionable ;)

  • andy

    Beutiful girl! Keep the good work Selena! And come tour Latin America Please…

  • Kirra

    is it me or is every other post on here about Selena these days?
    I love her but jeeez calm down Jared haha

  • Shamilah

    Selena’s amazing !
    shes always looking pretty..& her performance was Really Good :]

  • m

    Jared, don’t over-exaggerate Selena o nly has 1 hit song and that’s naturally.

  • yoyo


    shut up! She has many good song on her album and Selena sounds amazing here!!

  • pauli

    @m jelous? much? just shut up!!!

  • alec

    Hey, it’s pretty good. :D

  • Bieber Obsessed

    Selena is so amazing, and amazingly beautiful too. Love her (:

  • m

    jealous of what? Selena only has 1 hit song and that’s a fact. Go check billboard before saying shit. Naturally is her only song that’s popular. I’;m sure she’ll have more hit songs but at the moment only 1.

  • Daisy

    it was okay… until the end when it just sounded like she was whining
    also the first time she said “miracle” i lol’d
    and the second video just…lol

    cue crazy obstinate selena fans who can’t complete a proper sentence

  • cleo

    she’s really good..& if u got hate to say why comment jeeez!
    - sad,low lifejealous much.

  • jessica

    she looks pretty here. the only disney star that i actually like.

  • jessica

    ok i just watched the video and she did great in the second video. i dont even think she has even sung tell me something i dont know live. the first video kind of looked like she was lip syncing.

  • candy

    she need to stick to acting. she pretty though

  • swiftfan

    such a great girl! congrats to selena on all the success she is having lately!

  • Jessica

    omg she cant sing!! please stick to acting! i like selena sooo much but this doesnt make me love her more… i know so many people that can sing her songs without sounding sick! just sayin

  • leticia

    she cant sing shes the worst on Disney

  • anh

    i’m sorry but she can’t sing!! just Stick with Acting Selena…we like u that way.

  • lily

    @leticia: No the worst is miley so go on her post.

  • coolio

    Im not a Selena fan, i am hardcore Demi all the way but she is not that bad at singing. Give her time and she will get there. She sings better when she is not moving. I think her singing gives us a little insight on her personality since she never really has one no offence.

  • kym

    I gotta b honest I always thought she couldnt sing but in this, I am can some really nice notes that she hit. I think she should really think about getting a good voice coach and sing more songs like this one and i wud seriously luv her!! and i think that wud get her into like more mainstream as well
    -i think lol

  • Jasmin

    @lily: Lol ^^ funny:

    Selena performs really well. Like a real singer and right now Selena is this close to become one. Her voice is getting so good. When u listen to her sing, u can hear that she getting to a point in her voice that will label her as a singer. I’m so proud of her!

  • ufo

    selena is a beautiful girl and i love her music she has such a great voice keep it up???

  • tanya

    omg… i love her but
    please selena, singing is not for u =(

  • pauli

    b..itch should give back to the world by not singing any more

  • martha

    ummm! she seriously sounds like shes sick! omg she sounds horrible!!! seriously i wouldnt pay money to see her sing…. but shes a nice person sooo just stick to acting and helping people bc ur good at tht!! haha

  • so pretty

    shes prettyand nice nut why do u sing hunny? the only reason why her songs made it is cuz she is love by the character she plays in wizards of waverly place..

  • alia

    hi im new i love selena an shes pretty and guys i what to know how to make an home screen

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