Vanessa Hudgens is Froyo Fabulous

Vanessa Hudgens is Froyo Fabulous

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it cute in a floral print romper as she grabs some froyo to go on Wednesday (April 14) in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old Beastly actress made a stop at her parents’ house in North Hollywood to visit her family before heading out for yogurt.

Vanessa recently told MTV News and said she’s excited about BFF Ashley Tisdale‘s Sharpay spin-off.

“I’m stoked for her and it’s going to be awesome,” Vanessa said. “Kids love Sharpay and I did love Sharpay too, her costumes and her clothes and everything. It’s so much fun, so I’m really glad she’s doing it.”

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vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 01
vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 02
vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 03
vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 04
vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 05
vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 06
vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 07

Photos: Limelightpics
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  • patry91

    awww! she looks gorgeous even withous make-up on! i love you V!!!! You are amazing!

  • jess!

    owwww!! so cute! <3

  • Katty

    My guess is that she really likes that outfit seeing as she wore it a few weeks ago. I like the outfit.

    I wonder what the limo was for yesterday?

  • mae

    gorgeous. and i think she wore that floral romper two-three weeks ago if i’m not mistaken.

  • Joochi

    She looks so fresh even without makeup. Vanessa you are beautiful.
    As for her comment on Ashley, I’m so proud of her that she’s backing her BFF and supporting her in whatever she does, that’s friends.

  • jess!

    mtv interview

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    Joochi: completely agree

  • mike

    shes rely hot in her dress love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!shes beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow

    She’s so pretty. It’s nice of her to say that about the Sharpay dcom even though you can tell she’s over all that

  • Glory

    She looks strangely radiant with the tussled bed hair and the fresh morning face with no makeup. I like her like this, it shows her natural beauty.

  • maeli

    baby v looks gorgeous as allways you rocks baby V

  • peggy

    just interviewed Vanessa Hudgens – despite wicked-bad food poisoning, she did the whole shoot. She’s so sweet!
    about 20 hours ago via web

    From yesterday

  • http://j chelsea

    i like that dress@mae: yes it was like a month ago i think

  • It’s Little Me


  • It’s Little Me



    Vanessa is amazing!!! luv her ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • beastly one

    wow. stunning. ilu V! ☺♥☺

  • Angelica

    Zanessa is…4 years…3 movies..2 hearts…1 love…☺♥☺

  • Andy

    Her legs are some of the best ever!

  • _girludntkno_

    Wow, she looks gorgeous, and so fresh.
    Love her floral romper…I want one. :)

  • Z&V Fan

    V is gorgous. I like her best without make up.

  • chris

    <3 :)

  • Carol

    BB looks sleepy

    She has a tummy ache.
    I hope she’s better today

  • Bieber Obsessed

    I love her style so much :)

  • Anna

    such a cute outfit.
    @peggy: aww she had food poisoning. that’s too bad. ):

  • http://vanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cute##

    Pretty! How can u guys not see the extensions? Look how nap her hair looks. U little girls get fooled easily

  • http://google BARBARA

    I think these pictures were taken yesturday and she went to Zac’s to rest and the paps follow her there, then she change her cothes at Zac’s then the limo came and pick Vanessa to take her to the interview, the yogort does help to seattle your stomach, The intervewer Larry Carroll. interviewed Vanessa for a beastly promo (MTV) He said vanessa despite wicked-bad food poisoning, she did the whole shoot. She’s so sweet. You can tell Vanessa, is really sick in these pictures. so the paps follow her to Zac’s, after she ate her yogart.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Cute##, How would your hair look , when you are sick and been lying down, you can tell she is has been lying down, proably at her mothers, These pictures were taken yesturday before she change her cothes at Zac’s to go to the interview, for Larry Carroll, said that Vanessa, she did the whole shoot, despite really bad food poisoning. I’M GOING TO TELL YOU ONE MORE TIME SHE IS NOT WEARING HAIR EXTENISONS, I,M A HAIR STYIST AND I KNOW HER HAIR IS CUT IN LAYERS, AND IT ITS ALL HERS. I’m tried of all you young people saying shes wearing hair extenisons. Please get over it!

  • http://vanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cute##

    She is wearing. U make it seem like I hate her. Her extension look napp and that’s how extensions look.. I have seen her and she was wearing extensions.

  • kirreii


    Ok, so you think she wear extensions, end of conversation. Why do you feel the need to bring this topic up on every one of her threads? Does it even matter? Do you care so much about this to be talking about it 24/7?

  • jenn

    cutest romp ever! she is the best fashionista in young hollywood right now :D

  • jessica

    eh she doesnt look that pretty.

  • wow

    @jessica: she’s sick with food poisoning

  • cami

    love her dress or whatever that is. Is it just me or she’s gain a lot of weight?

  • riana

    shes so cutee

  • riana

    who really cares if shes wearing extensions? whats so bad about that?
    and shes gained a bit of weight not a lot and she still looks pretty

  • annasaurus

    @BARBARA: The bigger question is, how can you tell she’s been lying down and why does that matter?

  • kate1


    excuse me i think your the little girl here.

    does it really matter if she wears extensions or not plenty of people do. There is no crime in that.

    So stop trying to make a big issue out of it.

    Ohhh and i hope V feels better soon there’s nothing worse than getting food poisoning.

    Vanessa you look good as always

  • kami

    my friend and i both got food poisoning once from clam chowder and have never been able to eat it again. can’t stand the thought of eating it. and one of my other friends got sick after eating oysters. makes me kind of leery of sea food.

  • Karen

    Look, the person or persons who keep posting on every Vanessa thread that she is wearing extensions are obviously at this point just wanting to annoy people. She/they have gotten their replies many times over it is jut now a “game” to see just how many posters they can get to comment about the extensions. It is probably a group of tweenie girls coming home from school or talking to each other on the internet making a big joke out of this. As everyone has noticed this comment comes from someone who uses different user names but the subject is just the same. But it is getting to be rather stupid now and we who make comment back to this person/people do deserve at this point to be made fun of. So, IF nobody replies back it won’t be fun for this person/people anymore.

    BTW, don’t be surprised that IF you do IGNORE this comment that finally someone will reply to it. BUT notice just WHO it is that replies. It could very likely be some person who’s name you have never seen before. WHY? Because one of the “group” will answer the question in attempts to get one of the true fans and regular posters to reply. But those of you who are always on Vanessa’s thread should by now recognize those people who are also regular posters. SO, IGNORE these comments and don’t be tempted to reply back no matter what and I can tell you they will lose interest and stop once they see they can’t find any way to get under people’s skin.

    After all, what more is there to say? It is obvious this is going to continue if they can get a rise out of someone.

  • Karen

    Vanessa and Zac love sushi and things like that but frankly there is no quicker way to get food poisoning. I have been sick from this kind of thing before and it is horrible.

  • kate1

    ohhh also she hasn’t put weight on if you look at the pics of her leaving Zac’s house you will be able to see that.

    Some people here just want to bad mouth vanessa. I think you should all either shut up or just go to your other site instead of being here.

  • jessica

    @wow: oh well that sucks. i cant imagine getting food poisoning ever.

  • Anna

    vanessa hasn’t gained weight dumb assES! do you not realize that she was doing sucker punch?! training with freaking navy seals for crying out loud. it’s called muscle. not fat.

  • maria

    @cute##: Honey, you are NEVER gonna know for sure, because her hair is so thick and wavy, so give it up, will ya? It’s so annoying.

  • jess!

    i want her romper so bad =(

  • soni hannigan

    Poor thing. I know how it feels to be sick. I have Irritiable Bowel Syndrome and i am sick about 80 percent of the time. She should try 7-up and crackers or 7-up and sweet surdough bread. Those help me. Maybe Zac should have gone out and gotten the yougart for her so she could have rested a bit more. But I know he probably took excellent care of her when she got back. He loves her so much.

  • Katty

    No wonder she looks miserable, I would be too with food poisoning.

    I wonder if these pix were taken yesterday and she did go to Zac’s. It would be adorable if he did take care of her, so sweet. Either way, I hope she feels better.

    I am glad she is in Rent, but I want movie news.

  • jess!
  • jess!

    owww! <3 thanks